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Laboratory Apparatus

Our product range comtains a wide range of PLANT TISSUE CULTURE APPARATUS, Quartz Distillation Apparatus, HEAT TRANSFER FORCED CONVECTION apparatus, HORIZONTAL DISTILLATION APPARATUS and Glass Distillation Apparatus


  • Size W 125mm xD145 mm xH 190 / 200 mm
  • Crucible Size 50 mm Dia x 90mm Depth
  • Unit Construction Stainless Steel
  • Pre- Set Temperature 245-265°C
  • Initial Stabilization Time 45 minutes
  • Weight (Including Glass Beads) 2.5/3 Kg
  • Input Power 220-240V, 50 Hz

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Quartz Distillation Apparatus

Being one of the top organizations, we offer high quality  Quartz Distillation Apparatus . These products are manufactured and designed using excellent quality of raw material and components which is procured from the most reliable vendors of industry. Subsequently, the production process is assisted under the able guidance of experienced professionals. Applications: Water distillate from Quartz Single Distillation Apparatus is beyond compare with water distillate obtained from other types/method of distillation apparatus Pyrogen free distillate obtained which is free of heavy metals Instant distilled water flow Features: The water distillate from Quartz Single Distillation Apparatus is beyond compare with water distillate obtained from other types/method of distillation apparatus. Pyrogen free distillate obtained which is free of heavy metals Instant distilled water flow Quartz Boiler (SiO2) is chemically inert to most solvents and acids, hence purer distillate No heat loss in the boiler, hence saves electrical power High performance with low maintenance Compact design with all contact of water with High Pure Electronic Grade Transparent Quartz Only The main unit has got a bottom boiler and top boiler with condenser, which can be easily separated (Demountable), for necessary cleaning or maintenance. A bottom vent is provided in bottom boiler for general cleaning and maintenance The main constituent of Quartz is SiO2>99.9%, which makes the apparatus highly resistant to any thermal shock, devitrification and resistant to water and acids The electrical heaters are so designed; they do not come into contact with water, because they are embedded inside a quartz tube, hence nullifying the possibility of metal contamination by the heater The distillate obtained from this apparatus is PYROGEN FREE, it is also free from metal ions Demountable ball joint Spiral heaters have better life span than tubular sheathed heater

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We have emerged as the leading manufacturer, trader and supplier of a wide range of  Heat Transfer Forced Convection . The offered apparatus is manufactured by the skilful workforce under strict guidelines. Our apparatus use to determine average surface heat transfer coefficient for a pipe and can be customized as per the needs of customers. Features: Long working life Light weight Durable finish standard Experiments: To determine average surface heat transfer coefficient for a pipe losing heat by forced convection Comparison of heat transfer coefficient for different airflow rates and heat flow rates To plot surface temperature distribution along the length of pipe

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As an esteemed name in the industry, we are engaged in offering a broad collection of  Horizontal Distillation Apparatus . Keeping track of current market development, the offered incubator is manufactured at our end using contemporary technology and fine grade raw material. After manufacturing, the entire range is passed through a series of quality tests avoiding any possibility of defect. Our offered range is widely used in various chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories as a source of oxygen. Features: Excellent finish Optimum strength Anti corrosive

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Glass Distillation Apparatus

The assembly consists of a  Glass Distillation Apparatus  with embedded heating elements fused in spiral with type glass coil internally at bottom. A double wall coiled condenser has standard ground glass joints. Complete with glass fitting, metallic stand, rings clamps and electrical fittings.The unit supplied is as per NPL patent design.To work on 220/230 volts Specifications: A.C. supply: 220/ 230 volts Optional Accessories:

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Melt Flow Index

The  Melt Flow Index  ( MFI ) is a measure of the ease of flow of the melt of a thermoplastic polymer. It is defined as the mass of polymer, in grams, flowing in ten minutes through a capillary of a specific diameter and length by a pressure applied via prescribed alternative gravimetric weights for alternative prescribed temperatures. Other Details:     Pid control Timer 999 s Auto cutting option Dead weight & nozzle as per requirement

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To plot a current versus intensity of light at different value of voltages. Instrument consist of DC regulated power supply, two round meters for voltage & current measurement, photo diode mounted separately on the panel, connections of supplies & photo diode brought out at terminals/sockets with light source.

