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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope, CO-AXIAL CONCEPT MICROSCOPE, Binocular Microscope, Digital Microscope and ENT SURGICAL MICROSCOPES.

Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope

Designed to observe tissue cultures, protozoans, planktons and any type of microbes in liquid media in Cavity slides, Cavity blocks, watch glasses or petri dishes etc. involving wide range of applications. Mounted on a pole and can be positioned in vertical height range upto 140 mm. Complete with Koehler's illumination system with focusable condenser lens with iris-diaphragm filter-carrier etc.

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CO-AXIAL CONCEPT MICROSCOPE : JZB   Co-Axial Concept Microscope  is a quality research microscopy system with ball bearing guideways for highly sensitive focusing system free of even slightest back-lash. Salient features: High transmission Binocular head with multi-layer coated prismatic system Co-axial focusing system. Co-axial mechanical stage for X & Y movements which provides extra large viewing area. Quadruple nose-piece with Ball Bearing mountings providing accurate alignment Built-in base light 6V-20W illumination with continuously variable intensity Abbe condenser N.A. 1.2 moveable on rack-n-pinion with iris diaphragm Optics specially designed to accommodate Neubauer chamber or Blood Cell counting chamber Interchangeable to inclined observation tube or Trinocular All lenses hard anti fungus coated. Optical Combinations: Achromatic Objectives : Parafo called and centered – 5X, 10X, 40X (spring loaded) and 100X (spring loaded) Eyepieces: 10X (Paired) Super Wide Field Other Model: JZD: Trinocular Microscope

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Binocular Microscope

Binocular Microscope:  Specifications of body as above but provided with Binocular observation head inclined at 45° rotatable through 360° and with interpupillary adjustment.With Hygenian eye-pieces 10X, 15X (Paired) Achromatic. Objectives:  5X, 10X, 45X & 100X – oil immersion (spring loaded) detachable mechanical stage. Magnification:  50X to 1500X J-3AH:  Same as J-3A but with 10X w.f. Paired eye piece and built-in co-axial mechanical stage.

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Digital Microscope

  A Robust and stable body. Objective:  All objectives are antifungal coated long barrel at the highest numerical aperture such as(Plan) PL4X NA 0.10, PL 10X NA 0.25, PL40X NA 0.65(S.L.) and PL100X NA 1.25 oil immersion(S.L.) for brilliantly sharp and flatter images. Eye Pieces:  High eye point antifungal and antireglected extra wide field 10x/20mm paired eyepiece. Trinocular Head:  All prism have anti-reflected and antifungal coatings. Having 30º inclination, 360º rotatable. Nose piece:  A reversed type nosepiece running on ball bearing balls ensures a smooth motion. Mechanical Stage:  Co-axial coarse & fine focusing mechanism based on four steps reduction gears system which runs on ball-bearing guideways, is provided with special tension adjustment rings. Stopper system is provided so that the slides may not get damage. Condenser:  Abbe’s condenser NA 1.25, rack & Pinion adjustment. Light Source:  6V 20W halogen lamp or 3W LED Light with adjustable brightness. Specifications: Digital Microscopes: Camera usb System Configuration LED Size: 10.1″ LED Screen with fully touch panel

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Operating ENT Surgical Microscope: Features: Innovative design, highly versatile Optical system on Floor Stand with Cold light Co-axial illumination Suitable for all kinds of ENT operations. Fine Focusing : Manual Fine Focusing. Light Source : LED Light Source with bright white LED Light with Digital multi-channel electronic control system. Arm : Counter balanced pantographic arm with 320° rotation Floor Stand:Mobile floor stand on four caster wheels for easy handling and absolute stability Power Supply: AC 220V – 240V. JSE-36T3 Latest Three Step Three Step INCLINED Visual Angle of Eyepiece:60° ~90°. . Optical system. Head: Three Step Advance Optical System Magnification : 5x, 10x & 20x Eye Pieces : SWF 15x paired super wide field Working Dist : F=170 – 200mm Objective Lens. JSE-36TZ Innovative design, highly versatile with Latest INCLINED Angle of Zoom Optical system .4.5x-25x zoom magnification. Diameter of Visual Field:ф38mm-ф90mm. Main scope with zoom magnification. Optional Accessories For ENT Microscope: CCD Digital Camera Motorised with Foot Control Focusing range and speed: 40mm, speed continuously adjustable. X-Y range and speed: 50mm×50mm, speed continuously adjustable. Monocular Assistoscope Binocular Assistoscope

