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Water Treatment & Purification Plant

Our product range comtains a wide range of Bioclean Aqua Water Conditioner and Bioclean Aqua Fish Water Conditioner

Bioclean Aqua Water Conditioner

2 - 4 /Piece
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Today, major hurdles in tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) farming include disease susceptibility, unpredictable weather conditions, and soil and water quality. Bioclean Aqua, is a unique biological water conditioner containing a consortium of specially selected microbes designed to tackle these problems. Bioclean Aqua efficiently bioremediates the tiger shrimp pond water by preventing the growth of algal blooms and boosting oxygen levels. The microbial technology in Bioclean Aqua accelerates the complete decomposition of organic compounds and prevents the accumulation of toxic gases such as ammonia & hydrogen sulphide. This improves water quality and reduces the occurrence of debilitating diseases such as brown blood disease. Bioclean Aqua is certified antibiotic free by the Coastal Aquaculture Authority – India. Benefits Readily degrades organic debris & improves soil & water quality Improves dissolved oxygen, balances pH and reduces ammonia levels Clean environment improves survival rate and boosts immunity due to which antibiotic requirement is drastically reduced Natural Effective Eco Friendly Safe

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Bioclean Aqua Fish Water Conditioner

1 - 3 /Piece
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Bioclean Aqua Fish is a biological water conditioner for marine as well as fresh water fish cultivation which stabilises pond water conditions for rearing of fishes. Bioclean Aqua Fish enhances biofloc formation and facilitates a robust and efficient water treatment in fish ponds. Bioclean Aqua Fish enhances decomposition of organic matter helping maintain pond bottom health. It also helps maintain pH in ponds, improves oxygen levels and reduces the amount of toxic gases, especially hydrogen sulphide and ammonia which could otherwise prove toxic to fishes. Bioclean Aqua Fish reduces dissolved levels of nitrates and phosphates, thereby helping improve water quality & colour, promoting the growth of healthy fish with strengthened immunity. The healthy environment boosts fish size and promotes healthy gills & glazing scales. Bioclean Aqua Fish is certified antibiotic free by the Coastal Aquaculture Authority – India. Benefits Clears and stabilises pond water for fish breeding Rapidly decomposes organic sludge & reduces malodour formation Maintains pH and oxygen levels Natural Effective Eco Friendly Safe

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