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Herbal Extract

We offer a complete product range of Centella Asiatica Extract, Curcuma Longa Extract, Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Extract, Boswellia Serrata Extract and Whole Aritha

Centella Asiatica Extract

  • Cultivation Type Natural
  • Maturity 98%
  • Color Light Green
  • Form Liquid
  • Application Medicinal
  • Feature Good For Health, No Artificial Flavour, Non Harmful

Salient Features of Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) :- We are providing Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) to our esteemed consumers. This is a herbaceous perennial plant, native of India, China, Indonesia, Australia, the South Pacific, Madagascar and Southern and Middle Africa . It prefers marshy areas and river banks. The aerial parts are harvested throughout the year. Active Principle: The extract is taken from the leaves of Centella. The active principles namely the triterpenoids and saponins are extracted from the leaves of Centella. These include pharmacologically active asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic acid. Clinical Uses: Topical use in Burns, Cellulitis, Keloids Scleroderma Disorder of veins like Varicose vein and venous in-sufficiency. Wound Healing Memory Advantages: The outcome of Centella’s complex actions is a balanced multiphasic effect on cells and tissues participating in the process of healing, particularly connective tissues. Enhanced development of normal connective tissue matrix is perhaps its prime therapeutic action. The extract is very well tolerated especially orally.

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Curcuma Longa Extract

  • Cultivation Type Organic
  • Shelf Life 1yr
  • Color Dark Yellow
  • Packaging Type Plastic Bag, Plastic Pouch
  • Form Powder
  • Feature Anti-Diabetic, Healthy For Skin, Lung Protective, No Added Color, Non Harmful

Salient Features of Curcuma Longa :- Our firm is offering Curcuma Longa to our esteemed patrons. It is otherwise known as Turmeric, which is native to India and Southern Asia and is widely cultivated in India, China, Indonesia and other tropical countries. It grows well in humid climate. The extracts are taken from the rhizome, which has a characteristic bright yellow color. Active Principle: Turmeric contains 0.3-5.4% curcumin, an orange yellow volatile oil composed mainly of turmerone, atlantone and zingiberone. Curcumin provides 95% Curcuminoids .Also it contains sugars, protein, vitamins and minerals.

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Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Extract

  • Form Liquid, Powder
  • Part Used Leaf, Flower
  • Shelf Life 3 Year
  • English Name China Rose
  • Common Name Jaswant
  • Uses 6.0%

Salient Features of Hibiscus Rosasinensis :- Our firm is delivering Hibiscus Rosasinensis to our esteemed clients. It is widely grown as an ornamental plant throughout the tropics and subtropics. The flowers are large, generally red in the original varieties, and firm, but generally lack any scent. Clinical Uses: It is a cooling herb that checks bleeding soothes irritated tissues and relaxes spasms. Hibiscus has a soothing and cooling action on the scalp. This soothing action is of great benefit in treating conditions of scalp rash and in cases of dandruff. It is used as a hair conditioner. It is used to formulate products for hair care, like cleansers, hair tonics, anti-dandruff preparations, hair conditioners and rinses.

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Boswellia Serrata Extract

  • Grade Food Grade, Pharma Grade
  • Color Off White
  • Packaging Type Plastic Bottle
  • Form Powder
  • Shelf Life 1 Yr
  • Purity 99 %

Salient Features of Boswellia Serrata :- We are delivering Boswellia Serrata to our esteemed consumers. This is a large, branching, deciduous tree which grows abundantly in the dry, hilly parts of India. Boswellia is a balsamic tree that secretes aromatic oleoresins which are collected, when they dry into a gum, after exuding from the cuts of the bark.

