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Universal Temperature Controllers

Product Features - Single Set Point

  • 31/2 digit, 7segment LED temperature display

  • Wide voltage range (85-270V AC / DC)

  • Universal input (J / K / PT-100)

  • LED indication for sensor, function & relay status.

  • Sensor and function lock.

  • Dual function (On / Off or Self tuned).

  • Single set point with relay output.

  • Over voltage protection.

  • H3TX-Ua / TX7-Ua / EX9-Ua/H3TX-Ub : Single display for both process and set value.

  • Temperature offset calibration user settable

  • Single set point with relay output

  • H3TX-Ub: 3 Digit, 7segment display for displaying temperature with height 0.4

  • H3TX-2U / TX7-2U / EX9-2U : Dual display for process and set value.

  • Single set point with relay output

  • Dual function (ON-OFF or Self-tune)

  • Source voltage : 85 270 V AC / DC

  • Range : 0 300C , 0 600C , 0 999C , 0 1200C , -100 300 C

Product Features - Dual Set Point

  • Universal Input (sensor J, K, PT-100) Selectable

  • Wide Voltage Range.

  • ON / OFF or Self-Tuned Function Selectable

  • Single / double set point.

  • Over Voltage Protection.

  • Compensation offset feature available in TX7-Ua User Friendly Programming through increment / decrement button (TX7-ua)

  • Indication for sensor, function and relay status

  • Program enable / disable for sensor, function, hystersis, compensation features in TX7-Ua.Dimension 72x72x128.5

  • 2 set point temperature controller (heater type) : 85 270 V AC/DC

  • 2 set point temperature controller (alarm type) : 85 270 V AC/DC

  • Temperature range : 0 300C , 0 600C , 0 1200C

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Compact Secondary Substations

  • Secondary Substation Application
  • Distribution Public Distribution
  • Operation At Medium Voltage level
  • Supply To Satellite stations and major electricity consumers
  • Feeding Connection of decentralized power plant to the public network
  • Satellite Substation for the end of radial connections
  • Pylon Feeder Station Smaller stations connected to overhead lines

All components are housed in an enclosure, which protects the equipment against environmental hazards and unauthorized access. The enclosure is typically divided into three sections or compartments medium votlage switchgear, low voltage switch board and distribution transformer.

The substation can be operated from inside (walk-in type) and from the outside (non walk-in type). The electrical equipment is cooled by natural ventilation through openings in the substation

Key Features:

  • Wide Modular product range

  • Enhanced Safety

  • Several options and extensive flexibility

  • Appealing asthetics

  • Reduced overall plant and operating cost

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Structured Cabling System

Guaranteed to exceed the current TIA 568-C.2 Gigabit Specifications for AXT, NEXT, FEXT, Insertion Loss and Return Loss, with tested transmission performance

Guaranteed to meet IEEE 802.3an application requirements A proprietary technology allows the channel to surpass the proposed "6 around 1" Alien Crosstalk test requirements

Quality & Performance Endorsements from International testing Bodies like UL and ETL USA.

In Copper, Channel Performances Exceed all the Industry Standards, minimum of 5 times more Margin & Headroom than specified standards.

Uniquely designed jacks with CAS technology provide a cutting edge in performance over competition.

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Industrial Cabinets

Technical Specifications

  • IP66 Protection Single door

  • IP55 Protection Double door

  • Mechanical resistance IK10

  • PUR non-porous gasket on doors

  • Zinc-plated mounting plate

  • 130 angle door opening

  • Simple change of door from right to left

  • Sizes : 6, 9, 12, 15, 18U

  • Load rating : 40 KG for 400 & 500mm depth

  • Load rating : 30 KG for 600mm depth

Main Advantages

  • Smooth design thanks to laser welding

  • Stainless steel 304 or 316L, power coated

  • Rear panels with holes for direct wall mounting

  • Wide selection of warning signs

  • High rigidity of rear panel

  • Customized solutions cutouts and holes

  • Wide range of accessories

  • Top and bottom openings for cable entry

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Switch Power Supply Module

  • Compact, light weight and SMPS design

  • Versatile and easy snap-on mounting on Din-rail

  • Very low ripple and noise

  • Regulated and adjusted output

  • Protection against over voltage, short circuit and over load

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Distribution Racks

Individual air conditioning units from the targeted cooling Portfolio are an integral part of complex of a data centers, In our product portfolio, you can find all types of air conditioning Units top, wall and side. In addition, we can offer ventilation units And other products designed for airflow distribution, the use of Which is necessary for effective cooling of equipment


