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Other Products / Services

Our product range comtains a wide range of Pump Test Rig, Ross Flexing Machine, BUMP Indicator, Load Truss and Sampling Tubes

Pump Test Rig

  • Electric motor of capacity 1 HP D.C. three phase At 440 V Drive from the motor
  • Measuring tank of size 300 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm
  • Sump Tank 1000 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm
  • Speeds size 1/2 " X ¾ " to discharge 220 GPH at 40 m

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Ross Flexing Machine

Our company is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of the Ross Flexing Machine . The Ross Flexing Machines manufactured by our company are heavily demanded in the industrial sector. The Ross Flexing Machine is a well-known Leather and Rubber Testing Equipment. Machine Description Consists of holder arm which is connected to the eccentric The eccentric is attached to the motor which gives 100 - 5 revolutions per minute One end of the test specimen is clamped firmly to a holder arm and the other end is placed between two rolls The upper rolls of the machine are adjustable by means of wing nut above and below the ton plate The apparatus test 12 samples at a time The samples to be tested should be 2.5 cm wide x 15 cm long These samples are mounted on the sample holder plate Two samples of the same material, making a pair of test pieces, are held in place in adjacent recesses by means of the flat plate and wing nut The end of the sample extends through rolls opposite the same holder plate Model No.- RT-10

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BUMP Indicator

We are a leading Manufacturer, Trader and Supplier of BUMP Indicator . It acts as the most trusted automatic road unevenness recorder. Our BUMP Indicator mainly comprise of a trailer of single wheel with a pneumatic type mounted on chaise over, which are installed to act as recording and integrating devices. BUMP Indicator has panel board fitted with two nos. of electronic counters for counting the unevenness index value. An amazing feature of BUMP Indicator is its operating speed of 30 + 1-12 KMHr, and it is towed by a vehicle. It is quite convenient to grab the calculated U.I. Values. These values are clearly displayed on the digital meter in such manner that the user can set distance in 200 mtrs, and so on upto 9999 mtrs. Salient Features Helps to assess and improve the riding quality of pavement Gives unevenness index value of pavements Data obtained with various units is inter comparable Safe and stable in operations Durable and dependable Cent percent indigenous A compact and versatile unit at economic price Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder is a single wheel trailer and towed by vehicle like jeep at a speed of 30kmhr uses a micro-controller, which contains a microprocessor and is designed for industrial is used on 12 volts 11 plate Battery is used. Uses The degree of surface finish or the, riding quality of the roadrunway pavement can be assessed conveniently. The system can record surface irregularities of highways and runways, which can be immediately attended to for rectification. The records obtained can be well studied for judgment and decision in classifying pavement surfaces by the authorities for serviceability of the pavement and stage for repair or upgrading. BUMP Indicator helps in evaluating the performance of the specifications adopted for roads and runways and the developments of unevenness with age and under traffic. Advantages Low maintenance cost of pavement and vehicles Increased load carrying capacity of the vehicle Prolonged working life of the vehicles and the driver Comfortable ride to road users Less fatigue to driver in the interest of road safety Minimized stress on both road structures and vehicles Components A digital meter for unevenness index value from 50 mtrs. To 1000 mtrs. For automatic displaying of UI values, Data Storage in memory to display on panel board. Wheel on the pavement surface and the vertical reciprocating motion of the axle is converted into unidirectional rotatory motion by the integrator unit; the accumulation of this unidirectional motion is recorded by operating sensor inserted in the circuit of electronic counter once for every one centimeter of accumulated unevenness. Wheel revolutions are also indicated on the other electronic counter through a sensor actuated by the cam fitted on the hub of the wheel after every one meter of the wheel movement. There is an arrangement introduced for digital display of unevenness index value with a setting of distance from 50 mtrs, to 999 mtrs. In this arrangement, the distance value of 50 mtrs is displayed and after every 50 mtrs. There is a memory of keeping UI values upto last 999 memories. The machine is even supplied with a pair of transportation wheels, which would permit towing speed upto 60kmHr, without disturbing the accuracy of the unevenness measuring wheel. An Automatic profile recording system for making a continuous record of the relative movements of the pneumatic wheel to yield a recorded surface profile on graduated recording paper. A motor fitted on the machine, which is driven through the sensor and electronic controller form the wheel of the unit and the vertical motion of the axle drives a pen which marks on the moving recording paper. The pavement profile is recorded on the recording paper in the ration of 1:400 for and 1:1 unevenness of the road surface.

