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Our offered Product range includes Branded Desktop Computer, Laptop, Used Desktop Pc, Tablet Computer and Desktop Computer.

Branded Desktop Computer

As a computer service and solution provider, we sell almost every brand of product available in the industry. At Micronics Systems, we pride ourselves in being able to provide the right Branded Desktop Computer that is personalised for you. Due to ever changing markets in this industry, we do not list all available equipment on our site but depend on being able to provide a quote. In order to better understand some of the options, please take a moment to read over our pre-sales information. Pre-Sales Information One of our primary goals is to help you make an informed decision about Branded Desktop Computer purchases. The "Best Price" is not necessarily the "Best" purchase. Before you make up your mind consider the following pieces of information: Anti-Virus / Firewall | CPU | RAM | System Setup | Video | Warranty Anti-Virus/Firewall Many systems will not have any anti-virus software installed - Those that do, typically it is a 30-90 trial version. Anti-Virus software on its own is not enough - You need to install an Internet Security Suite (Anti-virus, firewall, anti-spam etc). Not installing a suite up front will save you money, initially but you will pay for it later, in more ways than one. CPU The CPU used can make an enormous difference in the price of a computer. There are two major brands in the market, those being Intel and AMD and each has two mainstream CPU lines: High performance (Intel = I7, AMD=Athlon) and value (Intel=Celeron, AMD=Sempron). Just to confuse issues even more, each of those lines has many variations, Hyper threaded, dual core, high performance, extreme etc. Depending on the CPU chosen, the price may vary by hundreds of dollars. RAM Many companies will cut back on the price by reducing the amount of RAM that is installed in the system. Under Windows XP, you do not want to have less than 1Gb RAM. With the current anti-virus applications, anti-spyware etc, the memory requirements are high - Less than 1 Gb RAM will slow you down significantly. For Windows Vista you should have at least 2Gb RAM. Most on-board video cards utilize part of the system RAM as their own RAM "Shared Memory". If you have a system with 256Mb RAM and 64Mb is shared memory - The system will slow to a crawl. System Setup This is a contentious issue, especially with us. Most computers purchased ARE NOT set up correctly. When you receive your computer, you will have to finish the installation, configure Internet access, install anti-virus software, install the latest patches for the operating system and programs etc. How many users really know about spyware, adware and more importantly - How many know how to safeguard their systems? Computer professionals know all about this so why do they not set up the system properly? Simple - It takes time and besides, not setting it up guarantees that you will be back within 3 months for a servicing that is not covered under warranty - Guaranteed future sales. This annoys us to no end - Besides the obvious integrity issues, it damages the reputation of computer professionals. Micronics Systems takes a vastly different approach and when you receive your system - IT IS COMPLETELY configured, safeguarded and updated. Numerous protection mechanisms have been put in place, operating system updates are done, software is properly registered, hardware has been installed properly and you will most definitely NOT be back in a few months for servicing. Video Make no mistake about it, video in a computer is as important as any other component and can change the price dramatically as well. Most computers now have on-board video (Not necessarily a bad thing) but even the on-board video chips vary significantly and can affect the price. Do your homework and get a video card that will suite your needs. A business user or Internet Browser will have no issues with on-board video but a true gamer, photographer, GIS user etc will benefit greatly by purchasing separate video cards with higher memory built on to the video as separate memory from the system RAM. Warranty The warranty on the system might not appear significant but typically if the computer has a one year warranty then it is likely of inferior quality with a high probability of failure. Look for systems that have a 3-Year warranty.

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We offer the best deals to our customers on Laptops such as Acer Aspire Dual Core 2.1GHz 4GB DDR2, 250GB, Windows 7 Laptop, Dell, HP, IBM, HCL, Acer, Toshiba and all other branded Laptops. The Laptop, which we offer, is configured according to the latest technical advancement in the market. We procure our Laptop from the trusted vendors in the market.

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Used Desktop Pc

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 2
  • black core 2duo 2.93 ghz
  • 1gb ram / 160gb / dvd / key 17" sq LED ,mouse pad

We are offering used desktop pc, intel core 2 duo 2.93ghz cpu 1 gb ddr ii ram 160 gb hard 17"sq lcd key baord mouse.

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : MoneyGram

Packaging Details : packing cahrgesh extra per box 150 rs /-

Delivery Time : 2 days

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Tablet Computer

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