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Industrial Chemicals

We offer the best product range of Barium Stearate, Polyethylene Wax, Zinc Stearate, Hydrated Calcium Silicate and Zinc Oxide.

Barium Stearate

We manufacture, export and supply an extensive range of Barium Stearate . Barium Stearate can be used as a stabilizer for PVC and other polymers, as an internal lubricant in polymer processing or as an ingredient for complex metal salt stabilizers for plasticized PVC. We offer the best quality Barium Stearate that has thermal stability and better dispersion.

  • Typical Physio-Chemical Properties




    Colour & Appearance


    White Free Flowing Powder

    Bulk Density1,3 – Loose – Compact*




    Moisture (105oC )2






    Residue on 300 mesh5



    Melting Point



    Softening Point



    Melt Quality



    Ash content



    Free fatty matter



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Polyethylene Wax

Polyethylene Wax is a low polymer polyethylene wax, obtained by refining wax. We ensure that Polyethylene Wax is free from moisture and residual impurities. Polyethylene Wax comes in a rich color, strong lubrication, stability and high output when used in different applications, specially external lubrication in plastics. Applications As an external lubricant in plastics processing, specially rigid PVC As a multifunctional lubricant in plasticized PVC As a shining agent / binding agent in masterbatches and filler compounds

  • Typical Physiochemical Properties






    Snow white flakes

    Ash Content

    % max


    Melting point




    % max


    Thermal stability time in plasticized compound



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Zinc Stearate

The company brings froth superior quality Zinc Stearate in the international market. Zinc Stearate Powder is processed at our highly advanced processing unit. Pure Zinc Stearate is used as internal lubricant, coating on chemicals, wood finishes and cement paints. Additionally, we are one of the prime Light Zinc Stearate Suppliers in India.

    Property Unit Uniflow (SLS) Uniflow (DL) Uniflow (D) Uniflow (R)
    Bulk Density gm/cc 0.09-0.14 0.18-0.25 0.35-0.40 0.1-0.2
    Electrolytes % <1.0 <1.0 <0.3 <2.0
    Moisture ( at 105oC) % <1.0 <1.0 <0.5 <2.0
    pH (2% acq. Solution) ------ 6.8-7.8 6.8-7.8 6.5-7.2 6.8-7.8
    Ash Content % 13.5-14.5 13.0-14.5 13.0-14.0 12.0-14.5
    ZnO Equivalent % 13.0-14.0 13.0-14.0 12.5-13.5 13.0-14.0
    Melting Point oC 118-121 118-121 116-118 116-122
    Melt Quality ------ Clear & Transparent Clear & Transparent Clear & Transparent Clear
    Colour ------ White White White White to off white
    Free Fatty Matter % <1.5 <1.3 <2.0 <2.0
    Residue on 300 mesh5 % <0.2 <0.5 <0.8 <0.8

    At the time of packing. APPLICATIONS


    • Rubber & EVA sheets as an internal lubricant and for dusting.
    • For coating on chemicals etc. for free flow and moisture resistance.
    • For PVC, HDPE and other polymers/plastics.
    • In wood finishes, cement paints.


  • Specifications
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Hydrated Calcium Silicate

We have carved a niche as one of the foremost Hydrated Calcium Silicate Manufacturers in India. Calcium Silicate Hydrate has widespread industrial applications. Synthetic Hydrated Calcium Silicate is used as anti-caking, reinforcing and carrying agent in several industries. Production Process Sodium Silicate and Calcium Sulphate are reacted together under precisely controlled conditions to give a slurry of Calcium Silicate and Sodium Sulphate in solution. By stringent control of parameters such as temperature, pH, electrolyte concentration, agitation and reaction time, Silicate of required structure and surface characteristics is produced. The slurry is then filtered and washed with water to remove sodium sulphate. The filter cake is subsequently dried and then milled to the required particle size distribution. Finally the silicate is collected, deaerated, and packed at a controlled bulk density.

  • Typical Physio-chemical Properties
    Property Unit Value
    Surface area (BET) m2/gm 200-225
    Average Particle Size Micron 2.8
    pH (2% acqueous solution) ------- 9.5-10.5
    Moisture loss on drying at 105o C (2 hours) % 6.5
    lgnition loss at 900o C % max. 8.0
    Water Absorption % 300-440
    Bulk Density gm/cc 0.07-0.12
    Whiteness % 95-98
    Refractive Index ------- 1.47
    Specific Gravity ------- 2.1
    Silica (SiO2) % 78.5
    Calcium (CaO) % 19.2
    Chlorides % Traces
    Sulphate % Traces
    Lead (pb) ppm max. 5
    Arsenic (As) ppm max. 2

    Special Features of Our Product

    • Optimum particle size and surface characterstics obtained through rigrous control of the precipitation parameters, which have been determined by intense research, giving in turn an excellent oil absorption, much higher than most commercially available grades.
    • Processed on a fully automated plant and thus has high purity and is free from any contaminants.
    • Excellent optical whiteness.
    • Excellent anti-caking and reinforcement potential.