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Whole Aritha

  • Shelf Life 24 Months
  • Part Seed
  • Scientific name Sapindus Trifoliatus
  • Function Strengthens Hair
  • Fragrance Natural
  • Usage Personal
  • Grade Standard Cosmetic Grade

Salient Features of Aritha (Sapindus Trifoliatus) :- We are providing a premium quality range of Aritha (Sapindus trifoliatus) to our esteemed consumers. Sapindus is a genus of about five to twelve species of shrubs and small trees in the Lychee family native to warm temperate to tropical regions. The fruit, called a soap nut, is a small leathery-skinned drupe 1–2 cm (0.39–0.79 in) in diameter, which turns from yellow to black when ripe, and contains one to three seeds. Clinical Uses: Soapnuts are known as excellent hair tonic and thus are popular ingredient in Ayurveda shampoos and cleansers. They are also used in Ayurvedic medicine for curing eczema, psoriasis, and for removing freckles. Soap nuts are traditionally used for removing lice from the scalp as they have gentle insecticidal properties.

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Ashwagandha Extract

  • Cultivation Type Common
  • Shelf Life 1year
  • Application Medicinal
  • Application Health Supplement
  • Purity 99%
  • Part Leaf

Salient Features of Ashwagandha :- We are delivering a premium quality range of Ashwagandha to our esteemed consumers. It is an erect shrub with flowers greenish or lurid yellow, about five together in an umbellate cyme. Clinical Uses: Tonic to restore vitality in those suffering from overwork or nervous exhaustion Long - term stress Improve male fertility Anabolic alternative Advantages: Apart from the specific use of withanolides (which are similar to the body’s own steroid hormones) as anti-inflammatory. They also inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Clinical trials further indicated that withanolides increase haemoglobin levels, reduces greying of hair and improves sexual performance. It also helps recovery from chronic illness. It is well tolerated and no side effects have been observed.

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Coleus Forskohlii Extract

  • Color Brown
  • Form Powder
  • Botanical Name Plectranthus Barbatus
  • Application For Medical Use
  • Part Roots
  • Assay 10% to 40%
  • Density 0.4 g/ml to 0.8 g/ml

Salient Features of Coleus Forskohlii :- We are delivering Coleus Forskohlii to our esteemed consumers. The radially spread rootstock is the portion of the plant which is used for medicinal purpose. The extracts taken from the roots contain pharmacologically active forskolin. No other species of Coleus contains forskolin. The standardized extract provides 10 % to 20 % of forskolin. Clinical Uses: Cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, congestive heart failure, angina Eczema (atopic dermatitis) Asthma Psoriasis Glaucoma

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Guggul Extract

  • Botanical Name Commiphora Mukul
  • Form Solid
  • Shelf Life 3 Year
  • Usage Medicinal purposes
  • Application Form Suppository, Paste, Tablet, Capsule
  • Standardisation Guggulsterones Min.2.5%

Salient Features of Guggul Extract :- We are delivering Guggul Extract to our highly valued clients. Famous as the Indian Myrrh tree’ distributed throughout the arid areas of Northwest India, Pakistan (Baluchistan) and Bangladesh. The Guggul tree secretes aromatic gum of oleoresins, ‘Gum Guggul’, which are collected when they dry after exuding from cuts in the bark. Active Principle: This is a standardized powder extract of the gum containing a mixture of Z and E gugulsterones. The standardized extract contains 2.5% - 5% gugulsterones. Clinical Uses: Lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels Prevention and reversal of atherosclerosis Cardioprotective activity Prevents development of stroke or embolism Significant anti-inflammatory action Advantages: In clinical studies Gugulipid has not displayed any untoward side effects, nor has it adversely affected liver function, blood sugar control, kidney function or haematological parameters. Safety studies demonstrate that gugulipid is non toxic. It does not have any embryotoxic / foetotoxic effects and hence safe during pregnancy.

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Holy Basil Extract

  • Application Ayurvedic Remedies
  • Color Green
  • Form Powder, Liquid
  • Part Leaves
  • Common Name Tulsi
  • Scientific Name Ocimum Sanctum

Salient Features of Holy Basil - Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum) :- We are delivering Holy Basil - Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum) to our esteemed consumers. It is known as Holy basil that grows in India. The aerial parts are used for extraction of active principles. Active Principle The main active principles are polyphenolic acids, volatile oils (eugenol, methyl chavicol, methyl eugenol, caryophyllene), flavonoids (apigenin, luteolin) and triterpenes (ursolic acid) Clinical uses Skin health Anti-acne Anti-oxidant Expectorant Anti-allergic Anti-stress Advantages Holy basil has a reputation for reducing stress and is regarded as adaptogenic-helping the body to adapt to new demand and stresses. Tulsi extract could be combined with other herbal remedies and is relatively safe.

