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Food Grains & Nut Processing Machine

We offer a complete product range of Almond Cracking & Shelling Machine, Cashew Nuts Processing Line, Peanut Shelling Machine, Peanut Peeling Machine and Almond Cracking Machine

Almond Cracking & Shelling Machine

We make sure that the packaging of products is done using qualitative material in order to deliver the products safely. Only after complete inspection, we deliver the products in the dedicated time span. Fret not! Our payment procedures are completely transparent and you can rely on us, be it an online transaction, cash deposits or any other mode, you won't be disappointed with us. Guidance on Almond Further Processing Market : As tree nuts, almond has much nutrition and benefits to humans. Almonds are rich of Vitamin E and carbohydrates. Generally almonds are consumed as food or snacks. Raw or toasted, almond kernel is also a part of various dished. Almond can be pressed to almond oil and be made into almond butter or almond milk. Having almond roasted is the basic way to process almond and the price goes to 4500 USD per ton. Almonds are a rich source of oil, with values ranging between 36 to 60% of kernel dry mass. The almond oil is an emollient to skin as plant essential oil. Purified almond oil can be used as lubricant to protect musical instruments such as oboe and clarinet. (200-300 kg/h)Mini Almond Shelling Machine : This mini almond shelling machine is our smallest almond shelling unit. It mainly has two machines - Almond cracking shelling machine and Almond gravity separator for shells & kernels. Compact structure and low yield make it suitable for small-scale almond processing factories. This almond processing unit enjoys the following features : The almond cracking rate can reach 98% with broken rate less than 1%.( for a better cracking effect, you should grade the almonds first) Easy operation. All these procedures are automatic and two people can control the whole almond shelling and separating line. Efficient separating rate in almond shell and kernel gravity tables. Rotary and adjustable rollers make this almond shelling unit suitable for almond with all hardness. Main components all adopt stainless steel and has a long service life. High shelling efficiency with low energy consumption. Low land occupancy and investment (300-500 kg/h) Almond Cracking & Shelling Machine : Unlike smallest almond hulling unit, there are three main parts in this automatic almond shelling machine : Almond Grading Machines (Optional) - Almond grading machine can grade almond into several levels based on different size and dimension. Almond Shell and Kernel Separating Machine - Almonds get into sheller though feeder and are cracked by inside force. The almond in shell will move to the sheller where it will pass through a series of sheer rollers and crackers. The mixture of almond kernel and almond shells will be separated automatically. Almond Kernel Peeling Machine (Optional) - This process can remove the almond nut thin peel to get pure almond kernels.( You can choose according to your need).

  • Technical Specification
    Model Capacity
    Power Dimension Rate Broken Rate Cross Weight
    Almond Hulling
    200-300 440v/1.5kw 2.35*0.777*1.6m Cracking <1% 260kg
    Almond Gravity
    200-300 2.2kw 1.97*0.92*1.35m Separating -- 230kg

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Cashew Nuts Processing Line

Having a wide network, we work on all Payment Terms as per the suitability of our patrons. Our payment procedures are reliable and legal. We do not impose hidden charges. We are a quality-centralized firm and make use of only high quality material for manufacturing the offered lot. Also, we ensure that the material is sourced from the reliable places. Cashew nuts processing line procedures : Cashew Nuts Auto Grading - Cashew nut grading machine can classify raw cashew nuts into several levels on basis of size and dimension. Generally cashew nut grading machine has three or four grades. Steam Cooking - Raw cashew nuts in shell are steamed under pressure to soften the shells. The shell of cashew nut is very hard and it contains harmful oil ingredient. Cooked cashew nuts are easy to be cracked and shelled. The process of steam cooking helps in shelling cashew nuts with minimal effort. Cashew Nut Cracking & Shelling - Cooked cashew nuts are cracked in automatic cashew nut shelling machines. A roller bearing is used to adjust the distance between rollers for cashew nuts in different size. The capacity of cashew nut shelling machine can reach 40 kg/h, and for cashew nut shelling line in 300 kg/h, we equip 7 shelling machines here. Cashew shell & Kernel Separating - Cashew kernel separating shaker is used to separate cashew kernels from cashew shells and unshelled cashew nuts. After through cashew nut shelling machine, cashew shell pieces and kernels are separated by cashew shaker, and unshelled cashew nuts are returned to be re-shelled. Cashew Peeling Machine - The red skin of each cashew kernel is removed by cashew kernel peeling machine for deep-processing products. This automatic cashew kernel peeling machine works with a air compressor and the internal parts of peeling machine are made from high quality stainless steel. Cashew Kernel Roasting (Optional) - Roasted cashew kernels have a beautiful appearance and good flavor. Cashew roaster is fully automatic and high efficient. In the roasting process, cashew kernels are heated evenly in high temperature and they would not stick on the inner wall.