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INVERTED TISSUE RESEARCH CULTURE MICROSCOPES : JS-35 Inverted microscope  is equipped with wide field eyepieces, long working distance plan achromatic objectives and very long working distance condenser and phase contrast unit. It can be observed transparent and unfinished living specimen in culture bottle or culture utensil. It is the ideal instrument suitable for research of living specimen structure, liquid, and deposits and so on. It also can be used in research institutes, universities, medical treatment, agriculture and animal husbandry, etc. Features: Equipped with wide field eyepiece, long working distance plan achromatic objectives. Equipped with phase contrast unit, include very long working distance condenser, phase contrast objective and centering telescope. Coaxial coarse/fine focus system with tensional adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm 6V-20W halogen lamp with brightness control. Specifications: Body Type: All aluminum Body type. Eyepiece: Paired WF5X, 10X, 15X Objectives: LWD Plan Achromat Objective LPL10X/0.25 LWD Plan Achromat Objective LPL25X/0.40 LWD Plan Achromat Objective LPL40X/0.65 LWD Plan Phase Contrast Objective LPL Ph+ 10X/0.25 Condenser N.A.0.35 (W.D. 45/102mm Head Type:  Seidentopf Trinocular Head (Inclined 45°) Mechanical Stage:  Fixed Stage (With Clips)170mm×216mm Filters:  Filter (Blue) & Filter (Green) Illumination:  Halogen Lamp 6V/20W

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Projection Microscope

Projection Microscope consists of following features:- It is built with 6V-20W halogen lamp 6" dia projection head Coarse and fine motion two objective 10X and 45X Mechanical stage for slide manipulation Magnification : 40X to 450X complete in a box Additional Information: Item Code: JCR-3-S

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Advance Projection Microscope

ADVANCE PROJECTION MICROSCOPE: JCR-2B Projection Microscope is very useful for routine observation and complex type measurements of specimen magnified on screen, group observations, discussions and teaching. Equipped with a 195 mm diameter Special material graduated screen Built-in base illuminator & diaphragm which is directed to the condenser which again is reflected through a mirror to the objective and compensating eyepiece for projection on to the screen again by a reflector. Graduated Mechanical stage is also provided on the large stage for backward and forward movements. Within 30mm& 40mm scales read by verniers to 0.1mm Screen-head is rotatable through 360°with cross scales vertically and horizontally within 140mm A quadruple nose-piece carries has four objectives : 5X, 10X, 20X & 40X giving magnification from 125X to 1000X. JCR-3B : Magnification from 125X to 1500X. JCR-3M : Incorporated with Binocular Head. JCR-3J : Same as JCR-2B Screen of 150 mm diameter. Additional Information: Item Code: JCR-3B Packaging Details: As the "teknik" projection systems are the most delicate product hence utmost care is taken while in packing, these instruments are packed in bubble sheet and then in foam, again it is packed in sturdy virgin card board box and then in wooden case.

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Computer Compatible Microscope

computer Compatible Microscope is specially designed for use with microscopes. It comprises of microscope camera system with imported camera, compatible with Computer. Salient Features:- Coloured Camera CCD high performance compatible enough to scan 430 lines with 8mm or 16mm iris focus. Can be attached with computer Can be stored on disk or hard disk Can be printed out on any high resolution laser printer Can be compared with old data stored and present picture at a time on screen through software Additional Information: Item Code: JZD Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)

  • Portable Yes
    Model JZD D
    Brand Teknik
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Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope

          STEREO ZOOM BINOCULAR MICROSCOPE : JS-BZ Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope is used for viewing flat 3-Dimensional image having parafo called zoom objectives providing continuously variable magnification upto 200X depending upon eyepieces and auxiliary lenses. Standard Features: Binocular tube with an inclination of 45° for greater ease of observation Microscope Zooming ratio 1:5 Extra wide field eyepieces 10x (Paired) Magnification 10x to 50x. (Standard) Rack-Pinion focussing stroke 50 mm Crisp, erect images with high resolution and excellent stereoscopic effect Standard Working distance 80 mm, regardless of magnification Interpupillary distance from 54 to 75mm Binocular body can be rotated at full 360° and locked in any position desired Once brought in focus, image remains clear and sharp throughout the whole zoom range Dual Illumination system having incident and transmitted illuminators, for Individual use or both at a time controlled through solid state built-in transformer for 60V-20W halogen Bulbs. Packed in plywood Storing cabinet with operation manual, vinyl cover etc. JS-TZ: It is available with Trinocular Head. Additional Information: Item Code: JS-BZ

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Fluorescent Microscope

FLUORESCENT MICROSCOPE : JS-51 Fluorescent Microscope is used for capillary examination. This technique is a new, highly sensitive rapid method of diagnosing malaria. It is also useful in the diagnosis of filariasis and leptospirosis. The principle of this method is the malaria parasite picks up fluorescent stain into their nucleus and cytoplasm, so that its morphologic characteristics can be examined by fluorescent microscopy. The nucleus appears green and the cytoplasm reddish orange, The Capillary is coated with Acridine orange on its inside. Parents Blood is loaded into this capillary and centrifuged at 12000 rpm for 5 minutes. The Blood components settle at different levels in the capillary. These different layers are displayed in the picture. Examination of the area just below granulocyte-RBC junction helps to detect the malarial parasites, as these are concentrated in this are upto 1000 times. Examination of Lymphocyte / monocyte layer using transmitted light helps to detect the schizonts, and gametocytes which gets concentrated in this layer very easily. Method of Examination: The granulocyte layer is then seen under 62x oil objective. By changing the light source to fluorescent light the parasitic forms can be seen as greenish orange stained structures. Using only transmitted light the parasitic forms are seen as block pigmented structures as shown in the preceding photomicrographs. Additional Information: Item Code: JS-51 Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer) Packaging Details: This microscope we prefer for the personal delivery and the demonstration but still if it is not possible then it is securely packed in two different thermocol boxes.

