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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of DC Inverter Spot Welding, Transistor Power Supply, Resistance Welding Power Supplies, Lid Placement, Tack and New Horizon Hot Bar Desktop Series.

DC Inverter Spot Welding

For DC spot welding / fusing: IS-300ANEW!   For DC spot welding / fusing: IS-800A/1400A   For DC spot welding / fusing: ISB-600A   For DC spot welding / fusing: IPB-5000A   For DC spot welding / fusing: IP series   For DC spot welding / fusing: IS series   For DC seam welding / roll spot welding: IS series   MD Series - Linear DC Controls   IPB-5000A - Inverter Power Supply   IS-120B - Inverter Power Supply   MIB-200A, 500A, 1000A - AC Inverter Weld Control   MEA-100 - AC Resistance Welding Power Supply

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Transistor Power Supply

Multiple connection: MDA-10000A NEW!   Standard type: MDA-8000B, MDA-4000B, MDA-1000B   Polar switchable type: MDB-4000B, MDB-2000B   Two-channel type: MDC-2000B

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Resistance Welding Power Supplies

MIYACHI PECO Power Supplies       + ISQ Series - Inverter Power Supply       + M2, M4 Series - AC Control   MIYACHI UNITEK Power Supplies       + HF25 - High Frequency Basic Inverter       + HF27 - Full Featured HF Inverter       + HF 2/2S - Highly Versatile Inverter Welder       + 125, 300, 1000 ADP Series - Advanced Capacitive Discharge Welders       + UB29, DC29 - Linear DC Spot Welding Control with Built-in Monitor       + ISA Series- Mid Frequency Inverter Resistance Welding Power Supply       + TCW - Thermocouple Welder

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Lid Placement, Tack

The AF8200 (Autoflow) system for lid placement, tack & seam sealing is flexible enough to meet the ever-increasing demands of lid placement and seam sealing applications as seen in the optoelectronic packaging industry. It can be configured either as a stand-alone unit or as part of a fully integrated automated manufacturing line. The computer-controlled precision tacking and seam-sealing mechanism is combined with a high frequency inverter welding power supply and an optional high resolution vision system to provide a robust and repeatable process. Autoflow can also be incorporated into an atmospheric enclosure to provide an integrated seam sealing glovebox system, insuring high yield hermetic sealing results. AF8500 Beneftis & Features: + Current control mode for sealing + Programmable electrode force + Most complete line of power supplies in the industry + Vision system + Electrode roll-back feature + Automated magazine loader option Miyachi Europe offers a complete line of resistance welding based systems including projection and rotary welders, hermetic seam sealing systems, and lid placement and tacking systems. We also provide atmospheric enclosures (gloveboxes and dryboxes) for hermetic sealing applications. Hermetic Sealing Systems and gloveboxes may be integrated with any of our power supplies for resistance welding or hot bar reflow soldering. Download the technical datasheet for more information and specifications on the AF8200 system.

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New Horizon Hot Bar Desktop Series

newhorizon Hot Bar Desktop Series       + newhorizon Pulsed Heat Reflow Soldering System       + newhorizon Heat-Seal Bonding System CH       + newhorizon Heat-Seal Bonding System PH       + newhorizon ACF Laminating System

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Standalone, Multi-purpose Machine

Laser Welding Station with Motorized Rotary Stage

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Hot Bar Modules

MIYACHI EAPRO Hot Bar Modules       + Bonding Heads       + Thermo-plane Thermodes       + Interposer Module       + Process Calibration Tools   MIYACHI UNITEK Power Supplies       + UNIFLOW4 Power Supply   MIYACHI PECO Hot Bar Modules       + MG3 Hot Bar - Premium Process Monitoring

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