  • Technical Specification
    Model Capacity No. Power Weight Dimension
    Cashew Nut Grading 
    400 kg/h 1 1.1KW/440V 1000 kg 3.7*0.85*1.6m
    Cashew Nut Steaming Machine 200 kg/h 2 440V/50HZ 300 kg 1.4*0.6*1.6m
    Cashew Nut Shelling 
    40 kg/h 7 1.1KW/440V 350 kg 1.36*0.8*1.75m
    Cashew Kernel 
    Separating Shaker
    300 kg/h 1 1.1KW/440V 120 kg 1.95*0.83*1.15m
    Cashew Kernel Peeling Machine 300 kg/h 1 0.2KW/440V 110 kg 1* 0.75*1.5m
    Air Compressor / 1 15KW /440V 300 kg 1.65*0.7*1.3m
    Cashew Kernel Roasting Machine 300 kg/h 1 1.1KW/ 440V 460 kg 1.6*1.02*1.47

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Peanut Shelling Machine

Peanut Shelling Machine is produced according to the national standards strictly. It consists of rasp bar, stake, intaglio, fan, gravity separator and second bucket, etc. The whole machine frame is made of high-quality steel and the shelling chamber is made of stainless steel. This peanut shelling machine has compact structure, easy operation and reliable performance. It is used to shell peanut; can separate shells and kernels with high-efficiency and almost without damage to the kernel; and the shelling rate can be ≥95%, the breaking rate is≤5%. While peanut kernels are used for food or the raw material for the oil mill, the shell could be used to make wood pellets or charcoal briquettes for fuel. Technical Parameter: Model PVGAMS-400 PVGAMS-800 PVGAMS-1500 PVGAMS-1600 PVGAMS-3000 PVGAMS-3300 Capacity(kgh) 400 800 1500 1600 3000 3300 Power(kw) 2.2 4 5.5 7.5 11 11-15 Shelling rate ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% Breaking rate ≤5% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5% Losing rate ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% Cleaning rate ≥95.5% ≥95.5% ≥95.5% ≥95.5% ≥95.5% ≥95.5% Weight(kg) 137 385 775 760 960 1315

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Peanut Peeling Machine

We offer advanced Peanut Peeling Machine, which is specially designed for removing the red skin coat of the peanuts and making the peanuts taste much savories. And at the same time, our peanuts peeling machine keeps the peanut kernels as integral as possible. It is an ideal peanuts shelling machine to deal with different sizes of peanuts. Two kinds of types are available: Dry Type Peanuts Peeling Machine and Wet Type Peanuts Peeling Machine. This peanuts peeling machine is also suitable for pine nuts, almonds, soybeans, broad beans etc. Technical Parameters of Dry Type Peanuts Peeling Machine: Model Power Source Weight Size(L*W*H) Capacity PVG-GHT150 0.2kw220v 70kg 640*660*1370mm 150kgh PVG-GHT300 0.2kw220v 110kg 740*740*1685mm 300kgh PVG-GHT600 0.2kw220v 160kg 1040*910*1750mm 600kgh

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Almond Cracking Machine

Almond Cracking Machine is one necessary shelling machine in almond processing factories. We offer different capacity (200-1000kgh) to meet your demand. How can we crack almonds fully without breaking inner kernel? It depends on the gap almond passing though. Small almonds cannot get cracked while large almonds will be pulverized. So if your almonds are in different size, you’d better grade them firstly. Do not throw almond shells away, as they can be furthered made into compost products such as animal bedding material or co-gen plants for energy production. Technical parameter kgh Almond Cracking & Shelling 300-500: Model Capacity (kgh) Power Dimension Cross Weight Perfect Kernel Almond in hull Kernel with Shell Almond Shelling Unit 300-500 9.08kw 18.5*1.6*1.7m 3000kg > 98%

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