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Storage Tanks

We offer a complete product range of Diesel Storage Tank and Indirect Heated Storage Tank

Diesel Storage Tank

  • Material Carbon Steel
  • Capacity 500 Litres to 50,000 Litres

With all standard provisions like : One manhole Access ladder Hand rails 2 saddle of 200m height ½” acrylic tube with valves for level indication. Painted with one coat of primer and one coat of finish paint externally with internal wire brush cleaning

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Indirect Heated Storage Tank

Indirect Heated Storage calorifiers are one of the easiest method of generating hot water for both domestic and industrial applications. Storage calorifiers are installed in hospitals, hotels, sports centers and general residential buildings. PRECISION Calorifiers can be used in sites where a dedicated plant producing steam for laundry or hot water boiler is available. Storage Calorifier Storage calorifers are sized to meet the peak demand period with recovery periods varying from one to four hours. Advantages Electric power is not required, hence no big investments in Transformer etc. Heating coil duty is high No frequent shutdown due to short circuit etc. No need of higher inventory electric spares ASME Code construction:- All tanks are constructed in accordance with ASME code section IV Stamped and labeled for 125 PSI (8.6 BAR) Standard. Precision also design High Capacity Water Heaters / Calorifiers as per British Standard BS 853:1996 or BS 5500:1997 or in accordance with Art 3.3 of the European Directive EEC/97/23 for pressure equipment. Hot Water Indirect KW Shell Material Configuration Capacity. Vessel Lining – Precision Coat Precision coat is a polymerized coating which is applied to all internal surfaces of the tank. Tank surfaces are first sandblasted and cleaned to a white metal finish and then precision coat is applied uniformly. The tank is then forced cured at 95ºC to form a glossy lining unaffected by thermal shock from -6ºC to 100ºC. Precision coat is approved by US department of agriculture and with NSF/61 certification for drinking water. For steam and condensate the battery is a simple 2-pass U-tube battery. Heater batteries are constructed from finned tube. This extended surface reduces the overall size of the battery. Plain tube can be supplied and should be specified at the enquiry or order stage so that provision is made for fitting the larger battery. Plain tube will be recommended when the operating conditions are known to make it advisable.

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