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Hydraulic Machines

We offer the best product range of Fixed Rake Angle Hydraulic Shearing Machine, Variable Rake Angle Hydraulic Shearing Machine, Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine, Hydraulic Pipe Threading Machine and Electric Hydraulic Press.

Fixed Rake Angle Hydraulic Shearing Machine

  • Dimension 2200x1900x1900 mm
  • Variable Rack Angle in Degree 1
  • Strokes Per Minute 40
  • Back Gauge 750
  • Number of Mould Down 7
  • Motor Power 3hp

Standard Accessories : Electric motor. Control panel operational console. Footswitch. Four edge her blade. Front t-slot supporters. Front scale gauge. Back gauge system [motorised). Variable rake angle selector switch. Stroke adjustment rod limit switches. Blade clearance adjustment. Manual lubrication system. Hydraulic hold down the system.

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Variable Rake Angle Hydraulic Shearing Machine

  • Max Shear Width 1000-2000 mm
  • Variable Rack Angle in Degree 0.5 - 5
  • Number of Hold Down 7
  • Motor Power 10 hp
  • Strokes Per Minute 11 - 21
  • Back Gauge 750

Roller Guides : The upper beam Is guided by three point roller guides. A replaceable hardened Liner is provided for minimum wear.   Power Pack : Hydraulic system Is mounted at top al rear side of the machine. Hydraulic components are of internationally leputed make like Victors, Dowty. Rcxiolh. etc. Valves are mounted on a compact manHotd block minimizing piping and chances of leakages. For oil cooling, suiticient sue ot oil reservoir Is provided CYLINDERS Cylinders are recisely honed and are lilted with hard chromed piston rod with best quality scaling elements Cylinders are connected with upper beam (cutting beam) with spherical bearings lor higher capacity Two cylinders are working on differential pressure principle for synchronization. This eliminates force on cutting edge.   Hyor Hold Down : Hydraulic hold down pads hold the sheet secareiy to avoid slipping & bowing lesuhlng in clean sauare cut Hold down units are provided tor better clamping white cutting narrow strips. BLAOE CLEARANCE Blade clearance can be adiusted manually By lever on each side ol machine with calibration ot clearance suitable for thickness   Hotohised Back Gauge : Motorised back gauge Is operated from the front of the machine by push button. Back gauge traveled distance is displayed on electronic counter Next position can be preset and can run with auto stop arrangement Back gauge automatically retract from bottom blade alter Shearing, to avoid trapping ol cut strips.   Blades : ATLAS shears are provided with high Quality. Single segment (HcHc) blades tor longer tool lile Ease in assembly ol Blade reduces down time The blades are four edged.   Operation : Electric panel & operational console are provided at right side of the machine lor easy operation By operator. Console & control panel Is provided with on-off push-button, three phase indicator forward-reverse push-button for back gauge operation, inch push-button for individual hold down function emergency stop push-button Foot switch is provided to cany out Shearing Operation if foot switch is released at any point of shearing upper beam will return from that point. FINGER GUARD Fitted in Iront of hold down for operator's protection without obstructing viewing.

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Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

  • Out Side Diameter 8-25 mm
  • Thread Length in Feed 38 mm

Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine They are perfect for great quantity manufacturing, are highly cost-effective and ensure excellent perspective precision. Nationwide Cutting Tools is a well known producer, provider and exporter of Gas Line Rolling Machines-Two Move Kinds,

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Hydraulic Pipe Threading Machine

  • Type Automatic
  • Certification CE Certified
  • Weight 100-1000kg
  • Voltage 380V
  • Power 3-6kw
  • Driven Type Hydraulic
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • After-Sales Service Provided Spare Parts

We are a renowned Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Hydraulic Pipe Threading Machine , operating from Ludhiana, Punjab. Hydraulic Pipe Threading Machine is designed for efficient and fast production of thread onto pipes and fittings. Hydraulic Pipe Threading Machine is useful for minimizing Exterior Line on Pipe joints by Pursuing Method. HSS Tangential Chasers are used as blades. Matric, BSP, BSPT, NPT, UNF, UNC, BSW, Acme Discussions B.S.F etc. threads can be done onto pipes. Hydraulic Pipe Threading Machine is fitted with sturdy gears that are made of case hardened steel with extra-large face with, tooth thickness, and cut on hobbing machine for noiseless operation even at high speed. Design & Workmanship : Hydraulic Pipe Threading Machine is designed to produce precise threads within the tolerance for which they were intended. Head Stock : A heavy duty geared Head Box is of best quality casting providing support to the spindle bearings. The box is of gear type, lubricated, and fitted with three extra heavy-duty bearings. The Bed : The bed is pillar type having two pillars made of best quality steel nicely finished & duly hard chrome plated in the most modern hard chrome-plating unit. The Saddle : The Saddle is fitted on two pillars very precisely. It runs on pillars very smoothly and accurately to the Head Stock alignment. The Apron : The apron gives movement to the saddle with head transfer along with pillars through steel rack and pinion arrangements. All the gears are made of best quality steel. Vice Jaws : The vice jaws made from the best quality alloy steel are fitted on the saddle well aligned with the head stock center fitted in a heavy-duty box type vice. The jaws are heat-treated. The movements of jaws are controlled by a screw on the saddle. Range of NCT Threading Machines and Die Heads 1/2" to 2.1/2" do/- 1" to 4" Capacity Pipe 2.1/2" to 6" Capacity Pipe 4" to 8" 4" to 8" Capacity Pipe

  • Technical Specifications
     Model NCT-2.1/2"  1/2" to 2.1/2" (Pillar Type)
     Saddle Movement  12"-16"
     Spindle Speed Range  60-90-120
     Number of Spindle Speed 3
     Threading Capacity  1/2" to 2.1/2"
     Production per Hour  70-90
     H.P. Required  7.5 H.P. 960 RPM
     Lead Screw  As Per Requirement
     Weight (KG) 990



     Model NCT-4"  1" to 4" (Pillar Type)
     Saddle Movement  10"-12"
     Spindle Speed Range  40-75-115
     Number of Spindle Speed 3
     Threading Capacity  1" to 4"
     Production per Hour  35-40
     H.P. Required  12.5 H.P. 960 RPM
     Lead Screw  Provided
     Weight (KG) 1600



     Model NCT-6"  2.1/2" to 6" (Pillar Type)
     Saddle Movement  10"-12"
     Spindle Speed Range  25-50
     Number of Spindle Speed 2
     Threading Capacity  2.1/2" to 6"
     Production per Hour  20-25
     H.P. Required  15 H.P. 960 RPM
     Lead Screw  Provided
     Weight (KG) 1900



     Model NCT-8"  4" to 8" (Pillar Type)
     Saddle Movement  10"-12"
     Spindle Speed Range  25-50
     Number of Spindle Speed 2
     Threading Capacity  4" to 8"
     Production per Hour  15-20
     H.P. Required  20 H.P. 960 RPM
     Lead Screw  Provided
     Weight (KG) 2500
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Electric Hydraulic Press

  • Capacity 5-10 Ton, 10-20 Ton
  • Material Cast Steel
  • Packaging Type Packed
  • Country of Origin Made in India
  • Power Source Electric
  • Control Type CNC

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