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Dissecting Microscope

DISSECTING MICROSCOPE : JD-1 Dissecting Microscope has a heavy round base with precisely designed body. Sensitive focusing is done by rack and pinion arrangement. Revolving arm provided for moving magnifying lens over full stage area. Size available: 85 x 75 mm with glass plate. Illumination: A Plano-concave mirror fitted in fork for light reflection Optics: 10X & 20X eyepieces Additional Information: Item Code: JD-1 Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)

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Student Microscope

STUDENT MICROSCOPE : JD-1 A straight tube monocular research microscope. Body inclinable upto 90° with separate coarse and fine adjustments. Triple revolving nose-piece. Fixed stage with stage clips, sub-stage planoconcave reflecting mirror with fixed condenser / iris-diaphragm. J-1: with 10x, 15x or 5x huygenian eyepieces (2 nos.) and 10x, 45x objectives. J-1A: Comes with moveable condenser. Additional Information: Item Code: J-1

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Medical Microscopes

MEDICAL MICROSCOPES : J-2 Medical Microscopes is a straight tube monocular research microscope. The body is inclined upto 90° with separate coarse and graduated fine adjustments reading to .002mm. Triple revolving nose-piece, double lens condenser Numerical Aperture of 1.2 with irisdiaphragm and rack-n-pinion adjustment. Fixed stage with detachable mechanical stage, sub-stage planoconcave reflecting mirror inter-changeable with sub-stage microscope lamp. With 10X, 15X or 5X hygenian eyepieces (2 Nos.) 10X, 45X, 100X oilimmersion (spring loaded) Achromatic objectives. Magnification: upto 1500X It is available with fixed mechanical stage, export quality, as per ISI specifications. Supplied in a thermocol box & then wooden box. Additional Information: Item Code: J-2 Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer), Other

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Inclined Microscopes

INCLINED MICROSCOPES : J-3 Inclined Microscopes is a versatile microscope with observation tube inclined to 45° rotatable through 360°, built-in base illumination with light intensity control and 6V-20W halogen bulb. Separate coarse and graduated fine motion knobs. Slides on ball bearing ball guides. Fixed graduated square co-axial mechanical stage. Sub-stage moveable condenser and a 1.2 with irisdiaphragm. Quadruple revolving nosepiece. Options: With 10x, 15x or 5x hygenian eyepieces (2 nos. ) 5x, 10x, 45x, 100x oil-immersion (spring loaded) achromatic objectives. Magnification : upto 1500x It is available with wide-field 10x eye-piece and 15x or 5x huygenian eyepiece and built-in coaxial mechanical stage. Carrying Case : Styrofoam Packing Supplied with : Manual & Dust cover J-3E: it is available with wide filed 10x eye-piece and 15x or 5x huygenian eyepiece and built-in co-axial mechanical stage. Additional Information: Item Code: J-3 Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)

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Binocular Microscopes

A versatile microscope with Binocular observation head inclined at 45 o rotatable through 360 o and with inter-pupillary adjustment.built-in base illumination with light intensity control and 6V-20W halogen bulb. Separate coarse and graduated fine motion knobs. Slides on ball bearing ball guids. Fixed graduated square co-axial mechanical stage. Sub-stage moveable condenser N.A. 1.2 with iris-diaphragm. Quadruple revolving nose-piece.

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Binocular Pathological Research Microscope

Phase Contrast and digital PID Bio -Thermal hot plate is one of the best microscope for viewing transparent or translucent specimens without a loss of resolution. This technique has proven to be a valuable tool for medical researchers in the study of living cells, cultures and many applications. The PROPORTIONAL –INTEGRAL– DERIVATIVE CONTROLLER (PID controller) is a generic control loop feedback mechanism (controller) which is widely used in medical control systems. This device is mainly used in Animal husbandry, various governmental & private Semen banks. This device is used to retain the plate at a proper temperature to check the live semen’s under the phase contrast light. SPECIFICATIONS Optical System Plan / Achromat optical system. Magnification 100x-1000x for visual observation. Eyepiece tubes Binocular tube, Sidentopf type ( 30°, IP distance 55-75mm, 360° rotatable). Eyepieces WF 10x (F.O.V. 20mm) & Centering telescopic eye-piece. Nosepiece Quadruple nosepiece, reversed type. Stage Rectangular142x 120 mm surface stage mounted on the main body cross travel 130x50mm using low-positioned X/Y coaxial control knob. Objectives Plan / Achromat10x N.A.0.25, 20x N.A.0.4, 40x N.A.0.65, 100x N.A.1.25 Condenser Phase contrast condenser, Annular diaphragm turn plate. Illumination 3W LED lighting system with brightness controller. Filters" Frosted White Filter & Green Filter Digital PID Bio-Thermal Hot Plate: Control Action PID Reverse Action Input K type thermocouple Output Relay Output Alarm 1 deviation High alarm (AL1) Temperature Range Room Temperature – 100° Celsius with auto cut facility."   Additional Information: Item Code: J-3P Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)

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