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Food Processing Machines & Plants

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Hemp Seed Shelling Machine, Melon Seed Shelling Machine, Hazelnut Shelling Machine, Castor Seed Shelling Machine and Watermelon Seeds Shelling Machine

Hemp Seed Shelling Machine

We maintain a steady supply of our products courtesy an ultramodern inventory management system and a high-tech storage facility. Our resources enable us to maintain year round products' availability. Be it any place or time; we make on time deliveries of the goods to the customers. Main Operating Equipment of the Industrial-hemp-seeds Shelling & Separating Unit : Feeding hopper, Raw materials elevator, Multi-function impurity remover, Bucket elevator, Main engine with double Sheller, Re-separator (3 sets), Hopper that contains materials after process, Wind-driven back-feeder, Concentrated control cabinet Industrial-hemp-seeds Shelling & Separating Unit Features and Superiority : This shelling & separating unit can be used for processing sunflower seeds. The multi-function impurity remover can remove various kinds of impurities, such as stones, glasses, hairs, etc. Special design of double-Sheller with conversion technology that helps adjust the working frequency of the Sheller according to the operating condition; the Sheller has all-steel structure, 99% alumina porcelain blade, which betters the shelling effect and prolongs the service life of the Sheller device. The wind-driven back-feeder system returns the non-shelled seeds into the Sheller for second shelling process, which means a shelling result with high efficiency The fish-scale-shaped sieve makes the separation of shell and kernel easy, and by adjusting inclination angle of the sieve, it will get ideal separating result; the sieve is coined with high-quality cold-rolling steel sheets, so it is solid and durable. Screw dis-charger facilities the collection of the hemp seed shell and reduction of dust. This unit is conducted by a concentrated control cabinet, having simple and visualized operation; the vibration source of the plant is a vibration motor. High automation and easy maintenance.

  • Technical Specification
    Model PVG/TFMA1200
    Power 14.59KW/440V
    Perfect Kernel Rate â§90% (the broken kernel is less than ½ whole one)
    Non-sorted Kernel Rate â¦2-5%
    Capacity 0.5-0.8t/h (differing by raw materials that is to be processed )
    Covering Area of the Whole Unit 14.4×2.8 m
    Installation Height 4.1m
    Weight 5t
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Melon Seed Shelling Machine

We are based in Pune(India) and we have carved a niche for ourselves in the market by offering quality products. We have developed automated warehousing system that ensures us safe assembling as well as storage of the products. This system is handled by our professionals. Highlights of Latest Melon Seed Shelling Line : Pumpkin seed de-hulling machine is suitable for hulling watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds. Separate pumpkin kernels from shells automatically, no need of gravity tables. Wet type pumpkin seed shelling machine processes soaked pumpkin seeds, while negative-pressure separator separates pumpkin kernels from shells without blowing air which can reduce the dust content in processing procedure. Made of quality stainless steel, our pumpkin seed hulling machine has a long service life. Newest pumpkin seed hulling machine has overcome the previous shortcomings in broken rate. Re-hulling system can crack un-hulled pumpkin seeds, saving time and labor.

  • Specification
    Model Capacity Power Dimension Cross 
    Kernel with 
    Pumpkin Seed Shelling 
    200-300kg/h 8.19kw 6.5*2.9*3.5m 2500kg > 95% <2%

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Hazelnut Shelling Machine

Are you seeking a high quality Hazelnut Shelling Machine designed for processing hazelnuts efficiently. Here you find the right place. Let us discover together how you can increase your income by selling de-shelled hazelnuts to a higher value market. Our Hazelnut Shelling Machine can help you de-hull raw hazelnut easily. Easy operation and compact structure make it popular in hazelnut processing manufacturers. Technical Parameter: Model Capacity (kgh) Power Dimension Rate Broken Rate Cross Weight Hazelnut Shelling Machine 200-300 1.5kw 2.35*0.777*1.6m Cracking 95% Hazelnut Gravity Separator 200-300 2.2kw 1.97*0.92*1.35m Separating -- 230kg >98% 300-500 kgh Hazelnut Cracking and Shelling Unit: Model Capacity (kgh) Power Dimension Cross Weight Perfect Kernel Hazelnut in hull Kernel with Shell Hazelnut Sheller Unit 300-500 9.08 kw 18.5*1.6*1.7m 3000kg > 98%

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Castor Seed Shelling Machine

Considering the small size of castor seeds and compact castor beans, we design the latest low-frequency castor shelling machine unit. It can ensure a high shelling efficiency and low broken rate in castor seed shelling procedure. If you are in castor business, you will never regret to buy our Castor Seed Shelling Machine has similar shelling functions like other nuts shelling machines. Light caster shells are blowed out by airflow from inner shaker tables. Other kernels and castor seeds mixture will be separated by gravity tables. Our castor shelling equipment can process castor seeds in different size at one time. Castor seeds are cracked in various gap and pressure. Unshelled castor beans will flow to next sheller to be cracked again. Multiple and repetitive cracking steps ensure a 100% shelling rate. Castor Seed Shelling Machine Specifications: Model Capacity (kgh) Power Dimension Gross Weight Perfect Kernel Castor seeds in hull Kernel with Shell PVGAMS-CS300 300 4.36kw 8*2.5*2.8m 4000kg > 98%

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Watermelon Seeds Shelling Machine

Watermelon Seeds Shelling Machine (watermelon, melon, pumpkin) seed shelling machine can realize melon seeds shells alone. The equipment has low energy consumption, compact structure, take up the space is little, seed kernel loss is low, the operation convenient maintenance etc. Technical Details Specification and Commercial Detail of Machine: Power: - 1.5kw (440V) Capacity: - 120-150 kgh seeds kernel Whole kernel rate - ≥95% Skin contains seed rate - under 0.3% Size - 1580*680*900mm Weight- 200kg Operation People - 1 persons

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