    • As an anti-caking and free flow agents in chemicals, Insecticides/Pesticides and similar powdered materials due to its excellent water/oil absorption.
    • As a reinforcing agent in rubber.As a functional extender in emulsion paints - ensures film smoothness and acts as a buffer against acidity of the paint system.
    • As a carrying agents in animal feedstuff, insecticides / pesticides, chemicals due to its very high water absorption capacity, fine particle size and low bulk density.
    • To control rheological properties in a variety of application.

    Other Suggestive Applications
    Adhesives, battery seprators, brake linings, paint primers, paper, plasticized PVC, plastisols, polishes, printing inks, sealants and mastics, tabletting and pelletising, textiles and thermal insulation.

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Zinc Oxide

We are acknowledged as one of the reputed Active Zinc Oxide Manufacturers in India. Zinc Oxide Powder is an amorphous white chemical used as pigment in compounding rubber, plastic, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Besides, we are also counted among the reliable Zinc Oxide White Seal Exporters from India. ROLE OF ZINC OXIDE (ACTIVATED / TRANSPARENT) Organic accelerators used in rubber compounding are almost always dependant on the presence of activators. Zinc Oxide is the most important of such activators. ZINCOSIL NK-A AND NK-T Because of their very small particle sizes zinc-oxide active & transparent (NK-A & NK-T) cause very powerful activation of the cure. Depending on the type and amount of accelerator present they can considerably delay the onset of cure without simultaneously extending the total curing time. Because of stronger activating effect, the amount of this substance needed for the same modulus is lesser as compared to ordinary Zinc Oxide. Unlike ordinary Zinc-Oxide, ZINCOSIL NK-T is compatible with the production of transparent goods as it does not impair the transparency of the vulcanizates when added in small and moderately large amounts. They cause no changes in the colour of the vulcanizates. They reduce yellowing in white and light coloured goods which are exposed to strong light. As they do not have pigmenting properties, they do not influence effect of colour pigments provided they are not too heavily loaded. Due to exceptionally low lead compound contents they are particularly suitable for vulcanizates intended to be practically free from heavy metals. They do not boom. APPLICATIONS Can be used as activators in : 1. sulphur cures 2. peroxide cures (often) 3. sulphurless metallic-oxide cures. Used as crosslinking agent for lattices with reactive groups and for CR. Suitable for following types of rubber-NR, IR, BR, SBR, NBR, IIR, CR, EPDM, CSM. Transparent goods i.e. injection caps, condoms, gloves, lab. appartus. Rubber foam. Highly elastic vulcanizates (spring components). PACKING : (25 kgs) In new laminated H.D.P.E. bags with loose polythene liner inside. INCORPORATION / USAGE Owing to the fineness of particles, ZINCOSIL NK-A and NK-T are very easy to incorporate and disperse well. They raise the viscosity of the mix. Large additions stiffen the mix considerabely. As their propertion is increased, the thermal conductivity of rubber mixes is raised which is an advantage in hot air curing. In large proportions, zinc-oxide active, NK-A behaves like a reinforcing filler. It gives vulcanizates high tensile strength and rebound resilience with a simultaneous increase in hardness. It also imparts resistance to ageing and protection against flex-cracking. WHY USE ZINC OXIDE (ACTIVATED / TRANSPARENT) Our strong technical background in terms of R & D facilities and scientific personnel has enabled us to optimize our production cost to provide you the best possible quality at a very reasonable price. Equipped with a rubber laboratory, we have modified our product to give an excellent combination of various desirable properties in rubber. Fineness of particles or surface area is the most important property which determines activity. We have optimised the surface area to give best results in rubber.

