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Valves & Valve Fittings

Our product range comtains a wide range of pneumatic positioners, Air Pressure Regulator, scooter valves, Tyre Valves and Extension Stem assembilies for swivel valves

pneumatic positioners

  • model SDPP 1200R

Pneumatic positioner is an useful interlinking device controlling cylinder valve movement in proportion to pneumatic signal ranging between 0.2 to 1 bar (3 to 15 psi) or split ranges. The salient features of Schrader Pneumatic Positioner are:

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Air Pressure Regulator

Made As per ISO 6953 -1 standard with aluminium die-cast body.Fitted with "Rolling Diaphragm" to give quick response time.Built in gauge is provided with an option of connecting it to ext gauge.Stable set pressure regardless of upstream variation.Lockable pressure adjusting know.

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scooter valves

For application on scooter and trolley wheels and small diameter wheels on wheel barrows. The valves are normally supplied in straight form but can be converted to single bent form by using Schrader 8876 and 3633A valve converting tool to ensure accurate trouble-free bending.

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Tyre Valves

Designed for application on conventional tyres with inner tubes. All Schrader passenger car valves have full length metal insert, rubber covered except at the threaded end where the valve cap is applied. TR 13 valve are normally applied on rims with 11.506 mm (0.453") hole diameter but can adapted with Schrader 996 plastic bushing for application on 15.900 mm (0.626") diameter rim hole normally using TR 15 valves.

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Extension Stem assembilies for swivel valves

These hand bendable Bundy extensions are available in several standard lengths of single and double bend in 6.350 mm (0.250") increments on request up to 254.000 mm. (10.000") length and 25.400 mm (1.000") increments for longer length extension. Features include simplicity of attachment, adjustable direction and swivel 'O' ring seal. Can be used directly with Schrader 650-197 tubeless spud.

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Rubber Base Convertible Valves

Dubltite convertible truck and bus valves are supplied in straight form but can be converted to single or double bent form by using Schrader 7260 truck valve converting tool.

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valve cores

The Schrader standard valve core is a tiny precision item, which in combination with the valve housing has been an ace of standardization for years. All Schrader valve cores, long & short, are interchangeable in all standard valve housing in use throughout the world. These cores are manufactured to precision standards to meet varied operating conditions involving a wide range of pressures, temperatures, gases, chemicals etc.

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Rigid All-Metal Extensions

For applications where extensions can be mounted in a straight line with valve. Full length plunger pin actuates core in existing valve. Hex nuts are included on extensions 127.000 mm (5.000") and longer. Fits on 12.243 mm-26 (0.482"-26) valve mouth threads.

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Schrader 5789 Core Housing

Fits into 5790 tractor valves and is provided with a core chamber to accept valve core internally. Whenever tractor tyre tube is to be filled with liquid, the core housing and core are removed as a single unit, thereby providing larger flow area.

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