  • Height : 42U

  • Width : 600, 800mm

  • Depth : 600, 800, 1000, 1200mm


  • Robust frame construction

  • 1.5 & 2.0mm sheet steel

Load rating

  • 42 U : up to 1000 kg


  • Free standing

  • Open Frame

Support Systems

  • Cable Management High Density

  • Optical pathway system OptiWay

  • Top ducts

  • Standard cable management

  • Intelligent Power Distribution Unit Managed

  • Intelligent Power Distribution Unit Monitored

  • Intelligent Power Distribution Unit - Basic

  • Ramos Mini / Optima / Ultra

  • Access control system

  • LES-Rack


  • Data centre

  • Enterprise

  • Top ducts

  • Server room


  • Networking

  • Home & office

  • Outdoor network

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Patch Cords

  • Reference Standards :TIA/EIA 568B.2-10 & ISO/IEC 11801 Class E
  • Cable :26 AWG
  • Pair count : 4 Pair individually color with filler and PVC or LSZH jacket
  • Sequence :Wiring sequence 568A/B

Micronova supplies CAT5e, CAT 6, CAT 6A DIGILINK and ACTASSI brands Patch cable is a high quality product delivering excellent network performance when using in conjunction with respective DIGILINK and ACTASSI products. The patch cord is constructed of high grade cable and quality RJ 45 plugs and is designed to operate up to 500 MHz. The assembly ensures excellent strain relief and together with the insert, ensures that performance is stable when using the patch cord.

Patch cords are available in BLUE & GREY colours with matching boots to help with circuit identification in cabinet/rack

Customer Benefits

  • Support 10G network transmission

  • Available in various lengths to assist with better cable management

  • Assembly boot not only ensures pair integrity, but also provides an enhance strain relief especially during installations or moves.

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Indoor Panels

ZN1 is a three phase, metal-clad, air-insulated switchgear and all the units are factory-assembled, type tested and suitable for indoor application upto 12 kV. The units are designed as withdrawable modules and are fitted with a single bus bar system

The basic ZN1 panel is an incoming/outgoing feeder panel with Vacuum circuit-breaker using insertion technology. It is divided into circuit-breaker compartment (A) Bus bar compartment (B) Cable compartment (C) Control cabinet (D) for the secondary equipment and integral gas duct ( E ). Apart from this , there are variants for various operating needs.

The relevant customer specific documents explain details like technical data, equipment list for individual panels, schematic diagram and list of apparatus of individual switchgear.

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Non-Linear Resistor

Metrosil non-linear resistors are high performance surge protection devices that provide excellent service in a wide range of applications around the globe.

Manufactured from a semi-conducting material with the distinctive property that its electrical resistance depends on the applied voltage enabling it to act as an 'electrical safety valve' to protect equipment and insulation from the effects of over voltages.

Millions of Metrosil varistors have been sold throughout the world with current ratings varying from microamps to kiloamps and capable of absorbing energies from 10 to 50, 000 joules per disc.


  • Superior Energy Absorption

  • No De-rating

  • Low Maintenance

The wide range of energy absorption ratings and options in assembly type mean that they are suitable for many different applications, including exciter discharge, relay protection and current transformer protection and other applications as detailed in our Application Selector.

Micronova represents M & I in India supplies non-linear resistors to power plants for the past 25 years.