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Load Truss

We are a well-known Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of  Load Truss across many parts of the world. We offer three different models of Load Truss, which are : Model No VK-O1 : Load TRUSS 20 Ton Capacity : The Load Truss is of welded 1- girder construction in two halves, which can be locked together when required. The flower chord, the cross- pieces, the truss down and the vertical thrust members are welded to an I girder in a box type construction with two channels enclosing. The anchorages are designed at CBRI- Roorkee. Our Load Truss consists of semi cylindrical piece; each held down by 3 feet long steel spikes is drilled in the semi cylinder through holes. The spikes enter the ground at about 60 degree to the horizontal, four from each side spaced along the length of the anchorage. The cross- pieces are moored to the anchorages by channel straps and bolts. Eight such anchorages are supplied with the 20 ton truss. Guy wires with turn backless are supplied to keep the Load Truss erect. Model No VK-O2 : Load TRUSS 30 Ton Capacity : The Load Truss is of welded 2- girder construction in two halves, which can be locked together when required. The flower chord, the cross- pieces, the truss down and the vertical thrust members are welded to an I girder in a box type construction with two channels enclosing. The anchorages are designed at CBRI- Roorkee. Our Load Truss consists of semi cylindrical piece; each held down by 3 feet long steel spikes is drilled in the semi cylinder through holes. The spikes enter the ground at about 60 degree to the horizontal, four from each side spaced along the length of the anchorage. The cross- pieces are moored to the anchorages by channel straps and bolts. Twelve such anchorages are supplied with the 20 ton truss. Guy wires with turn backless are supplied to keep the Load Truss erect. Model No VK-O3 : Load TRUSS 50 Ton Capacity : The Load Truss is of welded 3- girder construction in two halves, which can be locked together when required. The flower chord, the cross- pieces, the truss down and the vertical thrust members are welded to an I girder in a box type construction with two channels enclosing. The anchorages are designed at CBRI- Roorkee. Our Load Truss consists of semi cylindrical piece; each held down by 3 feet long steel spikes is drilled in the semi cylinder through holes. The spikes enter the ground at about 60 degree to the horizontal, four from each side spaced along the length of the anchorage. The cross- pieces are moored to the anchorages by channel straps and bolts. Sixteen such anchorages are supplied with the 20 ton truss. Guy wires with turn backless are supplied to keep the Load Truss erect. Reference Standard : IS 1888 1962, ASTM D 1194, BS 13779

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Sampling Tubes

The company is a renowned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of high quality Sampling Tubes . For collection, unbroken samples of 38mm diameter for tri-axial strength and unconfined compressive strength either straight from the field or from a sample of larger diameter are taken. The wall thickness of our Sampling Tube is maintained approximately by 17 percent. We offer both Relieved Sampling Tube and Unrelieved Sampling Tube to the clients. In the Relieved Sampling Tube, the internal diameter is relieved by about 0.5mm (inside clearance 2%) beyond approximately 19mm length from the cutting edge of the tube. Our Relieved Sampling Tube is highly preferable for highly cohesive soils. Whereas, in the Unrelieved Sampling Tube, the internal diameter is uniform throughout the process. The Unrelieved Sampling Tube is highly suitable for soil of low cohesion. These 38mm diameter Sampling Tubes are available in different lengths. Types VK-01 Unrelieved 150mm long 200mm long 225mm long 300mm long VK-02 Relieved 150mm long 200mm long 225mm long 300mm long

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Soil Lathe Bench Mounting

Soil Lathe Bench Mounting , is manufactured by VK Industries and is used for preparing soil samples like Triaxial Test, Unconfined Compression Test etc. Soil Lathe Bench Mounting is produced by following to strict quality standards due to which it is emerging as quality manufacturer of the engineering machinery used for soul testing. Features Soil Lathe Bench Mounting prepares good samples of the soil for conducting various tests Durable Best raw components and material Discounted price Architecture Soil lathe consist of a cabinet enclosing motor and gear system which rotates a disk at 24 R.P.M. this disc adopts gripper plate of various size. An up right has an adjustable holder and takes upper gripper plates of different Diameters. Arrangement is provided to control height and depth of cutting tool through a lead screw which has speeds 0.8mmmin. And 1.6mmmin. Supplied complete with gripper plate pairs for 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm diameter specimens.

