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  2. Cold Rooms 1 Products / Services available
  3. Industrial Machinery 2 Products / Services available
  4. Potentiometer 1 Products / Services available
  5. Refractometer 2 Products / Services available
  6. Audio Recorders, Mixers & Transmitters 3 Products / Services available
  7. Chemical Analysis Equipment 1 Products / Services available
  8. Medical Chamber 1 Products / Services available
  9. Blankets 2 Products / Services available
  10. Washers 1 Products / Services available
  11. Industrial Heaters 1 Products / Services available
  12. Surgical Equipment & Supplies 2 Products / Services available
  13. Hematology Analyzer 1 Products / Services available
  14. Industrial Ovens & Furnaces 1 Products / Services available
  15. Trolleys 4 Products / Services available
  16. Projector 6 Products / Services available
  17. Industrial Chemicals 1 Products / Services available
  18. Clean Room Equipment 4 Products / Services available
  19. Paper & Paper Products 1 Products / Services available
  20. Metal & Metal Products 1 Products / Services available
  21. Beds 9 Products / Services available
  22. Kitchenware and Cookware 3 Products / Services available
  23. Office and Commercial Furniture 4 Products / Services available
  24. Pen, Pencil & Writing Instruments 1 Products / Services available
  25. Laboratory Equipments 47 Products / Services available
  26. Centrifuge Machine 1 Products / Services available
  27. Institutional Furniture 7 Products / Services available
  28. Cleaning Machines & Equipments 1 Products / Services available
  29. Physiotherapy Products & Equipment 2 Products / Services available
  30. Laboratory Shakers 2 Products / Services available
  31. Chemical Machinery & Plant 4 Products / Services available
  32. Curtains 1 Products / Services available
  33. Industrial Pump 2 Products / Services available
  34. Orthopedic Equipment & Supplies 3 Products / Services available
  35. Tube Light 1 Products / Services available
  36. Safety System & Equipments 1 Products / Services available
  37. Glassware 2 Products / Services available
  38. Syringes 1 Products / Services available
  39. Demineralisation Plants 2 Products / Services available
  40. Industrial Air Conditioner & Devices 1 Products / Services available
  41. Laboratory Apparatus 31 Products / Services available
  42. Hand Gloves 1 Products / Services available
  43. Lab Stirrer 5 Products / Services available
  44. Seal Machines 1 Products / Services available
  45. Blades 1 Products / Services available
  46. Ladies Tops 2 Products / Services available
  47. Filters & Filtration Systems 1 Products / Services available
  48. Computer Monitor 1 Products / Services available
  49. Pharmaceutical Machines 1 Products / Services available
  50. Incinerator 11 Products / Services available
  51. Wall Hanging 1 Products / Services available
  52. Pathology Laboratory Equipment 1 Products / Services available
  53. Pharmaceutical Machines & Equipment 6 Products / Services available
  54. Lab Instrument 11 Products / Services available
  55. Freezers 6 Products / Services available
  56. Homogenizer 1 Products / Services available
  57. Tables 4 Products / Services available
  58. Dryers 2 Products / Services available
  59. Grinding & Milling Tools & Machinery 2 Products / Services available
  60. Moisture Meter 1 Products / Services available
  61. Spectrometers 2 Products / Services available
  62. Cabinets & Enclosures 1 Products / Services available
  63. Crusher, Shredder & Presses 1 Products / Services available
  64. Kitchen Appliances 3 Products / Services available
  65. Photo Meters 2 Products / Services available
  66. Living Room and Plastic Furniture 2 Products / Services available
  67. Vending Machine 1 Products / Services available
  68. Filter Assembly 1 Products / Services available
  69. Laboratory Equipment 10 Products / Services available
  70. Party, Wedding, Western & Formal Wear 1 Products / Services available
  71. Surgical Tray 1 Products / Services available
  72. Liquid Filling Machinery 2 Products / Services available
  73. Filter Components 1 Products / Services available
  74. Crayon, Art & Craft Tools 1 Products / Services available
  75. Barrels 1 Products / Services available
  76. Washing Machine 1 Products / Services available
  77. Pet Furniture, Accessories & Products 1 Products / Services available
  78. Automotive Equipments 2 Products / Services available
  79. Sterilizers 1 Products / Services available
  80. Volumetric Pipette 1 Products / Services available
  81. Viscosity Instruments 1 Products / Services available
  82. Umbrella 1 Products / Services available
  83. Microscope 17 Products / Services available
  84. Grinding Mill 3 Products / Services available
  85. Evaporators & Dryers 1 Products / Services available
  86. Testing Equipment 5 Products / Services available
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  102. Surgical Needles & Scissors 3 Products / Services available
  103. Product Prototyping Services 2 Products / Services available
  104. Industrial Cleaning Machine 2 Products / Services available
  105. Optical & Laser Instruments 1 Products / Services available
  106. Iron & Iron Products 1 Products / Services available
  107. Spectrophotometers 2 Products / Services available
  108. Dispensers 2 Products / Services available
  109. Biochemistry Analyzer 2 Products / Services available
  110. Filling Machines & Plants 2 Products / Services available
  111. Rehabilitation Equipment 2 Products / Services available
  112. Analyzers and Analytical Instruments 1 Products / Services available
  113. Cutting Machine 1 Products / Services available
  114. Rack 2 Products / Services available
  115. Medical Equipment & Supplies 1 Products / Services available
  116. Fuel Injection Parts 1 Products / Services available
  117. Measuring Instruments & Equipment 31 Products / Services available
  118. Other Products 36 Products available

