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Measuring Instruments & Equipment

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Triaxial Cell, Rapid and Speedy Moisture Meter, Benkelman Beam, pH Meter and Mud Balance.

Triaxial Cell

We are one of the trusted Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of the Triaxial Cell . Our products are made of superior quality raw material and we use the latest techniques in the manufacturing process of the Triaxial Cells. The Triaxial Cell can be easily opened by releasing the four Tie Rod nuts. Parts of the Triaxial Cell Loading Plunger Perspex Loading Pad for 38 mm diameter specimen Pair of Perspex Plain Discs (38 mm diameter and 6 mm thickness) Pair of porous stones for 38 mm specimens Sheath stretcher One dozen rubber sheaths Plastic drainage tube Features Used for the testing of soil samples of 38mm diameter x 76 mm height Leak proof to the limit of 10 kgsq. cm fluid pressure Oil plugs for effective sealing of the Plunger and providing long duration tests Four sleeve packed valves for various cell pressure and back pressures

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Rapid and Speedy Moisture Meter

Veekay Industries is a proficient Rapid and Speedy Moisture Meter Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from New Delhi, India. Our Moisture Meter consists of a pressure vessel with clamp for sealing cap. Our Moisture Meter has the capacity of testing 20 grams of the specimen. We offer our Moisture Meter in highly polished wooden carrying case with handle. The Set Contains Rubber sealing gasket Pressure gauge calibrated in percentage moisture content 0-25% x 0.25% on the wet weight basis An electronic balance for weighing sample A scoop for measuring carbide reagent A bottle of reagent One cleaning brush and a set of 4 steel balls for thorough mixing

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Benkelman Beam

Veekay Industries is the best place to look for Benkelman Beam . A unique feature of Benkelman Beam that we provide is absolutely light-weighted equipment. This feature of our Benkelman Beam makes it very convenient to transport from one place to another. Benkelman Beam that we make available with us is developed by utilizing the technique of making best use of balanced beam in conjunction with a suitable vehicle to measure road flexure. A significant attribute of our Benkelman Beam is that it is a best solution to match up with the convenience of the user, is an accurate device for measuring the deflection of flexible pavements under moving wheel loads. Special Features Of Benkelman Beam Aluminium construction Easy to transport Unique Telescopic Design to simplify the field set up Compact, which ultimately reduces the amount of storage space needed Operate on a simple lever arm principle, the unit consists Supplied with carrying case Digital Benkelman Beam are also manufactured & even made available available on special request

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Ph Meter

We make available Ph Meter which is widely used in a variety of industries. We assure Ph Meter which would provide most accurate results. What makes our Ph Meter the best in the industry is its elegant designing and high functionality. We offer Ph Meter made using superior quality parts and components. Features Accurate & highly stable Manual temperature Elegantly styled Small, laboratory version Usable for potentiometic titrations, oxidation-reduction potential (orp or redox) and ioe selective electrode measurements Applications Ph Meter is used for pH measurements in chemical laboratories of : Food & beverage processing, dairies, breweries and dislleries Purification of (kinking water, pollution control & sewage Treatment Aquaculture & agricultural soil resting Pickling, electroplating engraving, anodizing & polishing processes Industries We Serve Pharmaceutical Cosmetics Cement Coal ash Fuel & crude oil Greases Glasses Acids and chemicals

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Mud Balance

Mud Balance is used as a practical method to examine the accurate gravities of semi fluids which have a density falling in the range of 0.8 to 2.5. Mud Balance provided by us, has durable construction. Engineers and manufacturing process adopted at our agency, makes sure that it never gets broken or damaged easily. Incorporation of such durable parts helps Mud Balance to be apt for external usage. Mud Balance, which is manufactured, exported and supplied by us are at par with the industrial standards. Specifications It has a stainless steel bam calibrated specific gravities from 0.8 to 2.5. A stainless steel cup with lid and overflow vent is fitted on one side of the beam. A counter weights with cursor slides over the graduated scale. The beam has a knife-edge at centre which rests in a fulcrum fitted in the stand. Leveling screws and spirit level are fitted to the stand. Features Of Mud Balance Prepared with keeping in mind quality standards Mud Balance provided by us is durable It complies with the standard- ASTM D 2419, AASHTO T 176 Discounted rate