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Motorized Sand Equivalent Shaker

Our company is a renowned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of the Motorized Sand Equivalent Shaker . We provide high-quality of Motorized Sand Equivalent with numerous qualities such as accurate dimensioning and easy operation. The Motorized Sand Equivalent Shaker is an important modern-day Soil Testing Apparatus. Attributes of the Motorized Sand Equivalent Shaker Resistant to wear and tear Available at affordable prices Simple and accurate operations Excellent performance High quality product Durable and long-lasting Reference Standard - ASTM D 2419, AASHTO T 176 The unit provides a constant uniform shaking with automatic cycle test. Oscillating excursion is 200 mm at 175 strokes minute rate. Complete with timer that automatically stops the shaker at the end of the test. Power Supply 230 V A.C. 50Hz.

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Air Oxygen Pressure Chamber Apparatus

  • Color Blue, Grey, Light Green, Light White
  • Condition New
  • Pressure 0 to 22 kg/cm2,LC 0.1 kg/cm2

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Digital Yarn Tension Meter

  • Accuracy 1 gm
  • Capacity 0 to 200 gms
  • Weight main unit 1.020 kg (2.24 lbs)

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Cement Sampler

We manufacture exports and supplies Cement Sampler for civil engineering and industrial usages. Cement Sampler is manufactured by keeping Industrial norms and following strict quality guidelines. We provide durable Cement Sampler. The Cement Sampler provided by us is on a discounted cost. Reference Standard :  IS 7535 1986 ASTM C183 AASHTO T127 Specifications This is a brass tube approximately 53 cm long and 2.8 cm I.D. with a wooden handle. Total length of our Cement Sampler is approximately 73cm. The tube has the sharp angular edge which conveniently pierces cement bags. An air hole of approximately 3mm diameter is drilled on the tube near handle. Total sample collected at one time is 300 cm approximately.

