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Our Complete range of products are Automatic Knife Sharpener, Hand and Table Microtome, Tissue Processor, Rotary Microtome and Senior Precision Rotary Microtome.

Automatic Knife Sharpener

  • Type Automatic Microtome Knife Sharpener
  • Brand Name Radical
  • Model Number RMS-100

Automatic Knife Sharpener provides a precise, efficient and safe method for honing Microtome Knives upto 140mm in length, equipped with automatic timer 0-60 min. to adjust sharpening time. It ensure a knife edge so perfect that no subsequent strooping is necessary. The knife edge is recodtioned to optimum sharpness which is so major importance to every laboratory, where material are routinely sectioned for microscopic examinations. The transparent plexi glass cover encloses the entire working mechanism and provides a safe dust and gritfree sharpening process. The knife strokes against a high frequency glass honing plate and after three exactly equivalent strokes on one side of knife edge, a cam follower automatically flips the knife and three strokes are honed on other side.

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Hand and Table Microtome

3 k /Piece
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  • Type Manual
  • Brand Name RADICAL
  • Color OFF-WHITE
  • Model Number RMT_5
  • Place of Origin HARYANA

Hand Microtome Model RMT-5 is used to cut thin sections of Microscopic materials, such as specimen parts of plants and animals. It is considered as the basic form of a microtome permitting microtomic cuts by hand in a quick and accurate way. The microtome is suitable for practical courses in microscopy, for field work during excursions, for school education and for a serious amateur of biology. A well constructed hand operated bench microtome can be securely attached to the edge of any bench, table or work surface with the help of fixing clamp. The section platform has a smooth wide flat top and durable glass surface to guide the sectioning razor & to protect the hand. The feed screw has fine and long threads so that the embedded material may be advanced very gradually to cut thin sections easily. The Razor is made of surgical quality steel with 75mm cutting edge. Stage diameter 80mm Nett. Weight 500 gms Vertical lift 20 mm Gross Weight 1 Kg. (in case) Least count 0.01mm Dimensions of the Case 200x220x90mm The instrument is supplied with the following in a storing cabinet : A Plano-Concave Razor, Block Holder, Table Clamping Device and Operating Instructions.

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Tissue Processor

  • Type Fully Automatic
  • Weight 37kg (83lb)
  • Brand Name Radical
  • Model RSTP-1010
  • Dimensions 553mm x 514mm x 546mm (21.75
  • Microwave Frequency 2.45 Ghz

Details : Capacity Of More Than Fifty Cassettes Simulaneous Processing. 10 Regent Containers, 2 Bath With Heating Elements On Board And Basket Rotors. PLC (Microprocessor) Based Programmable Immersion Hold Time During Each Step. Programmable Rotation Within Reagent Container. Programmable Wax Bath Temperature Control With Alarms For Temperatures Beyond Set Limits. Programmable Delay Action Of 1 Hour To 99 Hours. Standard Accessories Supplied With Instruments : 2 Electronically Controlled Wax Bath 10°C To 80°C. 1 Stainless Steel Basket. 60 Tissue Containers (Cassettes). 10 Without Lip Glass Beakers (1 Ltr. Or 2 Ltr.)

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Rotary Microtome

  • Brand Name RADICAL
  • Model Number RMT-35
  • Place of Origin AMBALA CANTT

RMT-35 is a semi-automated rotary microtome ideal for routine sectioning and research application in pathology, histopathology textile and other research laboratories. Easy operation, safety & high precision specimen feed, stable performance to provide high quality sectioning results. Universal specimen holder is provided along with a standard cassette holder for paraffin embedded tissues. FEATURES: All important controls are easily accessible and conveniently located. Operations are from display board. LCD Screen shows section thickness range. It has different sectioning modes such continuous, single step stroke and program mode. It has stepper motor with range of 30mm feed motion and vertical stroke of 60mm. The coarse feed mode for both forward and backward movement through separate feather touch switch. Knife holder designed to use with high profile & low profile disposable blades with two pressure plates. It has integrated knife guard to hold disposable knives firmly for vibration and charter free operation. Knife holder has lateral adjustment facility Semi Automatic Rotary Microtome RMT-35 to use of entire length of disposable knife. Supplied with a standard universal chuckblock holder with precise adjustment in X and Y axis for orientation of specimen. Smooth hand wheel with integrated quick lock mechanism for safety of operator. External EnclosureLarge Waste Tray provided, which is easy to clean and unload the waste. It works on a power supply of 110-220 VAC at 50 Hz. Pack of 50 disposable high profile blades is supplied with the microtome with universal specimen holder, operating instruction & vinyl cover etc in a sturdy Wooden Storing Box. SEMI AUTOMATIC MICROTOME: features motorized specimen advance along with digital control and settings. Coarse feed specimen advance is automatic in semi-automatic microtome along with manually operated specimen feed handwheel.

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Senior Precision Rotary Microtome

  • Type Rotary Microtome
  • Brand Name Radical
  • Condition New
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Model RMT-30
  • Feature Good Quality

Radical Senior Precision Rotary Microtome Model Rmt - 30 Is The Most Precise And Uniform Sectioning Equipment For Use In Medical Colleges, Universities, Research Laboratories, Hospitals And Educational Institutions. The Internal Mechanism And Knife Holder Rests On A Heavy-Duty And Rigid Base To Render A Shake Proof Operation. The Protective Aluminium Cover Is Hinged To The Base And Swings Back So That The Interior Parts Are Completely Exposed For Convenient Setting, Cleaning, Lubrication Etc. Feed Mechanism Is Dependent Upon The Vertical Movement Of The Object Block. With Every Complete Revolution Of The Counter Balanced Drive Wheel, The Feed Pawl Engages With The Teeth Of The Ratchet Gear Which Moves Towards And Advances The Object Holder Through A Cone Inclined Plane Mechanism In Precise Increments So That The Tissues Can Be Sectioned Even To A Thickness Of One Micron. When The Limit Of The Feed Reaches At The End, A Safety Device Automatically Disengages The Feed Mechanism To Prevent Jamming And Avoid Damage To The Feed Screws. The Feed Indicator Is Graduated In Microns, Is Conveniently Located In The Front For Instant References And Its Setting Is Controlled By A Knurled Knob At The Back Of The Microtome. The Sturdy Knife Holder, In Addition To Knife Elevating And Leveling Provides Lateral Movement For Complete Use Of Knife Edge. The Angle, Adjustable Up To 30o, Is Indicated On A Reference Scale. The Knife Supplied With The Microtome Is Fabricated From High Carbon Fine Grain Tool Steel Which Is Heat-Treated For Proper Temper & Tested For Micro Structures. A Lever Is Provided To Lock Counter Balanced Drive Wheel And Specimen Block Is Stopped At The Top Of Its Excursion, Providing Ample Clearance Space For Safety Insert And Removal Of Knife And Block Holders. A Quick Flip Of The Lever Releases The Drive Wheel.

  • Table

    Feed adjustments

      1-50 µm Overall Dimensions 1 µm
    Minimum thickness 1 µm Net Weight 30 Kgs. approx.
    Total Feed excursions 28mm. Gross Weight 42 Kgs. approx

    The complete unit is packed with the following accessories in a wooden case :-

    Object Holders (3 Nos.) 1 Set Lubricating Oil Bottle 1 No.
    Knife 120mm in a box 1 No. Dust Cover 1No.
    Honing Stone 1 No. Operating Manual 1 No.

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