Other Products / Services

Our offered Product range includes Urine Bag With Measuring Cup, AUTOMATIC ELISA PLATE ANALYZER, CLOT TIME MACHINE SINGLE CHANNEL, Digital Viscometer and ELISA SHAKE ANALYZER.

Urine Bag With Measuring Cup

Being an industry leader, we offer high quality Urine Bag with Measuring Cup to our valued customers. These highly demanded Urine Bag with Measuring Cups is manufactured with the highest grade raw materials and technology. Our range of Urine Bag with Measuring Cups is very popular for its design, accurate measurement, convenience and comfort. Our range of Urine Bag with Measuring Cups can be used to monitor and measure the flow of urine. We offer this Urine Bag with Measuring Cups at highly competitive prices. Features: Specially designed for accurate measurement of hourly urine output. Transparent measured volume meter provides accurate measurement. Complete close circuit eliminates the risk of contamination. 2000 ml urine bag attached directly with measured volume meter ensures auto overflow and convenience to empty the measured volume meter in the bag. E.T.O Sterile and Pyrogen Free.

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AUTOMATIC ELISA PLATE ANALYZER : EM-314 Features Robust system with built-in stabilizer Built in Shaker with variable speed & duration Results printing in matrix mode format Option to run multiple blank in Cut-Off mode Bichromatic Readings Ability to read from any strip in a single plate Extensive Curve Plotting Unique circuitry for long life of lamp Facility to enter clinic name Automatic ELISA plate analyser with user friendly and sophisticated on board software. It is a stand alone system for all routine immunoassays, Biochemicals, hormones and drug levels. Its versatile and extensive software supports most of the calculations required for interpretation of results. It is economical, reliable and high precision Ÿmachine.

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  • Measuring System Photometric
  • Optical measurement Photodiode
  • Cuvette Volume (Min.) 150ml.
  • Sample & Reagent Mixing With Magnetic Stirrer
  • Dry Block Incubator  
  • Number of Cuvettes 10+1 Test tube holder
  • Temperature 37°C
  • Timer 2 Channels for programming
  • Incubation time  
  • Light Source LED
  • Display Four Line LCD, back lit, 4×20 Characters
  • Printer Built in Thermal Printer, 20 column
  • Memory 35 open tests
  • Analysis Mode CLOT TIME, INR (PT), MULTI SID (FIB)
  • Results displayed in Seconds, Ratio, INR, Concentration
  • Power 50 watts/115 230 Volts ± 50/ 60Hz.

Designed to perform all routine tests as PT, APTT, TT, FIB and clotting factors. Results are both printed and displayed in second and concentration. Data is printed and stored with RATIO and INR values. Uniform mixing of sample & Reagent with magnetic stirrer. Dry block incubator for 37 degree centigrade with multi timer. Prints and stores calibration graph. Automatic sensing of dispensing Reagent that triggers the reaction. Facility to enter clinic name.