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Amla Extract

  • Cultivation Type Common
  • Color Light Green
  • Form Powder
  • Botanical Name Phyllanthus Emblica)
  • Application Medicine, Skin Products
  • Feature Good For Hairs, Good For Skin, No Artificial Flavour, No Preservatives
  • Used For Rich in Vitamin C

Salient Features of Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) :- We are providing a unique range of Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) to our esteemed consumers. This also called Emblica officinalis or Indian Gooseberry is a medium-sized deciduous tree. The tree is found growing in the plains and sub-mountain on tracts all over the Indian subcontinent. Amla fruit is pale yellow to green in colour and is a depressed globose with six vertical furrows. Active Principle: The active ingredients present are ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), tannins, minerals and amino acids. Clinical Uses: Enhances production of red blood cells, strengthens teeth, hair and nails. Powerful anti-oxidant. Regulates Blood Sugar and prevents lipid peroxidation in cell membranes. Very Powerful anti-inflammatory fruit. Useful in hemorrhoids, gastritis and colitis. Useful in eye problems especially in inflammation. Increases all-round immunity in the body against heart and nervous disorders.

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Licorice Extract

  • Color Brown
  • Form Powder
  • Part Used Root
  • Scientific Name Glycyrrhiza Glabra
  • Purity 99%
  • Storage Cool & Dry Place

Salient Features of Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) :- We are presenting an excellent quality range of Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) to our valuable clients. Famous as Licorice, which grows wild in South eastern Europe and South western Asia. A woody-stemmed perennial growing to 2 meters with dark leaves and cream to mauve flowers. The active constituent, glycyrrhizinic acid is extracted from the roots. Active Principle: The extract contains triterpenoid saponin glycyrrhizin, which is a mixture of potassium and calcium salts of glycyrrhizinic acid, Licorice Clinical Uses: Anti-infective Anti-inflammatory Expectorant Demulcent Mild laxative

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Momordica Charantia Extract

  • Cultivation Type Natural
  • Color Light Green
  • Taste Bitter
  • Part Vegetable
  • Feature Easy To Digest, Natural Taste, Non Harmful, Reduce Health Issue, Safe Packaging
  • Common Name Bitter Gourd
  • Used Ight Cancer, Diabetes and Many Infectious Diseases

Salient Features of Momordica Charantia :- We are delivering Momordica Charantia to our esteemed consumers. It is an annual climber with Bitter melon fruits muricate, tuberculate, oblong, green and when ripe it turns out to be orange in colour. Active Principle: Bitter principles are extracted from the Momordica charantia fruits. The extract provides a non nitrogenous neutral principle, Charantin. It is a hypoglycemic agent composed of mixed steroids. The standardised extract contains 7.5 - 8% Bitter principle and 0.5% of Charantin. Clinical Uses: As a hypoglycemic agent in Diabetes mellitus Used as an anti viral Anti tumours Advantages: Apart from the anti diabetic properties, Momordica has other biological activities including inhibition of infection and replication of HIV-1. No toxic effects were reported.

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Phyllanthus Niruri Extract

  • Cultivation Type Organic
  • Form Powder, Liquid
  • Type Herbal Extract
  • Application Food, Pharma
  • Part Leaf
  • Extraction Type Hydro alcoholic
  • Assay/activity Bitter 3%

Salient Features of Phyllanthus Niruri :- We are providing a premium quality range of Phyllanthus Niruri to ur esteemed clients. Perennial herb with angular stem, common in hotter parts of India and other Asian countries. Leaves are numerous, elliptic – oblong, subsessile. Flowers yellowish and axillary. Capsules globose with trigonous seeds. The whole aerial plant is used for the extraction of the active principle. Clinical uses Hepatoprotectant Diuretic Astringent Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties Advantages The extract exhibits antiviral actions on hepatitis B in human subjects. It also protects from liver damage. The extract has anti-hepatotoxic action. Clinical trials conducted so far have not yet revealed any toxic or side effects with Phyllanthus niruri extract.

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