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Mortar Penetrometer

Our company is a well-known Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of the Mortar Penetrometer . The Mortar Penetrometer manufactured by our company is known for its wide variety of attractive features and applications. Some of the features of the Mortar Penetrometer are as follows: Refernce Standard - ASTM : C 403 It is used for finding out the rate of hardening of mortar sieved from concrete spring and a stem graduated from 0-70 kg x 1 kg. Six interchangeable penetration needles of areas 645, 323, 65 32 and 16mm sq. is provided . The penetration resistance is measured by the force exerted to penetrate the mortar by 25mm and is indicated by a sliding ring on the stem, which is graduated. Needle shanks are marked at every 12.5mm. Note : Complete in a wooden carrying case.

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Pocket Penetrometer

We provide a superior quality Pocket Penetrometer . This product is being widely used to estimate approximate unconfined compressive strength and also in estimation of shear strength of cohesive soils. Most attractive feature of Pocket Penetrometer as its name is signifying is that it is a handy and convenient instrument, which can be carried anywhere to best suit your convenience. We make it available with an easy to handle carrying case. Specifications A light weight barrel assembly with polished and ground steel loading piston plunger A direct reading scale is engraved on the piston barrel and indicates load in kg. sq. cm. A maximum load indicator ring is provided on the penetration plunger The calibrated spring is heat treated and plated for rust resistance The barrel diameter is 20mm and the length 150mm Is supplied with a handy carrying case

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Lateral Extensometer

We are a reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of highly efficient Lateral Extensometer . Our Lateral Extensometer is required to determine the lateral extension of 15cm Diameter x 30 cm high cement concrete cylinders, while testing them under compression. Our Lateral Extensometer comes with a wooden case for its safe delivery and storage. Besides, we offer the best deal to purchase our Lateral Extensometer.

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Vicksberg Penetrometer

We are a Manufacturer, Trader and Supplier of Vicksberg Penetrometer . It is basically a fork that determines the bearing capacity of sub grades or for compaction control. A special attribute of Vicksberg Penetrometer that we make available is that it would act as a wonder solution for rapidly of soils in shallow exploration work. Specifications Consists of a study handle under, fixed as a sensitive proving ring An extension piece is fixed to the bottom of the proving ring and carries a detachable penetration cone at its tip Proving ring capacity 100 kg (1kn) and 0.002mm dial gauge provided indicates the penetration load applied

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Sand Absorption Cone

Our company is one of the major Manufactures, Exporters and Suppliers of the Sand Absorption Cone . Aided by the latest techniques and modern tools and machines, we produce high-quality Sand Absorption Cone for our clientele. The Sand Absorption Cone has numerous features as well as applications. Refernce Standard - ASTM C 128 AASHTO-T-84 : Used for determining the slump of fine aggregate in the determination of bulk and apparent specific gravity and absorption of fine aggregate. Specifications The equipment comprises of a conical metal mould 1.5 inch diameter at to 278 top, 3.5 inch diameter at base and 2 inch in height. A metal tamping rod weighting 12 ounces and having a flat circular tamping faces 1 inch in diameter.

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Plastic Limit Test Set

We are a reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Plastic Limit Test Set . The Plastic Limit Test Set that we offer is of optimum quality and is hugely demanded by our clients. Our Plastic Limit Test Set is highly durable and efficient in its performance, which comes in a wooden carrying case. Specifications Glass plate 20cm x 15cm having round ends Brass or stainless steel rod 3mm diameter x 150mm long Flexible spatula 15 cm Set of 6 moisture containers Porcelain basin 150mm diameter Plastic wash bottle 500ml

