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Our Complete range of products are Garam Masala, Raita Dahivada Masala, Pav-Bhaji Masala, Sambhar Masala and Tea Masala.

Garam Masala

Pushp Garam Masala is the perfect blend of ground spices which is used alone or with other spices to enhance the tastes and flavours of the dish. Just a little sprinkle of garam masala over all of your cooked vegetables right after they have been cooked adds a whole lot of aroma and flavour to your dish. The blend of your regular spices, and then Garam Masala to end all flavour wars is stuff to watch out for. A blend of highly aromatic spices which, apart from making it spicy, give the dish a perfectly toned flavour.   Ingredients: Coriander Chilli Black Pepper Groundnut Edible Oil Cloves Cumin Dry Ginger Bay Leaf Mustard Seeds Sesame Black Cardamom Cinnamon Iodised Salt Fenugreek Bengal Gram Fennel Star Anise Black Salt Mint Leaves Peepal Mace Nutmeg Cardamom Curry Leaves Asafoetida

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Raita Dahivada Masala

Raita and dahiwada are two of the best curd preparations to grace the planet. And to make it all the more divine, Pushp Raita Dahiwada masala is the perfect choice. The masala is a blend of various spices and you can rest assured, the perfect raitas and dahiwadas will only come out of your kitchen. The masala also acts as a digestive agent and helps in quick digestion of food later on.   Ingredients: Iodised Salt Cumin White Pepper Black Pepper Black Salt Coriander Mint Leaves Dry Ginger Caraway Nutmeg Cloves Asafoetida

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Pav-Bhaji Masala

Generally, preparation of Pav Bhaji involves a lot of spices that make the Bhaji totally amazing and worth having in large quantities. Pushp Pav Bhaji Masala is that perfect blend of all those spices that make this Maharashtrian snack delicacy beautifully flavourful, full of aroma and eliminates the need of using those multiple spice powders. Despite its origin in a single state, dish is loved all over the country. Ingredients: Coriander Chilli Cumin Dry Mango Black Pepper Cloves Cinnamon Bay Leaf Dry Ginger Mace Black Salt Nut Meg Cardamom Mint Leaves Anistar Iodised Salt Black Cardamom

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Sambhar Masala

Sambhar is an all time favourite of South India, and people who do not like Sambhar are rare. Sambhar Masala by Pushp is a blend of all those countless spices that is totally Indian. The Sambhar can be consumed with Idli. This aromatic curry also tastes spectacular with a bowl of hot steamed rice. What’s more, this Sambhar Masala is your ticket to kitchen expertise, with you getting all the credit for that perfect Sambhar preparation on any given day.   Ingredients: Coriander Chilli Fenugreek Toor Dal Chana Dal Iodised Salt Mustard Cumin Tamarind Bay Leaf Black Pepper Black Salt Dry Ginger Cinnamon Mace Nut Meg Cardamom Cloves Curry Leaves Asafoetida

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Tea Masala

  Mornings and evenings in india are synonymous with tea. A cup of perfect tea is bound to reduce stress and nerves any time of the day. However, there’s a catch. It has to be pushp tea masala for that perfect cup. With that perfectly mixed and blended spices together, you can never go wrong with Pushp Tea masala. Pushp Tea Masala can help brew a cup of tea that will be irresistible for almost all the tea lovers out there. Give it a go, and stopping at one cup will be almost impossible.   Ingredients: Ginger Black Pepper Cinnamon Clove Black Cardamom Green Cardamom Nutmeg Fennel Mace

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Pani Poori Masala

Our Pani Poori Masala is a refreshing blend of digestive spices. Coriander, mint, tamarind, ginger powder and many such ingredients go into our masala, aiding not only in your digestion but also storming your taste buds with flavours, making it the most favourite munchies among youngsters. These wheat flour fried balls when stuffed with spiced potatoes, with that spicy and tangy water have the ability to entice anyone. Pushp Pani Poori Masala is the perfect blend of all spices that go into the water. All you need is mix the masala into chilled water to make Pani Poori a very hygienic and economical affair, and that too at the comfort of your home.   ngredients: Iodised Salt Black Salt Citric Acid(E330) Cumin Coriander Coriander Leaves Mint Leaves Green Chilli Chilli Mango Powder Black Pepper Fennel Caraway Asafoetida

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Chana Masala

Even you might not be in Punjab, you still love Chole or Chana. Pushp Chana Masala makes sure your white chickpea curry takes you to Punjab right at your home with just the perfect blend of spices. Best had with soft and fluffy Bhaturas, the Chana Masala will make the Chole with those Bhaturas, an extraordinary affair. Chana is one dish that might be from the north, but is loved all over the length and breadth of the nation. Want to prepare the best chole ever cooked up in your home? Pushp chana masala does the trick. A generous helping of the chana masala over this chickpea curry will simply make you drool over, long before you get to have it the next time around. Ingredients: Coriander Dry Mango Red Chilli Cumin Pomegranate Seeds Black Pepper Cinnamon Cloves Dry Ginger Iodised Salt Black Salt Cardamom Aniseed Fennel Caraway Nut Meg Star Anise Curry Leaves Bay Leaf Turmeric Peepal Mace Mustard Fenugreek Kasoori Methi Mint Leaves Asafoetida