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Load Break Switch

  • Type Break Switch
  • Application Industrial Use
  • Feature Proper Working, Superior Finish
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Current Type Double Phase, Single Phase
  • Power Source Electric

Micronova represents RITTER, Germany supplies DC on load/off load, Short Circuit Switches used by rolling mills in steel plants, electrolysis process plants etc.,

  • DC- On Load Switch

    • 60 kA 12 KV for commutation

    • DC Dis-connector up to 4 kA, 1500 VDC

    • High current on load switch - 30 kA, 750 VDC

Features :

  • Motor driven and /or manual control version available

  • Auxiliary contacts for control / monitoring functions

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Field Circuit Breaker And DC/AC Modular Contactors

Micronova represents MERSEN, France (formerly known as Lenoir Elec) and supplies their makes of field circuit breakers to power generating plants in India for the past 25 years. We also provide installation services, spare parts support and preventive maintenance.


    • Bar Mounted (Modular)

    • Contactors for field excitation (for use in power generation) - From 8A to 8500A

    • Bar mounted modular contactor for - DC current upto 6200A, 2000VDC and AC current upto 4000A

    • Contactors can have closing coils for AC/DC operation for 24V-220V

    • Latching facilities with one or two tripping coils

    • Auxiliary contact block D & M types can be provided

    • Contactors for dynamic braking for DC motors (RUBC type)

  • Auxiliary relays, Delay blocks options available

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Ring Main Unit (RMU)

Micronova offers ABB complete solution for 12/24 kV distribution networks. This consists of SafeRing a Ring Main Unit (RMU) that can be supplied in various configurations and SafePlus, a compact switchgear with unique flexibility.

SafeRing/SafePlus are delivered as a completely sealed system with a stainless steel tank containing all the live parts and the switching equipment. Constant atmospheric conditions in the sealed tank ensures a high level of reliability, safety and a virtually maintenance free system.

Key Features

Compact and robust design High flexibility
Minimal moving parts Multiple configuration options
Virtually maintenance free Enhanced safety
High degree of functionality with integrated features Complete solutions including applications for remote control and monitoring

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Heavy Duty Connectors

  • Pins 3 to 216
  • Ampere rating 10A to 200A
  • Voltage rating 250V to 830V
  • IP rating IP 44, IP 65, IP 66 and IP 68
  • Approvals UL, CSA
  • Environments EMC, Harsh & Aggressive conditions
Technical Features

  • Thermoplastic material (MIL.BOX ) in RAL 7012 dark grey colour

  • UL 94V-2 grade self-extinguishing material

  • Glow wire testing successfully passes at 650 C (in compliance with IEC (EN) 60695-2-11)

  • Pegs already built into the enclosures M3 threaded metal inserts for mounting the connectors into the enclosures

  • Locking levers in self-estinguishing thermoplastic material in RAL 7001 grey colour

  • Gasket produced by FIPFG technology (Formed In Place Foam Gasket)

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Electrical Fuses

  • Type Electrical
  • Material Ceramic, Plastic
  • Certification CE Certified
  • Voltage 220V
  • Power 1-3kw
  • Warranty 1 Year

We are the main supplier of this product.

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Programmable Annunciators

  • Sleek, light weight, ABS enclosure.

  • Super bright, Red color SMD, LED for fault indications.

  • Test / Mute / Acknowledge / Reset (buttons in front and terminals at rear) are available.

  • Multiple units terminals can be connected in parallel to achieve more windows

  • Each window can be programmed for fault inputs as NO or NC and output as alarm or trip.

  • Above program can be locked by removing the short link across specified terminals

  • Over voltage protection

  • Basic Models: M2-2 / M2-4 / M2-6 / M2-8

  • Advanced Models: M2-12 / M2-16 / M2-24

  • Available in 12, 16 and 24 windows respectively

  • Available in wide auxiliary voltage range of 85-270V AC/DC

  • Advanced Models with additional features: M2-12R / M2-16R / M2-24R

  • RS485 output signals are available for displaying Fault and healthy status of each window

  • Repeat relay cards having 8 (C-NO) outputs can be supplied on order to connect the main unit to 1, 2 or 3relay cards (as required) in a daisy chain arrangement and achieve one output for each window.