    Property Unit Value
    Surface Area (BET) m2/gm 22-26
    Bulk Density gm/cc 0.35-0.45
    Oil Absorption % 110-130
    pH (2% acq. Solution) % 7.2-8.8
    ZnO % 72 ± 4
    Pb, Cu, Ni, Mn, Cd ppm max.(total) 20
    Moisture ( at 90oC) % <2.0
    Residue on 300 mesh % <0.8
  • ZINCOSIL AH - 90
    Property Unit Value
    ZnO % 90 ± 2
    Electrolytes % <1.0
    pH (2% acq. Solution) -------- 7.0-8.5
    Bulk Density gm/cc 0.8-0.9
    Moisture ( at 90oC) % <1.0
    Heavy Metals ppm max.(total) 20
    Residue on 300 mesh % <0.8
    Surface Area (BET) m2/gm 15-20
    Water Absorption % 34-38
    Oil Absorption % 32-36
  • ZINCOSIL NK-T - 48
    Test Unit Value
    Percentage as ZnO % 70
    Total Soluble Salts % 0.5
    Sieve Residue 350 mesh % 0.2
    Bulk Density gm/cc 0.4-0.6
    Surface Area m2/gm 38-42
    Moisture % max 2
    Packing Kgs / bag 25
    Transparency after vulcanization Visual observation Transparent equal to imported grades
    pH --------- 6.5-8.0
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Aluminium Stearate

We are one of the prime Aluminium Stearate Manufacturers in India. Aluminium Stearate is used in various industrial applications. It is used as anti-settling agent in paints and inks as well as water based proofing agent in tarpaulins. We also deal in high quality Polyoxo Aluminium Stearate.

  • Typical Physio-Chemical Properties
    Colour & Appearance - White Free Flowing Powder
    Bulk Density1,3 Loose
    Moisture (105oC )2 % <1.0
    Residue on 300 mesh 5 % <1.0
    Melting Point oC 160±5
    Melt Quality -- Clear & Transparent
    Ash content % 11-13
    pH4 --- 4.5-5.0
    • At the time of packing
    • By IR Moisture Balance
    • IS: 7589-1974 (A-8)
    • IS: 12076-1986(A-2)
    • IS: 2850-1983 (A-5.1)

    This information and our technical advice-whether verbal, in writing or by way of trials are given in good faith but without warranty, and this also applies where proprietary rights of third parties are involved. Our advice does not release you from the obligation to check its validity and to test our products as to their suitability for the intended processes and uses. The application, use and processing of our products and the products manufactured by you on the basis of our technical advice are beyond our control and, therefore, entirely your own responsibility. Our products are sold in accordance with the current version of our General Conditions of Sales and Delivery.

    Application :
    • As an anti-settling agent in paints and inks.
    • As a water based proofing agent in tarpaulins.
    • As gelling agent in greases

  • Specifications
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Calcium Stearate

The company identified among the leading Calcium Stearate Manufacturers in India. Calcium Stearate Powder is a white free flowing chemical. Calcium Stearate Chemical has various industrial applications. Ferro Calcium Stearate is used as water repellent and acid scavenger in polymers processing.

  • Typical Physiochemical Properties
    Property Unit SLS D
    Colour & Appearance ------ White Free Flowing Powder
    Bulk Density*- Loose - Compact gm/cc
    Moisture ( at 105oC) % <1.0 <0.5
    Electrolytes % <1.0 <1.0
    Residue on 300 mesh % <0.2 <1.5
    Melting Point oC 160 ± 5 150 ± 10
    Melt Quality ------ Clear & Transparent Clear
    CaO % 8-10 8-10
    Ash Content %` 10-12 10-12
    Free Fatty Matter % <1 <1.5
    pH ------ 7-8 7-8
    At the time of packing.

    • As an acid scavenger in polymers processing
    • As an internal lubricant in PVC and other polymers processing
    • As a water repellant in paints and other coatings

  • Specifications
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Pe Wax

We are offering pe wax. Our firm is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of pe wax. Appreciated for excellent compatibility with the polar resin and has good dispersive performance, we offer our pe wax at industry leading prices. These products are processed using superior quality ingredients, with the help of technically advanced machines. Typical physiochemical properties property unit unilub pe-5 appearance -- fine white flakes granules ash content % max 0.10 melting point -- 90-100 moisture % max 0.5 thermal stability time in plasticized compound minutes 100 " 5) at the time of packing 5) by ir moisture balance 3) is: 7589-1974 (a-8)""

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Metallic Stearates

The company brings forth finest quality Metallic Stearates in the international market. Metallic Stearates chemicals are usually available in various metals such as Metallic Calcium Stearate and Zinc Stearate. These chemicals are used in manufacturing of PVC, HDPE, Cement Paints etc. In addition, we are reckoned as one of the ace Metallic Cadmium Stearate Exporters from India.

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