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Concrete Permeability Apparatus

High pressure permeability test can be conducted on different size of specimens using different cells. Cell is provided with a top plate and funnel at the bottom having gasket seals held in position through bolts & nuts. The concrete specimens are sealed in the cell to prevent any leakage along the side walls. Each unit is provided with chamber pressure gauge of 0-20kg/cm² and test pressure gauge of 0-15kg/cm². Pressure are applied using any available pressure line at the site or  compressor. Supplied without glass bottles & compressor. The various models are – Single Cell Model for specimen size 150mm cube Three Cell Model for specimen size 150mm cube Single Cell Model for Specimen Size 100mm dia x 100mm high Three Cell Model for Specimen Size 100mm dia x 100mm high Single Cell Model for Specimen Size 150mm dia x 150mm high Three Cell Model for Specimen Size 150mm dia x 150mm high

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Aggregate Impact Test Apparatus

As per IS:2386 ( Part IV ). The sturdy construction consists of a base and support columns to form a rigid frame work around the quick release trigger mechanism to ensure an effective free fall of hammer during test. Supplied complete with a cylindrical cup, a metal measure 75 mm inner dia x 50 mm deep and a tamping rod. The apparatus is fitted with a blow counter.

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Vicat Apparatus

We precision engineer, export and offer a wide variety of Civil Engineering Equipment across the markets. These equipments are checked for quality by our team of Quality controllers to ensure dimensional accuracy, superior performance, excellent finishing, durability and reliability. We extend the following equipments to our wide clientele that are widely acclaimed for its superior performance. Area Of Application :- Vernier Transit Theodolite Quick Set Dumpy Level Leveling Staff Plane Table Prismatic Compass Ranging Rod Measuring Survey Chain Cross Staff South Automatic Level Automatic Level Metallic Tape Micro-optic Theodolite South Total Station Vicat Needle Apparatus Le-chatelier Aggregate Crushing Value Test Apparatus Aggregate Impact Tester Compaction Factor Apparatus Sieves Auto Level with Tripod Stand Theodolite

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Test Apparatus

As per IS: 7320. It comprises of slump cone (Top dia 100mm, Bottom dia 200mm& Height 300mm) with handles made of mild steel sheet, a chrome plated graduated tamping rod 16mm dia x 600mm long , rounded at one end and a hexagonal base plate.

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Melting Point Apparatus

With the support of our diligent employees, we manufacture and provide highly reliable  Melting Point Apparatus . These products are capable of automatically analyzing the melting point and ranges of chemical substances. These are used in several industrial and lab requirements. They are best in value, optimum in quality and widely appreciated. Specifications: For Determination Of Three Mixed Melting Point Upto 350 Degree C The Aluminum Block Accepts Three Capillaries Melting Point Tubes Temperature Can Be Viewed In LED DISPLAY When Temperature Is Achieved Then It Can Be Hold By Pressing Button To View The Temperature..This Display Is Only Substitute Of Glass Thermometer. There Is No Boiling System. Provided With One Cooling Plug And Melting Capliries

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Investigation of flow processes in the open and closed channel  [2] Experimental flume with upper limit, made of transparent material  [3] Height-adjustable sill in the bottom of the experimental flume  [4] Water level adjustable via plate weir at the water outlet  [5] Simple conversion from open to closed channel  [6] Control structures for experiments in the open channel: broad-crested weir, narrow-crested weir, ogee-crested weir with ski jump spillway, sill, gate  [7] Fully flowed through experimental section and change in cross-section over sill for experiments in the closed channel  [8] Closed water circuit with supply tank and pump  [9] Transparent measuring tubes for measuring static pressure and total pressure Technical Data

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