  • Internal Resettable fuse for protection of device against voltage fluctuations. Digital display will blink whenever voltage exceeds specified voltage range. Switch off the unit for sometime & then switch on when voltage returns to normal

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Digital Monitoring Device

Product Features :

  • Din sized enclosure with Auto / manual Switch.

  • LED indication for relay status

  • CT primary can be programmed up to 2500 in steps of 5. CT secondary will be factory set for 5.

  • User can set the in-rush time delay.

  • PVMD, PVMD-G:Monitors and trips the circuit after the set trip delay time when ever power unhealthiness (phase failure, phase sequence, phase unbalance under voltage or over voltage) occurs.

  • Displays all the 3 phase voltages in a scrolling fashion during healthy condition.

  • PVMD Panel / Flush mounting, PVMD-G Din rail mounting.

  • PVIMD, PVIMD-G:Monitors and trips the circuit after the set trip delay time when ever power unhealthiness (phase failure, phase sequence, phase unbalance under voltage, over voltage, under current or over current)

  • Displays all the 3 phase voltages and 3 phase currents in a scrolling fashion during healthy condition

  • User can program nominal current. Under current and over current limits can be set in percentage with reference to nominal current.

  • PVIMD Panel / Flush mounting, PVIMD-G Din rail mounting

  • 415V AC 3 phase 4 wire, self powered

  • 1 C/O, 10A

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Analog Monitoring Device

Product Features :

  • Din sized enclosure with auto/manual mode.

  • Front button and external potential free (Zero volt/no voltage)terminal contacts for resetting in manual mode

  • LED indication for power , relay status and fault condition.

  • Trip delay time and limits of all parameters are factory set.

  • Monitors phase sequence , failure, unbalance and under voltage in a 3 phase 3 wire system and trips under such conditions.

  • 440V AC, 3 phase, self powered.

  • Output : 1 c/o relay .

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Digital Non-Contact Tachometer

  • Micro-controller based design with world class Indian software.

  • Non-contact sensing through reflected light beam on reflective sticker.

  • LCD display.

  • Hand held.

  • Input sensing indication through LED.

  • Memory facility to retain measured value.

  • Accuracy: 1RPM up to 5, 000 RPM and 0.05% of the reading above 5, 000 RPM.

  • Resolution: 0.1RPM up to 5, 999 RPM and 1RPM at and above 6, 000RPM.

  • Calibration certificate provided along with tachometer - traceable to national and international standards.

  • Source voltage : 6VDC ( 4 x 1.5V AA size batteries).

  • Range : 1 to 99999 RPM (with one reflecting mark).

  • Portable, lightweight, strong and elegant ABS enclosure.

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Time Switches

  • Battery operated (2nos x 1.5V DC, AA size) Real Time Clock in 24 hour format.

  • Switches ON and OFF 4 times in a day with respect to real time

  • LED indication for relay status.

  • LCD display for real time clock.

  • User Friendly programming.

  • Manual over ride facility.

  • TS-203 : Suitable for Panel / Flush mounting.

  • TS-203B : Program hour and program minute buttons can be enabled by shorting terminals to program the loads START time and DURATION for which the load should be ON

  • Suitable for Din rail mounting.

  • Clock hours and Clock minute buttons can be enabled by shorting terminals to program RTC

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Solar Fuses

A range 10x38mm, 1000Vdc PV fuses for the protection and isolation of photovoltaic strings. The fuses are specifically designed for use in PV systems with extreme ambient temperature, high cycling and low fault current conditions (reverse current, multi-array fault) string arrays.

Available with four mounting styles for application flexibility:

  • Cylindrical Ferrule

  • Bolt Fixing

  • Single and double pin PCB tabs

  • In-line crimp terminal


  • Meets UL and IEC photovoltaic standards for global acceptance

  • Low watts loss performance for energy efficiency

  • Low temperature rise performance for more precise sizing

  • In-line crimp terminal version is easy to apply in wire harness construction

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