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Digital Viscometer

It has the advantage of high accuracy, stable digital display, easy to operate and good anti-interference. It is widely used in the measurement of viscosity of various kinds of fluid such as grease, paints, food, medicine, adhesive and cosmetics. etc. It can also be used to determine the viscosity resistance and absolute viscosity of the liquids. Its with led display. Measurement range is 20- 20, 000, 00 mpa.s with 0.3 to 60 RPM, 4 Spindle. Provided with rs232c interface.

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Features Simultaneous shaking & incubation operation. Buzzer indication on completion of incubation. Indication of remaining time & current temperature of incubation on display. Separate Timer ON indication on keyboard. machine.

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WATER SOIL ANALYSIS : EM – 208 Product Digital Water & Soil Analysis Kit. Display 3 ½ Digit Lcd. Range To Measure 8 Parameter; Ph, Temp., D.o, Tds, Salinity, Turbidity, Conductivity, Orp.

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These freezers are designed for quick freezing and storing of blood components. Serum, vaccines.Biological and medical specimens. Clinical samples etc. at low temperatures. These freezers are with specially engineered superior insulation and specially designed refrigeration system. Constructed of double walls, the exterior is made of sheet steel powder coated colour combination while the interior of stainless steel having PUF insulation to minimize heat loss. Capillary controlled balanced hermetically sealed refrigeration is most economical, trouble free and exceptionally quiet. Temperature controlled by digital electronic indicator-cum-controller. Counter balanced door provided for easy access to chamber and inside acrylic door to avoid temperature loss. Features : Temperature range: -20°C, -40°C, -50°C, -80°C . Available in horizontal or vertical designs. It works on 220V AC 50Hz single phase. Capacity : 55 ltr / 2 cu ft. 120 ltr / 4.5 cu ft. 170 ltr / 6 cu ft. 280 ltr / 10 cu ft. 425 ltr / 15 cu ft. 650 ltr / 23.5 cu ft. Features of the product are as follows : Low maintenance Low energy consumption Long service life Optional : Digital temp. indicator-cum-controller with computer data logger.

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SHAKING MACHINE (KAHN RACK TYPE): JEQ-5D(III) Designed for Shaking Kahn racks, bottles or flasks of different sizes by adjusting compartments. Fitted with heavy duty motor. The rate of motion adjustable mechanically by belt tension. Oscillations 280 per minute approximately. To work on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase with Automatic 0-60 minutes Timer.

    Platform Sizes Body Speed Motor
    (a) 20x13x4” Open Fixed 0.25 HP
    (b) 20x13x4” Closed Fixed 0.25 HP
    (c)  20x13x4” Closed Variable 0.25 HP
    (d) 31x17x4” Closed Variable 0.25 HP
    (e) 36x18x4” Closed Variable 0.25 HP
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SHAKING MACHINE ROTARY (HORIZONTAL) : JEQ-5B Continuous shaking of flasks from 100 to 500 ml capacity. Bench type table top model with platform with rubber discs/steel clamps mounted on ball-bearing crank-shafts to give an orbital motion to flasks within a diameter of 2″. Motor is coupled with V-belt with a pitch pulley and mounted on heavy angle iron frame. Machine supplied with fixed or variable speed controlled by mechanical speed controller. To work on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase.  Note: Other sizes and capacities can be fabricated on demand. Optional Accessories: Digital RPM indicator. Automatic 0-60 minute timer.

  • Platform Sizes Holding Capacity H.P. Motor
    (a) 45 x 45 cms. 25 flasks of 100 ml. 0.25
    (b) 45 x 45 cms. 36 flasks of 50 ml. 0.25
    (c)  45 x 45 cms. 16 flasks of 250 ml. 0.25
    (d) 55 x 55 cms. 25 flasks of 250 ml. 0.25
    (e) 65 x 65 cms. 36 flasks of 250 ml. 0.50
    (f) 100 x 100 cms. 81 flasks of 250 ml. 1.00
    (g) 100 x 100 cms. 81 flasks of 500 ml. 1.00
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SHAKING MACHINE TABLE MODEL : JEQ-5D(IV) To hold the sieves eight in number. Totally adjustable to give the spring action shaking with Automatic 0-60 minutes Timer.

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Hand Grind Mill : Complete on metallic stand having adjustable arrangement for making coarse & fine powder.

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Digital Radiant Heat Warmer

(Mark IV) with Digital chronoscope. Same as mark-I, but with foot switch & digital time interval counter.  