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Mechanical Analog Model

Mechanical Analog Model is Designed & Manufactured for testing metals and other materials under tension, compression, bending, transverse and shear loads. Hardness test on metals can also be conducted. Features Loading accuracy as high as ± 1% Straining at variable speeds to suit a wide range of materials Motor driven threaded columns for quick effortless adjustment of lower cross-head to facilitate rapid fixing of test specimen Continuous roll autographic recorder supplied as standard to enable study of the behavior of materials High reading accuracy due to large size and design of dial Large effective clearance between columns enables testing of standard specimens as well as structures Easy change from plain to threaded and screwed specimens Robust staining frame of an extremely rigid construction Fully enclosed and protected pendulum Simple controls for ease of operation ensured by means of safety devices Wide range of standard and optional accessories, including load stabilizer Chrome Plated Metal Components Plain & threaded columns Hard chrome-plated to give the machine a perpetual new look Principle of Operation Operation of the machine starts with hydraulic transmission of load from the test specimen to a separately housed load indicator. The hydraulic system is ideal since it replaces transmission of load through levers and knife-edges, which are prone to wear and damage due to shock on rupture of test pieces. Load is applied by a hydrostatically lubricated ram. Main cylinder pressure is transmitted to the cylinder of the pendulum dynamometer system housed in the control panel. The cylinder of the dynamometer is of self-lubricating design. The load transmitted to the cylinder of the dynamometer is transferred through a lever system to a pendulum. Displacement of the pendulum actuates the rack and pinion mechanism which operates the load indicator pointer and the autographic recorder. The deflection of the pendulum represents the absolute load applied on the test specimen. Return movement of the pendulum is effectively damped to absorb energy in the event of sudden breakage of specimen. The Machine Consists Of Straining Unit This consists of a hydraulic cylinder, motor with chain and sprocket drive and a table coupled with the ram of the hydraulic cylinder, mounted on to a robust base. The cylinder and the ram are individually lapped to eliminate friction. The upper cross-head is rigidly fixed to the table by two straight columns. The lower cross-head is connected to two screwed columns which are driven by a motor. Axial loading of the ram is ensured by relieving the cylinder and ram of any possible side loading by the provision of ball seatings. An elongation scale, with a minimum graduation of 1 mm, is provided to measure the deformation of the specimen. Tension test is conducted by gripping the test specimen between the upper and lower cross-heads. Compression, transverse, bending, shear and hardness tests are conducted between the lower cross- head and the table. The lower cross-head can be raised or lowered rapidly by operating the screwed columns, thus facilitating ease of fixing of the test specimen. Control Panel The control panel consists of a power pack complete with drive motor and an oil tank, control valves, a pendulum dynamometer, a load indicator system and an autographic recorder. Power Pack The power pack generates the maximum pressure of 200 kgfcm². The hydraulic pump provides continuously non-pulsating oil flow. Hence the load application is very smooth. Hydraulic Controls Hand operated wheels are used to control the flow to and from the hydraulic cylinder. The regulation of oil flow is infinitely variable. Incorporated in the hydraulic system is a regulating valve, which maintains a practically constant rate of piston movement. Load Indicator System This system consists of a large dial and a pointer. A dummy pointer is provided to register the maximum load reached during the test. Different measuring ranges can be selected by changing relevant weights on the pendulum and operating the range selection knob. An overload trip switch is incorporated which automatically cuts out the pump motor when the load range in use is exceeded. Pendulum Dynamometer This unit permits selection of favorable hydraulic ratios producing relatively small frictional forces. Pressurized oil in the loading cylinder pushes up the measuring piston proportionately and actuates the special dynamometer system. The piston is constantly rotated to eliminate friction. The dynamometer system is also provided with an integral damper and ensures high reliability of operation. The load transmitted to the dynamometer is transferred through a pendulum to the load indicator. Autographic continuous roll load- elongation recorder This unit is of the pen and drums type and is supplied as a part of standard supply. The horizontal motion of the pen produces the load co-ordinate of the diagram and the drum rotation produces the extension co-ordinate, in the ratio of either 1:5 or 1:10. A continuous roll of graph paper is stored inside the drum and is easily replaced. Accuracy and Calibration All Mechanical Analog Model is closely controlled for sensitivity, accuracy and calibration during every stage of manufacture. Every machine is then calibrated over each of its measuring ranges in accordance with the procedure laid down in British Standards 1610:1964 and IS: 1828-1975. Mechanical Analog Model comply with Grade "A" of BS : 1610 and Grade 1.0 of IS :1828 An accuracy of ±1% is maintained from 20% of the load range selected to full load. Standard Accessories (Common for All Universal Testing Machines) For tension Test Clamping Jaws for Testing Round Specimens under Tension Clamping Jaws for Testing Flat Specimens under Tension For Compression Test Pair of Platens Duly Hardened, Ground and Polished with Bottom Platen provided with Guide Lies for Conducting Compression Tests For bending transverse test Table with Adjustable Rollers complete with Mandrel for conducting Bending Transverse Tests

  • Technical Details
    Maximum capacity (tonne)10204060100
    1st Measuring Range (tonne)0-100-200-400-600-100
    Minimum Graduations (kgf)204080100200
    2nd Measuring Range (tonne)0-50-100-300-500-100
    Minimum Graduations (kgf)10204050100
    3rd Measuring Range (tonne)0-2.50-50-100-120-25
    Minimum Graduations (kgf)5102050
    4th Measuring Range (tonne)0-10-20-40-60-10
    Minimum Graduations (kgf)2481020
    Ram Stroke (mm)150200200250250
    Straining/piston speeds (mm/min) (at no load)0-300 0-150 0-150 0-1000-300 0-150 0-150 0-1000-300 0-150 0-150 0-1000-300 0-150 0-150 0-1000-80
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Sand Equivalent Test Set

Sand Equivalent Test Set , which is manufactured and provided by us , is known for examining and carrying out detailed test on relative portions of clay-like elements, dust and plastic particles, which are undesirably present in the granular soil. We provide effective and efficient features that help in giving the measurer the exact reading of the value of undesirable elements present in the specimen of the granular soil. We have designed the Sand Equivalent Test Set with precession, so that it gives correct and accurate readings. Features Of Sand Equivalent Test Set 2 glass graduated burretes of 50 ml, 0.2 ml Sand Equivalent Test Set comes with a manifold with Twin burette, 50ml It is in reference to standards ASTM D 2419, AASHTO T 176 Accessories Acrylic graduated cylinder (4 nos.) Rubber stopper for cylinder (4 nos.) Graduated Steel rule 450 mm Funnel 100 mm plastic Aspirator bottle 5 lts plastic with rubber cock Stand for the aspirator bottle with siphon assembly Irrgation tube with stop pinch cock & weighted foot assembly

