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Our offered Product range includes and Bioclean Pond Clarifier.

Bioclean Pond Clarifier

2 - 4 /Units
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Lakes and ponds across the country have been marred by untreated effluent and sewage disposal from residential areas and industries alike. This has taken a toll on our freshwater bodies, polluting the water and destroying aquatic life. Chemically treating ponds and lake cleaning in such ways may have side effects and are not long term solutions. Bioclean® Pond Clarifier is an eco-friendly and natural pond bioremediation and effective lake cleaning product which contains beneficial bacteria that act on built up organic sludge in water bodies. The bacteria in Bioclean® Pond Clarifier utilise nitrates and phosphates for growth, making it unavailable for algae & aquatic plants and naturally curbing eutrophication. The bacteria naturally becomes deactivated once the levels of organic matter in the pond are depleted. Microbes in Bioclean® Pond Clarifier reduce sludge layer volumes settled at the pond bottom & improves dissolved oxygen levels. The reduced volume of the sludge promotes better pond water clarity and reduces malodours resulting from hydrogen sulphide and ammonia production from sludge putrefaction. This further helps in lake cleaning. The bacteria naturally adapts to the pond ecosystem and reduce the frequency of treatment. This makes Bioclean® Pond Clarifier one of the most effective natural solution for lake cleaning and restoration. Cost effective Benefits: Can rapidly decompose organic load in the pond water as well as accumulated sludge, thus improving water & pond bed quality and helps in lake cleaning Naturally makes nitrates & phosphate unavailable, thus preventing algal blooms Promotes water clarity as well as prevent malodours from hydrogen sulphide & ammonia Natural Effective Eco Friendly Safe  

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