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Infrared Moisture Meter

Our company is one of the trusted Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of the Infrared Moisture Meter . The Infrared Moisture Meter is a quality Soil Testing Apparatus in the industrial sector. We make the Infrared Moisture Meter using the best-grade raw materials and the latest manufacturing techniques. Timely delivery of the various Soil Testing Apparatus is stressed upon. Parts of the Infrared Moisture Meter Rubber Sealing Gasket Pressure gauge calibrated in percentage moisture (0.25% x 0.25% on wet weight basis) A bottle of reagent Cleaning brush Set of four steel balls Features Electronic balance for sample weighing Good accurate designing Scoop for measuring the carbide content in the reagent Thorough mixing processes provided

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Sand Pouring Cylinder

We are counted amidst the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Sand Pouring Cylinder from New Delhi, India. Our Sand Pouring Cylinder is used to determine the dry density of compact, line and medium grained soils and for layers not exceeding 50cm thickness. We offer our highly efficient Sand Pouring Cylinder at very least market price. Our Sand Pouring Cylinder Consists Of Small sand pouring cylinder 3 liter capacity fitted with conical funnel and shutter Cylinder calibrating container having internal diameter of 10cm and depth of 15cm diameter hole at the center

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Semi Automatic Penetrometer

The firm is a renowned name in the business of manufacturing, exporting, supplying and importing Semi Automatic Penetrometer . It is supplied with timer to manage and control the durations on which the exercise of penetration takes place. The durability and accuracy of the Semi Automatic Penetrometer is high, which is why it is a big hit among the industrial users. It adheres to the Industry Standard 310, 1203, 1448, IP 60, 49, 50 ASTM D5, 217, D637, BS 2000-49 Accessories With Semi Automatic Penetrometer Semi Automatic Penetrometer comes with a timer Semi Automatic Penetrometer is provided with the lead screw gear arrangement. Leveling Screws Spirit Level

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Standard Penetrometer

Standard Penetrometer manufactured by us is used for determining the grade of bitumen. The penetration exercise is used for analyzing the consistency of the available bitumen for grading purposes. Standard Penetrometer designed by us will tell you satisfactory estimations of the bitumen, which could be used for grading purposes. Specifications It consists of a vertical pillar mounted on a base provided with leveling screws. The head, together with dial plunger rod a cone (or needle) slides on a pillar and can be clamped at any desired height. A rack and pinion and pointer assemble provides fine adjustment of needle or cone tip to sample. It incorporates a clutch mechanism. Which makes reading of penetration and subsequent resetting a simple and accurate operation. The dial is graduated in 400 1/10 and the millimeter subdivisions and the needle pointer against figures makes easy reading.Supplied with a bitumen penetration needle, ring weight one each 50 gms. and 100 gms. two sample containers. Working Of Standard Penetrometer Depth in units 1/10 of millimeter to which a standard needle having a standard weight will penetrate vertically in a duration of five seconds at a temperature of 25 o C determines penetration for gradation. Standards : It confirms to the ASTM D5, BS 2000 Standards Accessories Of Standard Penetrometer Petroleum jelly Penetration cone for giving you an estimation of the penetration value of lubricating grease

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Paper Moisture Meter

We are a well-reckoned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Paper Moisture Meter from New Delhi, India. Our accurately designed Paper Moisture Meter is used to determine the moisture content in materials. The Paper Moisture Meter that we offer is of optimum quality and highly reliable. Besides, we offer the best deal to purchase our Paper Moisture Meter. 

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Air Entrainment Meter

Air Entrainment Meter is used to conclude the air entrained in freshly mixed concrete by using the pressure method. Our Air Entrainment Meter conforms to IS 1199 1959 & BS 1881-106 standard. Clients highly acknowledge our Air Entrainment Meter for its reliable performance and durability. In addition, we are a trusted Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Air Entrainment Meter, located in New Delhi, India. Specifications The apparatus comprises of a pressure tight flanged cylindrical measuring bowl of 0.005 cubic meter capacity, which is used to maximum the size of aggregate 38mm. The bowl is fitted with a removable flanged conical cover with the help of a seal. The conical cover has an air valve and a petcock for bleeding off the water. A transparent cylindrical stand pipe is progressed in air is fixed to the conical cover assembly. Pressure is applied to the specimen with the help of a pressure bulb, which is recorded on the pressure gauge that is mounted on the stand pipe. The whole assembly is fixed on a flat base.

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