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Testing Equipments

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Electronic Ballast Automatic Test Equipment, Tracking Test Chamber, Thermally Protected Ballast Heating Test Chamber, Composite Salt Spray Test Chamber and High and Low Temperature Humidity Chamber.

Electronic Ballast Automatic Test Equipment

Test series connection, parallel connection and seriesparallel connections of the electronic ballast (about 15 kinds of connections), available for various electronic ballast. • With a precise resistance box, tube is substituted for the resistance, can act as many as 6 tubes. Resistance value: 1-4095Ω adjustable. • Measure input parameters (vrms, irms, w, pf, harmonics, etc), output parameters (on-circuit voltage, lamp voltage, filament voltage, lamp current, lamp power, oscillatory frequency), can also test the ballast efficiency, abnormity protection, and power symmetry of partial rectifier effect and etc. • Program controlled AC power source to guarantee the smart choice of input voltage and the frequency. • Equipped with 17 inch LCD controlled machine, specially designed AD combined with special CPU, has the two left and right testing interfaces to achieve stability of data and high- speed testing. • We can make the special-designed product for you and promise to upgrade the software for free.

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Tracking Test Chamber

It is according to IEC60695 and IEC60112 (GB4207), the Tracking Test Chamber TTC-1 is intended for determining the degree of protection against formation of conducting paths in solid insulating materials, due to the electric stress and electrolytic contamination of the surface. This method simulates tracking currents on insulation material by providing drops between electrodes. During the process of normal use, insulating material may be exposed to moisture and dirt, if conductive, may cause stress and fire hazard.

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Thermally Protected Ballast Heating Test Chamber

  • Specifications Working room dimension: 610×610×610mm • Temperature range: RT+10℃~+100℃ • Materials of inner and outside chamber: Senior stainless steel • Insulation Material: Ultra-fine glass wool insulation material Etc.

TPB series thermally protected ballast heating test chamber is stimulate high temperature environmental in the nature, it’s designed to the adaptive test electronics and electric parts for temperature. Meet GB19510.1-2009IEC61347-1:2012 D Part and UL935.

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Composite Salt Spray Test Chamber

Composite Salt Spray Test Chamber stimulate the actual natural conditions to do accelerated corrosion test, all the testing are based on common states on the natural environmental: such as combine with salt spray, hot air drying, humidity, low temperature and so on. The test samples are widely used on the intense changes in the environment, like automobile parts, aviation equipment, building materials, coating, electric and electrical machinery so on. YWXQ-150X series is full compliance with ASTM D4728I, EC 60068-2-1, IEC 60068-2-14 and EIAJEDEC JESD22-110-B standard requirements etc.

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High and Low Temperature Humidity Chamber

It is according to IEC60068-2-1(GBT2423.1) and IEC60068-2-2(GBT2423.2). It is used to test the CFLLED which meets IES LM-80-08, electricity products, electronic components, material and so on.

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High Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber

  • Operation Principles The specimen is placed in test chamber specimen which cannot be placed in high temperature chamber or low temperature chamber. High temperature chamber pre-heats the air and low temperature air chamber pre-cools the Etc.

It can be used in the temperature shock test and fast-changing temperature test in a wide range such as aviation, air space, electronic components and material research. The High and Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber consists of three separate chambers: high temperature chamber, low temperature chamber and test chamber.

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High Temperature & Pressure Jet Waterproof Test Chamber

JL-9K1L High Temperature & Pressure Jet Waterproof Test Chamber is according to IEC60529, GB4208, DIN40050-9 and ISO20653 for protection level IPX9K testing. It is a waterproof test machine designed for vehicle spare parts, electrical and electronic industry, to simulate natural environment or human factors. The both interior and exterior material of this chamber is high quality stainless steel, big glass observation window and elegant appearance. The turntable and spray lance motor adopt imported motor, rotation speed can be adjusted according to requirement.

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