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Optical & Laser Instruments

We offer a complete product range of Optical Prisms, Optical Flats, Autocollimator, Pentaprism and Michelson Interferometer

Optical Prisms

optical prisms manufactured are supplied to original equipment manufacturers and research organizations. These prisms are made to client’s specifications. In recent years we have excelled as a manufacturer of prism and are today one of the noted prism manufacturers in india. A) right angle prisms b) penta prisms c) equilateral prisms d) dove prisms e) amici roof prisms f) anamorphic prisms g) corner cube prisms.

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Optical Flats

We manufacture highly precise optical flats that are in large demand in the market. Our precision optical flats are made with optical glass fused quartz materials. The flatness is inspected with a laser fizeau interferometer having a lambda20 transmission flat. The flatness is quantified with a help of a licenced fringe analysis software. applications : inspection of flatness of mechanical seals, pump valves, lapped components

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1.50 Lac - 4 Lac /Piece
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autocollimator is a precise instrument for small angular tilt measurements. Prisms india offers a wide range of micro-optic visual autocollimators ranging from 3 arc secs to 0.5 arc secs resolution to suit the end users application and budget for straightness, squareness, flatness, rotary table calibration in machine tool industry. Wide range of stands and accessories are offered to suit various applications. Autocollimator with camera attachment available with software for straightness & flatness for machine geometry measurements.   prisms india autocollimators are equipped with highly accurate micrometers. The mounting telescope tubes are made from high quality stainless steel material to avoid rusting  

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we are the only manufacturer & suppliers of pentaprism in india. a pentaprism also called an optical square is used for checking squareness of machine vertical column to the horizontal bed. also useful in combination with standard reflector for flatness of surface table.

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Michelson Interferometer

the michelson interferometer is the most common configuration for optical interferometry and used in physics & optics lab in educational institutions. Michelson interferometer can be added with parts to perform as fabry perot & twyman green interferometers. The michelson interferometer is an optical instrument of high precision and versatility. It generally used in investigations that involve small changes in optical path lengths. With the michelson interferometer, one can produce circular and straight-line fringes of both monochromatic light and white light. One can use these fringes to make an accurate comparison of wavelengths, measure the refractive index of gases and transparent solids, and determine small changes in length quite precisely.   the instrument can be used as a stable mode selecting resonator element in laser cavities as well. The michelson interferometer is perhaps the best known and most basic in a family of interferometers which includes the fabry-perot interferometer, the twyman-green interferometer and the mach-zehnder interferometer the prism make michelson interferometer is constructed on a machined steel base. High precision movable-mirror with smooth fine movement of 0.6 microns facilitates fringe counting.   you can upgrade by adding few parts to work as fabry perot interferometer & twyman green interferometer. michelson interferometer interference fringes observation study of equal inclination, equal thickness & white light interference fringes measurement of wavelength of the sodium d-lines measurement of the wavelength separation of sodium d-lines study of refractive index of gases at varying pressure the refractive index of transparency slice fabry-perot interferometer the multi-beam interference measurement of the wavelength of he-ne laser observation of the interference of sodium d-lines twyman-green interferometer demonstration of the principle of twyman-green interferometer checking principle of defects in optical components.(flat mirrors, windows, prism & lenses model pim # precision interferometer parts p-im-01: instrument base p-im-02: mirror with kinematic tilt and linear movement by micrometer p-im-03: adjustable mirror with kinematic tilt p-im-04: beamsplitter & compensator assembly p-im-06: viewing telescope p-im-06: pin hole screen collimator with kinematic tilt p-im-07: diffuser glass with mount p-im-08: kinematic laser diode mount (12 mm dia) p-im-09: equilateral prism and holding table p-im-10: air chamber with pressure gauge p-im-11: fabry perot etalon assembly with kinematic tilt p-im-12: laser diode 3 mw with power supply. p-im-13: he-ne laser 1 mw with power supply. p-im-14: sodium vapour lamp 35 watts with power supply. p-im-15: rotating slice. p-im-16: laser beam expander lens p-im-17: he-ne laser mount model: mim # michelson interferometer parts: p-im-01 to 07   special features optics: 25 mm diameter (clear aperture:20mm), flatness to »6 @ 633nm. p-im-02 kinematic mirror with linear movement: one division of the micrometer (0.01mm) corresponds to 0.6 microns movement of the mirror. p-im-03 adjustable mirror: coarse linear travel of 5 mm and movement along a curve for inspection of prism.

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