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Urine Collection Bag

  • Capacity 2000 ml

We offer high quality Urine Collection Bags for our esteemed customers. These highly popular Urine Collection Bags are manufactured with the best medical grade raw materials. Our range of Urine Collection Bags is appreciated for its molded handle, non-return valve, aseptic catheter-urine bag connection and sterile individual packaging. These Urine Collection Bags come with smooth, high resistance tube that ensures unrestricted flow. We offer these Urine Collection Bags in a box of 10 at affordable prices. Features: Urine Bag, 100 cm long, comes with super-smooth kink resistant tubing that is easy to milk and ensures unrestricted flow Specially designed moulded handle facilitate carrying and handling of bag and holds the tube in upright position to prevent kinking. Efficient non-return valve. Modified, enlarged and tappered connector facilitates aseptic catheter-urine bag connection. Individually Packed. ETO, Sterile and Pyrogen Free.

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Hi Mask

Being a quality centric organization, we offer premium quality Hi Mask to our esteemed clients. Our range is broadly acclaimed for its striking features like Unsterile, individually packed in Box , Specially designed for High Concentration Oxygen Therapy, Master box of 20, Light weight reservoir improves the oxygen efficiency and patient comfort, Equipped with soft, transparent and odor free Vinyl Mask for greater patient comfort and Non return valve s provided at inhale and exhale points, prevent CO2 retention.

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Pole Climbing Response Apparatus

  • Features For a duration controlled manually or by built in 30 second timer ,Output available for recording on kymograph or polygraph
  • Voltage 220V AC.
  • Pulsating rates 0.2mA

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Vdrl Rotator

We offer our clients a wide range of V. D. R. L. Rotator/shaker is designed precisely using superior quality material and in line with the industry set standards. Powered by heavy duty motors, these shakers offer suitable capacities for a longer period of time. We offer these V. D. R. L. Rotator/shaker in various technical specifications like electronic control, 0-60 min timer. These also offer rpm range of upto 250 rpm and can be availed at affordable rates.

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Deonizer Ion Exchanger

The plant consists of One cation Exchanger column containing cation Exchanger Resin. One anion exchanger column containing anion exchanger Resin. Plant is mounted on M.S. stand with assembly of valves and tubing. One conductivity meter with cell to monitor the ionized solids of purified water and thus control the functions of demineralisation. The meter is direct reading having reading heavy range 0.40 microns/cm.

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intravenous transfusion set

Our company deals in Intravenous Transfusion Set. This highly appreciated Intravenous Transfusion Set is manufactured with the best quality non-toxic PVC. Our range of Intravenous Transfusion Set is highly demanded for its extra strong spike, Flexible drip chamber with disc filter, strong rollover camp, self sealing latex bulb, luer lock and sterile packaging. These Flexible drip chambers are widely used to intravenous transfusions. We offer these Flexible drip chambers in a box of 25 sets at very competitive prices.

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wrist splint

Being a quality-oriented organization, we provide an array of Wrist Splint devices with velcro closures at both ends to allow better circumferential adjustment. Fabricated from high quality elastic, these products are provided with rigid palmer stays to provide resting support to fractured wrists. Wrist Splint are widely used by our national and international customers for treating arthritis problems, colles’ fracture and wrist drop problems.

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shaking machines

Heavy cast iron base with sturdy construction with two side arms for holding flasks. A fractional HP. heavy duty Motor with variable speed through continuously variable speed controller is provided. To hold flasks of capacity 100 to 1000 ml. Complete with cord plug etc. To work on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase. Automatic 0-60 minutes Timer. Model to hold 4 flasks. Model to hold 8 flasks. Model to hold 16 flasks.

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Mixing Stirrer

  • Minimum Order Quantity 50 Piece
  • Brand Name Teknik

MIXING VAT WITH STIRRER : P-M4 A 3 litre capacity vat with lid made of stainless steel sheet fitted on a mild steel stout stand of circular shape provided with rubber feet. A suitable shaft with blade for stirring provided on a suitable stand with height adjustment arrangement. A fractional H.P. Motor workable on 220V AC 50Hz single phase, indicator, plug, and cord provided. Additional Information: Item Code: P-M4

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Tissue Homeogenisers

We bring forth a wide collection of Tissue Homeogenisers that is especially designed to cater the variegated requirements of our highly esteemed clients. Made of stainless steel, these are fitted with 1/20 HP motor with 4000 RPM with a speed regulator stirring rod 8 mm x 325 mm long fitted with drill chuck. We offer our range of Tissue Homeogenisers in various capacities in 10 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml. Our clients can avail them from us at affordable rates.