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Universal Extruder Frame

We are a Manufacturer, Trader and Supplier of Universal Extruder Frame . It is being widely used for taking out soil samples compacted or undisturbed, from 100mm dia and 150mm dia cylinders such as Core Cutters, Proctor moulds, C.B.R. moulds etc. We make available Universal Extruder Frame in motorized model. Components A 50Kn capacity hand operated hydraulic jack mounted on a suitable frame Two plungers, one for 4”100mm dia and the other of 6”150mm dia moulds are supplied Thrust plate with an adjustable height Set of plunger’s adaptors Thrust plates for 38mm, 50mm and 75mm dia specimen

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Standard Tar Viscometer

We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of quality Standard Tar Viscometer , which helps in determining the correct viscosity of road oil and cut back bitumen. We provide best Standard Tar Viscometer, which are prepared by keeping in mind industrial standards. We provide durable and efficient Standard Tar Viscometer at reduced cost. Construction The viscometer consists of a chrome plated copper bath, with a drain valve and a central tube to receive the test cup and to position the stirrer, and is mounted on a stand with leveling feet. Stirrer has a curved shield and is provided with an insulated handle, thermometer socket and swivel support for the valve. Accessories : It comes with a 10 mm cup and ball valve or 4 mm cup and ball valve as per the model required It confirms to Industrial Standard : 1206, IP 72, STPTC.RT 2, RT 3, BS:2000, (Part 72)

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Hydraulic Proctor Needles

Veekay Industries is an eminent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Hydraulic Proctor Needles . This Hydraulic Proctor Needle is identical to ZI 3018, except that the penetration pressure on the needle is conveyed through a hydraulic system to a hydraulic pressure gauge. Our Hydraulic Proctor Needle system permits a greater control over rate of penetration because of better visibility of load indication on the gauge. Reference Standard : ASTM D 1558 Specifications Our Hydraulic Proctor Needle system is complete with a pressure gauge fixed at easily readable angle reading 0-70 kg x 2 kg. A set of needle points consisting one each 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.5 and 6.0 sq. cm. and a wooden carrying case.

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Portable Aluminium Derrick

We are offering Portable Aluminium Derrick equipment, which is highly appropriate for shallow soil sampling, standard penetration tests and lifting operations. Our light-weighted Portable Aluminium Derrick can be dismantled with ease. The Portable Aluminium Derrick that we offer is complete with upper tie bolt and ball without sleeve. The pulley is also used with our Portable Aluminium Derrick, which is attached to the ball at its top. Further, we are a proficient Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Portable Aluminium Derrick from New Delhi, India.

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Reflux Extractor

We here at Veekay Industries, make available the most supportive Reflux Extractor . We offer this Reflux Extractor which is a simply designed apparatus that comprises of cylindrical glass jars to support metal cones of stainless steel cloth and a metal condenser on top of the jar. In addition to this, we supply Reflux Extractor with 100 filter papers, wire gauge, hot plate and even a spare cylindrical if required. Components A cylindrical glass jar, supporting two metal cones of stainless steel cloth and a metal condenser on top of the jar. 100 filter papers, wire gauge and hot Plate.  Spare cylindrical glass jar on an extra cost if required.

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Hand Operated Soil Trimmer

We are one of the major Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of the Hand Operated Soil Trimmer . Our Hand Operated Soil Trimmers are made using the latest techniques and the modern tools and machinery. The Hand Operated Soil Trimmers manufactured by our company come with many features that make it all the more efficient. Specifications The lower specimen grip is mounted on a disc which rotates freely. The soil sample is mounted on the lower specimen grip and the upper grip is firmly seated on top of the specimen. The vertical guide can be adjusted to control the depth of cut. While trimming the lower disc is rotated by hand. Supplied complete with a wire saw. Trimming knife, mounted on a support, can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically to permit trimming of the specimen to the exact size of the ring. A guide supplied prevents over cutting. Complete with 38mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm diameter specimen rings.

