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  5. Magnetic Separators 1 Products / Services available
  6. Paints 1 Products / Services available
  7. Vastu Pyramids 1 Products / Services available
  8. Books 1 Products / Services available
  9. Surgical Needles & Scissors 3 Products / Services available
  10. Acupressure Devices 1 Products / Services available
  11. Anatomical Models 2 Products / Services available
  12. Physiotherapy Products & Equipment 2 Products / Services available
  13. Men, Women & Kids Footwear 2 Products / Services available
  14. Magnet 9 Products / Services available
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  19. Massager 8 Products / Services available
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  25. Magnets & Magnetic Separators 1 Products / Services available
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  28. Other Products / Services 25 Products / Services available

Other Products / Services

Our Complete range of products are Six Channel Waves, Ten Channel Waves, Eight Channel Waves, Body Weight Reducer Disc and Two Channel Waves.

Six Channel Waves

Avail from us a powerful acupuncture stimulator i.e. the Six Channel Waves. Made available with six outputs, the Six Channel Waves feature six wires with a pouch.

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Ten Channel Waves

Choose a powerful Acupuncture stimulator from us in the form of the Ten Channel Waves. Made available with eight outputs, the Ten Channel Waves (Digital Time Selector) have eight outputs and option for pouch or bag.

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Eight Channel Waves

The Eight Channel Waves offered by us is an excellent acupuncture stimulator. Eight Channel Waves features eight outputs with six wires and has an option of pouch or bag.

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Body Weight Reducer Disc

We are an established body weight reducer disc manufacturer, exporter and supplier, offering advanced health management solutions for the customers. Designed as per the acupressure, pyramid & magnetic treatment therapies, the body weight reducer disc changes the body shape from fat to fit by reducing the excess flab. benefits : increases chest size improves energy levels stimulate pressure points on the sole helps in blood circulation attributes : rough and tough design made with high quality plastic double ball bearing disc attachment unbreakable indications : headache tension gastric acidity backache sciatica knee pain leg pain price : rs.100- (2 usd)

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Ear Press Needle

We specialize in offering Ear Press Needle that is widely used in Ear Acupuncture treatment. The Mac Brand Ear Press Needle has flawless finish and is properly sterilized for use. Packaging : 50PC PER BOX (plaster colour in brown and box packing).

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Moxa Roll

Avail from us the moxa roll that has moxa with a blend of various natural herbs. Used for general moxibution; the tai yi moxa roll burns for a long time of near about four hours. stick size : 0.07” x 8.2” packaging : 10 pcs per box.

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Mini Needle Moxa

The Mini Needle Moxa that we offer is manufactured using high grade moxa that is rolled in rice paper. The Mini Needle Moxa offered by us is suited for use by professionals and is offered at reasonable rates in the market. Packaging : 500pcs. per box.

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Stick on Moxa Roll

Stick on Moxa Roll that we offer for professional use is specially designed for indirect moxa. The Stick on Moxa Roll has self adhesive and gives extensive heat, so it should be used with caution. Packaging : 225 pcs. per box.

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Stick on Mini Moxa

The Stick on Mini Moxa has a self adhesive base and is the indirect mini moxa. The Stick on Mini Moxa has a hole in the base due to which it produces indirect mild uniform heat. Burn time of the Stick on Mini Moxa is five minutes approximately. Packaging : 180 pcs. per box

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Tube Moxa

We bring forth the Tube Moxa that has hollow and rigid stick for indirect heat. Priced competitively, the Tube Moxa is provided with stand for easy usage. Packaging : 200 pcs. per box.

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Tube Moxa Stand

The Tube Moxa Stand made available by us is used to give heat indirectly. The Tube Moxa Stand is used to heat direct acupoint together with Tube Moxa and has a 1 Hole and 5 Hole Stand. Packaging : 1 pcs

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Male Model

Male Model that we offer is manufactured with soft vinyl and has a wooden base. Human Male Model clearly shows the meridians on the body with traditional acupuncture points marked in EnglishChinese. Male Model offered by us is suitable for clinical and teaching purposes. Size : 50 cm

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Two Channel Waves

The Two Channel Waves are used as acupuncture stimulator. Made available with 2 outputs, the high quality Two Channel Waves have two wires as well and a pouch.

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Three Channel Waves

We offer an excellent stimulator in the form of Three Channel Waves. The Three Channel Waves has three output design and made available with two wires plus pouch.

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Five Channel Waves

We are the right choice for availing the best Five Channel Waves in the market. This acupuncture stimulator has five outputs with five wires and a pouch.

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A Guide to Sujok Therapy

We manufacture A Guide to Sujok Therapy that is extremely informative for the readers and users. This book is easily understandable and contains appropriate guidelines that are helpful to the customers.

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Sujok for Everybody

Sujok for Everybody is one of the best recommended books for the readers across the globe. It consists of details that provide information about various therapies related to the health benefits.

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Be Your Own Sujok Doctor

We are acknowledged for offering one of the Sujok Therapy Books known as “Be Your Own Sujok Doctor.” This book is widely read by numerous readers across the world. The book contains sufficient information about self healing methods to cure complex ailments.

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Twelve Channel Waves

We offer the Twelve Channel Waves with twelve output acupuncture stimulator. The Twelve Channel Waves comes with twelve wire, bag and rod and has Digital Time Selector 10, 15, 20 Autostop with Briefcase Aristocart.

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magnet alternative complementary health prod service

Our products details on E card PERFECT MAGNETS

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