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Laryngeal Mask Silken

We offer high quality Laryngeal Mask Excel to our global customers. These highly appreciated Laryngeal Mask Excel are manufactured with the best quality PVC. Our range of Laryngeal Mask Excel is highly demanded for its anatomically engineered mask, 15mm standard connector, radio opaque line that ensures X-ray visualization and easy inflation balloon. These Laryngeal Mask Excel are used in routine 8t surgical procedures. We offer these Laryngeal Mask Excel in boxes of 10 pieces and in seven sizes at affordable prices.

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Water Still Barnstead

Our precision engineered Barnstead Type is manufactured from high grade raw material, appreciated for its optimum quality and fantastic performance. These Barnstead Water Still offers efficient working. Equipped with heavy gauge top mounted S.S. flange, these offers accurate and pyrogen free distill water. In addition to it, these are also inbuilt with opening type condenser for the purpose of periodic cleaning by opening flange. Barnstead Water are offered to clients at most affordable rates.

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Item code: EM-38 Stimulator (Student type) : 0.25 pulse per second to 200 pulse per second in 11 steps. Pulse width selectable 1 ms and 2 ms. Operable on 30V . Modes: Internal pulse mode External pulse mode Single pulse mode Stimulators (senior type): Model : EM-38(A) 1 pulse per second to 10 pulse per second in 10 steps multiple of 0.1 , 1 and 10. Continuous variable volt from 0-3V in multiple of 1 and 10 . Internal pulse, external pulse and single pulse mode.

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Paediatric Urine Collecting Bag

We offer high quality Paediatric Urine Collecting Bags for our esteemed customers. These highly popular Paediatric Urine Collecting Bags are manufactured with the best quality raw materials. Our range of Paediatric Urine Collecting Bags is appreciated for its hypo-allergic adhesive and comfortable design. These Paediatric Urine Collecting Bags are used in hospitals to collect monitor the urine discharge in children. We offer these 100 ml capacity Paediatric Urine Collecting Bags in boxes of 50 pieces at affordable prices. Features: Use of hypo-allergic adhesive for fixation minimizes risk of allergy and injury. Suitable for both male and female infants. Sterile and individually packed. Box of 50/ Master Box of 1000.

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Shaking Machine

Available with us is a highly efficient range of Shaking Machine (kahn Rack Type) that is available to clients in various specifications at most affordable rates. These machines are ideal for shaking KAHN racks, bottles, flasks of different size by adjusting compartments. These are playing an active role in mixing or agitation ingredients, solution in flasks, bottles, beakers and Kahn racks etc. Our clients can avail these kahn Rack Type Shaking Machines at most competitive rates.

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Hourly Urine Measurement Unit

Our company offers high quality Hourly Urine Measurement Units for our esteemed customers. These highly appreciated Hourly Urine Measurement Units are manufactured with high quality medical grade PVC material. Our range of Hourly Urine Measurement Units is highly demanded for its sterile packaging, comfort, easy application and intelligent design. These high quality hourly urine measurement units can be used to measure urine flow. We offer these Hourly Urine Measurement Units at highly affordable prices.

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ETT Intubation Stylet

Our company offers high quality ETT Intubation Stylet for our esteemed customers. These highly appreciated ETT Intubation Stylets are manufactured with high quality plastic sheath and is packed individually. Our range of ETT Intubation Stylets are highly demanded for its flexible ft malleability, strength and low friction design. These high quality ETT Intubation Stylets are used to help endotracheal tube insertion when there is difficulty in intubation. We offer these ETT Intubation Stylets in a box of 10 at highly affordable prices.