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Chat Masala

Pushp Chat Masala is the perfect top up for your food items to make them more tasty and savoury. With the right amount of spicy, salty and sour flavours, sprinkle the Chaat Masala over your curds, tikkas, fruits, parathas etc and they will be amazing like never before. Pushp Chaat Masala enhances the taste on its own and there is no need to add anything more over your dishes. Savoury, amazing and delicious.   Ingredients: Iodised Salt Black Salt Dry Mango Cumin Pomegranate Seeds Dry Ginger Black Pepper Coriander Chilli Fennel Mint Leaves Nut Meg Peepal Cloves Caraway Citric Acid (E 330) Malic Acid (E 296) Asafoetida

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Jal-Jeera masala

Jal-Jeera is India’s reply to soft drinks, as it is more tasty and refreshing. At traditional Indian events, Jal-Jeera is the most common welcome beverage. Not only it is refreshing, but has no bad effects on the health too whatsoever. The zing of mint and the dash of ginger is enough to make you feel energetic and rejuvenate you from a long day at work in the heat of summers. The best appetizer and refreshing drink for the aftermath of a long bout of eating marathon. It also works as a digestive fluid and detoxifies the body from anything that is close to junk food. For best results, use the masala in chilled water.   ngredients: Iodised Salt Black Salt Rock Salt Dry Mango Cumin Mint Leaves Dry Ginger Black Pepper Citric Acid(E330) Asafoetida

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Biryani Pulav Masala

Nobody says no to a fragrant bowl of amazing biryani. This rice dish is packed with nutrients and vitamins. Healthy vegetables, perfectly cooked rice with Pushp Veg Biryani Pulav Masala sprinkled over it all makes no need for any other spices to be taken into consideration. One of the perfect dishes to cater to a large crowd in parties and events, and Biryani Pulav is the best thing.   Ingredients: Cumin Black Pepper Cardamom Cinnamon Cloves Mace Dry Ginger Nutmeg Chilli Caraway Fenugreek Leaves Turmeric Coriander Salt

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Sabji Masala

Bland vegetable at home is nobody’s idea of a good meal. What’s khaana without a bit of good flavours and a bit of spice? Pushp Sabji Masala does just that. It gives your everyday sabji a flavour boost and you will simply love your everyday veggies a lot more. The perfect amount of spicy and enjoyable, both together and at the same time. Only with Pushp Sabji Masala! Ingredients: Coriander Red Chilli Cumin Turmeric Black Pepper Dry Mango Cloves Dry Ginger Iodised Salt Black Salt Cardamom Aniseed Fennel Caraway Nut Meg Star Anise Bay Leaf Peepal Mace Mustard Fenugreek Kasoori Methi Mint Leaves Asafoetida

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Paneer Masala

for any occasion or festivities, paneer is one preparation that is sure to exist. Not only a loved dairy product but also an epitome of financial well-being, paneer is bound to enhance any experience, even a simple family dinner. pushp paneer masala gives your favourite paneer a flavour makeover like no other masala. With minimum other spices needed, a helping of this one amazing masala is enough to make your special meal a totally spectacular one! only pushp makes sure you have what it takes to cook the perfect paneer. ingredients: coriander cumin black pepper red chilli turmeric cloves dry ginger iodised salt black salt cardamom aniseed fennel caraway nut meg star anise bay leaf peepal mace mustard fenugreek kasoori methi mint leaves asafoetida

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achar masala

Achar Masala is a blend of fresh and aromatic spices that is ground together to be the assistive agent that can make you the creator of the most perfect pickles and condiments. Pickels are the best suited with Indian dishes, responsible for the punch it gives to food in the plate. Be it the most loved Aam Ka Achaar or Mixed Vegetable Achaar, our Achaar Masala is guaranteed to be the best, because our spice blend is simply the best.   Ingredients: Red Chilli Mustard Salt Fenugreek Turmeric Aniseed Ginger Powder Mango Powder Mustard Oil Cloves Black Pepper Asafoetida  

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poha masala

  • Available in 10, 100 gm, 500 gm

Rare kinds of people hate Poha. This dish is so loved among people in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra that Pushp Poha Masala acts as a great enhancer of this light and loved dish. A gentle sprinkle over your serving and you will love every bite, so much more. Just top up your Poha with Pushp Poha Masala. Ingredients: Salt Rock Salt Coriander Chilli Cumin Anistar Black Pepper Cinnamon Clove Dry Ginger Mace Black Salt Nutmeg Cardamom Mango Powder Turmeric Mint Leaves Caraway Asafoetida

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