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Automatic Bitumen Compactor

Automatic Bitumen Compactor , which is manufactured by our agency, is known for working with Bituminous Mixes. Engineers at our firm, make sure that each and every component of Automatic Bitumen Compactor is made with great care, so as to deliver accurate results. The Automatic Bitumen Compactor adheres to the standard- BS 598-107 Specifications It consists of a vertical pillar mounted on a base provided with leveling screws. The head, together with dial plunger rod a cone (or needle) slides on a pillar and can be clamped at any desired height. A rack and pinion and pointer assemble provides fine adjustment of needle or cone tip to sample. It incorporates a clutch mechanism. Which makes reading of penetration and subsequent resetting a simple and accurate operation. The dial is graduated in 400 110 and the millimeter subdivisions and the needle pointer against figures makes easy reading.Supplied with a bitumen penetration needle, ring weight one each 50 gms. and 100 gms. two sample containers. Accessories Penetration cone for empirical estimation of penetration of lubricating grease, petroleum jelly etc. Salient Features Of Automatic Bitumen Compactor Rugged construction to withstand hard work Fully automatic and easy to operate Uniform compaction Automatic Preset Blow Counter

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Universal Multispeed Frame

The company is a reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of high quality  Universal Multispeed Frame .  Our motorized Universal Multispeed Frame with electronic digital control is highly suitable to perform all the soil tests where the requested speed rate is within 0.1 to 61.0 mm/min. with maximum load of 50 kN. The speed rate of the machine is infinitely variable, easily and promptly selected. While, the upper beam of our Universal Multispeed Frame can be adjusted in height. Foresee of electric end of stroke switches in the load plate helps to save the machine from wrong manipulations. The machine is supplied âwithoutâ S type load cell and accessories, which have to be ordered separately. We offer our Universal Multispeed Frame at very reasonable prices.        Our Universal Multispeed Frame Can Perform Unconfined Test with rate of 0.635 mm/min CBR test with rate of 1 mm/min (BS Standards) CBR Test with rate of 1.27 mm/min (ASTM, CNR/UNI, NF, AASHTO) Marshall Test with rate of 50.8 mm//min Duriez Test with rate of 60 mm/min (NF French Spec.) Added Details power Supply : 230 V Single Phase 50 Hz Suitable for operation on 230 V A.C. Capacity : 50 KN Reference Standard : BS 1377-4, ASTM D 1883, D 3668

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Semi Automatic Compactor

We deal in Semi Automatic Compactor . It is in huge demand as every soil laboratory conducts compaction and penetration tests on soils. We make available a mechanically cum electrically operated Semi Automatic Compactor that would eliminate hand compaction process. Semi Automatic Compactor would act as a true time saver. It can be perfectly used to cater twin purposes of both normal compaction and even heavy compaction and C.B.R compaction. Specifications It is a motor driven mechanical compactor useful for soil compaction into 100mm or 150mm diameter moulds. Two sets of Rammers are provided, one of 2.6 kg and arranged for 310mm drop and other 4.89kg and arranged for 450mm drop For compaction soil into 150mm dia moulds, 100mm face dia Rammers having weight 2.6kg and 4.89kg are used. 100mm dia moulds they are of 50mm dia The rammer assembly is provided with a ratchet and pawl arrangement to lift it from the top of the soil layer When the rammer reaches the required height the pawl release the rammer which falls freely on soil surface. The release mechanism is operated by an arm moving up and down which is connected to a reduction gear coupled to the motor through another arm An automatic blow counter fitted to the compactor is used to set the number of blows The base plate of the specimen mould is to be fitted to the rotating base plate of the instrument which marks 15” revolution per stroke The equipment is suitable for operation on 230 Volts, 50 cycles, Single Phase, A.C. Supply moulds are to be ordered separately

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Southard Viscometer

Our company is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of the Southard Viscometer . We produce excellent quality Southard Viscometers for our clientele. For sure, the Southard Viscometers are a major type of the Concrete Testing Equipment. Reference Standard : IS 6932 (PART VI) Putty consistency can be adjusted using this instrument. A 50mm I.D. metal cylinder is mounted on a wooden platform. A close fitting piston moves up to down without turning in this cylinder. Working stroke is 65mm. A metal bridge is provided to measure supplied complete with lime putty density vessel.

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