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Our company offers high quality Supra Cath (Item Code: GS-1006) for our esteemed customers. These highly appreciated Supra Cath (Item Code: GS-1006) are manufactured with with medical grade PVC. Our range of Supra Cath (Item Code: GS-1006) are highly demanded for its self relenting inflated balloon, radio opaque line and efficient drainage. These high quality Supra Cath (Item Code: GS-1006) are used for supra public drainage and cystostomy. We offer these Supra Cath (Item Code: GS-1006) in different sizes at highly affordable prices. Features: Designed for cystostomy and supra-pubic drainage. Manufactured from non-toxic, non-irritant, medical grade PVC. Symmetrical inflated balloon provided for self retention. Radio-opaque line throughout its length for x-ray visualization. One lateral eye at distal end for efficient drainage. Sterile, individually packed in Box Master Box of 20.

  • Size
    Sizes in FG 16, 18, 20 Et 22
    Balloon Capacity 10 ml.
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Rib Brace Plain

Being an industry leader, we offer high quality Rib Brace Plain to our valued global customers. These highly demanded Rib Brace Plain are manufactured with medical grade materials. Our range of Rib Brace Plain is widely known for its high quality elastic, soft material, easy application and easy washing. These Rib Brace Plain are used to limit the expansion of chest after a thoracic surgery, rib fracture and sternum fracture. We offer these Rib Brace Plain at highly competitive prices. Features: Made of 8" width high quality elastic which offers ideal compression to the thoracic area without affecting normal respiration. The material is soft and non-irritating. Hand washable. Velcro closures for easy application in proper alignment.

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Engine Models

We are the premier manufacturers and suppliers of high performance  engineering models  including  Three Stage Spur Gears, Single Stage Helical Gears, Internal Gear Pinion Drive, Epicycle Gear, Worm Gears, Inter Connected Gears and many more. The company is well known for designing exceptional variety of scale down models like proto type models, landscaping, cut section models, etc in India.  

  • Cat No.



    Single Stage Spur Gears


    Single Stage Spur Gears with Intermediate


    Two Stage Spur Gears


    Three Stage Spur Gears


    Single Stage Bevel Gears


    Single Stage Helical Gears


    Single Stage Spiral Gears


    Gear Sets 
    (a) Set of 4

    (b) Set of 8


    Herringbone Gears 
    (a) Big 
    (b) Small


    Internal Gear Pinion Drive


    Rack & Quadrant Gears


    Sliding Wedge Gear with Straight Line


    Rack & Pinion


    Epicycle Gear


    Epicyclic Gear (Sun & Planet Type)


    Cyclodial Gear


    Reversing Gears


    Worm Gears


    Train of Gear Wheels
    (a) Simple
    (b) Compound


    Differential Gear


    Inter Connected Gears


    Gear Box (3 Speed & Reverse Gear)
    (a) Without Clutch 
    (b) With Clutch


    Shaper Model



    Friction Wheel Drive


    Chain Drive


    Pawl & Rachet Motion


    Crank & Connecting Rod Model


    (A) Slide Crank Mechanism
    (a) Reciprocating Engine Mechanism 
    (b) Oscillating Cylinder Mechanism
    (c) Witworth Quick Return Mechanism


    (B) Slide Crank Mechanism with Caliberated Dials
    (a) Reciprocating Engine Mechanism
    (b) Oscillating Cylinder Mechanism
    (c) Witworth Quick Return Mechanism


    Four Bar Link Mechanism


    Scotch Yoke Mechanism


    Ellipse Tracer Model


    Watt’s Mechanism


    Peculiar Linkage Drive Model


    Pantograph Mechanism


    Kinematic Pairs


    Crank Shaft to Slider Mechanism


    Crank & Slotted Link Mechanism


    Two Crank Linkage Drive Model


    Slotted Link Bar Mechanism


    Inversion of Four Bar Mechanism


    Crank Drive to Oscillating Link Mechanism


    Crank & Slotted Lever Apparatus (Fully Caliberated)


    Inversion of Single Slide Crank Mechanism


    Inversion of Double Slide Crank Mechanism



    Cams & Followers Set of 5
    (a) Plate Cam
    (with Flat Faced Reciprocating Follower) 
    (b) Tangent Cam
    (with Roller Oscillating Follower)
    (c) Cylindrical Cam
    (with Translating Follower)
    (d) Translating cam
    (with Reciprocating Knife Edge Follower)
    (e) End Cam
    (with Translating Follower)


    Action of Cams


    Triangular Eccentric Cam


    Tri Clover Leaf Cam


    Harmonic Motion (Simple Type)


    Harmonic Motion



    Single Shoe Brake


    Double Shoe Brake


    Band Brake


    Band & Block Brake


    Internally Expanding Brake


    Disc Brake Model


    Disc Brake Actual Working


    Hydraulic Brake Unit


    Hydraulic Brake Unit (Two Brake Drums)


    (Hydraulic Brake Unit (Four Brake Drums)


    Mechanical Brake System


    Power Brake Actual Working


    Air Brake Actual Working



    Model of Belt Pulleys
    (a) Flat Belt Pulley
    (b) Rope Pulley
    (c) “V” Belt Pulley
    (d) Cone or Step Pulley


    Belt Drive Single Speed


    Belt Drive Two Stage


    Belt Drive Lose & Fast



    Shafting General Bearing
    (a) Open Truck Bearing
    (b) Simple Bearing
    (c) Bush Bearing
    (d) Thrust Bearing
    (e) Plummer Block or Pedestal Bearing
    (f) Foot Step Bearing


    (a) Ball Bearings
    (b) Roller Bearings
    (c) Taper Bearings
    (d) Thrust Bearings


    Ball Bearings Set


    Swivel Bearings


    Hanger Brackets


    Wall Brackets



    Keys (Set of 5)


    Knuckle Joint


    Cotter Joint


    Gib & Cotter Joint


    Tie Rod Joint


    Sleeve & Cotter Joint


    Socket & Spigot Joint


    Riveted Joints Set of Four (Wooden Models)


    Riveted Joints (Wooden Models)
    (a) Riveted Joints Triple
    (b) Riveted Joints Quadruple
    (c) Riveted Joints Angle Iron & Girder Joints


    Rivets Set of Four (Metal Model)


    Rolled Sectional Models Set of Four (Wooden )`


    Girder Models (Wooden)
    (a) Plate Girder
    (b) Box Girder
    (c) N. Girder



    Sellers Coupling


    Universal Coupling


    Hook’s Coupling


    Hook’s Coupling (Double)


    Double Hook’s Coupling Experimental Apparatus


    Flexible Coupling


    Box or Muff Coupling


    Flanged Coupling


    Split Muff Coupling


    Oldham’s Coupling
    (a) Small
    (b) Big



    Claw Clutch


    Conical Friction Clutch


    Plate Clutch


    Centrifugal Clutch


    Multiplate Clutch



    Hemispherical Sectional Models of Screw Threads


    Hemispherical Sectional Models of Screw Threads Nuts


    Standard Bolt


    Bolts of Four Types


    Foundation Bolts


    Foundation Bolts with Nomenclature


    Locking Arrangement of Bolts



    Standard Gyroscope


    Gyroscope with Counter Poise


    Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope


    Revolving Stool for Above

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steel ovens

Standard double walled construction. Inner Chamber made of aluminum or stainless steel sheet. Exterior made of mild steel sheet finished in powder coated color combinations. Three sides heating provides uniform and quick temperature rise in range of 50 o C to 300 o C - 2 o C and is thermostatically controlled. Provided with 2 or 3 adjustable shelves. L-shaped thermometer is builtin. Complete with indicator pilot lamps, on-off switch, thermostat control knob, plug-cord etc. Workable on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase.

  • Common Chamber sizes in mms. No. of trays
    300 x 300 x 300 2
    355 x 355 x 355 2
    455 x 455 x 455 2
    455 x 605 x 455 3
    605 x 605 x 605 3
    910 x 605 x 455 3
    910 x 605 x 605 3
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Cbr Test Machine

  • Brand Name Microteknik
  • Certification AN ISO 9001-2008
  • Certificate AN ISO 9001-2008
  • Model Number MTS-435H
  • Place of Origin Ambala

We are engaged in supplying variety of civil engineering test equipment that find usage in the construction & material testing industry. Our range encompasses equipment for testing of soil, cement, concrete, asphalt and other types of materials. Depending upon the clients. cbr test machine hand operated feature of cbr test machine hand operated a) cbr loading press: jack: mechanical, with quick release device for rapid adjustments. frame: heavy-duty steel construction with two column uprights.

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T

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Disintegration Test Machine

P-D1A : Specifications as above but with digital temperature controller cum indicator and digital timer. All specifications conforming to Indian pharmacopoeia standards:- With single basket With double basket Additional Information: Item Code: P-D1A

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