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Industrial Pump

We offer the best product range of MegaCPK Volute Casing Centrifugal Pump, centrifugal jet pump, MONOSUB Submersible Centrifugal Pump, Waste Water Pump and Water Pressure Booster Pump.

MegaCPK Volute Casing Centrifugal Pump

  • Pump Size 25 to 250 mm
  • Head Upto 162 m
  • Capacity Upto 1160 m³/h
  • Discharge Press Upto 25 bar
  • Temp. -30 to 300°C
  • Speed Upto 2900 rpm

Design Horizontal, end suction, centrifugal, radially split, volute casing process pump in back-pull-out design, fitted with a radial impeller. Applications Suitable to handle aggressive, organic and inorganic fluids in chemical and process industries like paper, cellulose, sugar, food, textile, drugs, breweries, pharmaceutical and distilleries.

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Centrifugal Jet Pump

  • Model Centrijet
  • Pump Size 25 mm
  • Capacity Upto 3500 lpm
  • Head Upto 32 m
  • Temp. Ambient
  • Motor Rating Upto 0.37 KW

Design Self priming centrifugal jet pumps designed for application in open and shallow wells, sumps. Applications These pumps find wide applications in residential bungalows, hotels, small farms, lawns, etc.

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MONOSUB Submersible Centrifugal Pump

  • Pump Size Upto 50 mm
  • Head Upto 30 m
  • Capacity Upto 733 lpm
  • Motor Rating Upto 3.7 kW
  • Temperature Ambient

Design Single stage, submersible centrifugal pumps of closed coupled (monobloc) construction.   Applications Suitable for De-watering of Storm water, Rain water flooding, Industrial & Commercial establishments, Underground parking area

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Waste Water Pump

Reliable. Efficient. New: the next generation of waste water pumps The new generation of waste water pumps: in combination with non-clogging impellers and high-efficiency KSB motors, the Amarex KRT and Sewatec type series offer even better overall efficiency.   Energy-efficient waste water pumps and motors for optimum efficiencies Municipal, domestic or industrial waste water: the submersible motor pumps of the Amarex KRT type series are the perfect match for all waste water transport requirements. And so are the waste water pumps of the Sewatec series. They, too, are first choice for waste water applications.   Not least because KSB’s waste water pumps combined with high-efficiency motors enable significant energy savings. This applies to both Amarex KRT and Sewatec.   For depth technical information download our Know-how brochure planning information submersible pump   Reliable and efficient: the new non-clogging impeller Maximum efficiency and a minimum clogging risk for KSB waste water pumps are provided by the F-max free-flow impeller. With the asymmetric arrangement of its vanes, F-max offers a large, free passage that allows solids of different sizes to pass without difficulty. Moreover, the slightly convex profile of the hub in the middle of the impeller reliably prevents all risk of clogging from long-fibrous materials such as hygiene wipes. The F-max free-flow impeller is available for the submersible waste water pumps of the Amarex KRT and the dry-installed waste water pumps of the Sewatec series.   F-max impeller Energy-efficient motors for optimum efficiency The combination of KSB waste water pumps with high-efficiency motors enables considerable energy savings. The economical motors are integrated in the pump sets as standard. The pump sets can be supplied with or without explosion protection.   The dry-installed pumps of the Sewatec type series are fitted with the variable-speed, magnet-less KSB SuPremE® IE4* motor, which already exceeds the ErP requirements set for 2017. The efficient pump set, consisting of a waste water pump and motor, promises maximum savings from low energy and maintenance costs, optimum operating reliability and constant performance data.   Customised pumps for every requirement Besides specially adapted impellers and energy-efficient motors, KSB offers a wide range of installation types as well as a large choice of materials for waste water pumps. So the best solution is available for each waste water application – for optimum efficiency and operating reliability.

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Water Pressure Booster Pump

  • Model Name Moviboost K,V,Vp
  • Capacity Upto 630 M3/hr
  • Head Upto 160 M
  • Temperature Upto 70° C
  • System Discharge Pressure 10 & 16 bar
  • Inlet Pressure Upto 10 Bar
  • Supply Voltage 3 Phase, 415 Volts, 50 Hz
  • Drive 2 Pole Electric Motor

Design Fully automatic pressure boosting units available in three variants - kt, vt & vpt with 2 to 6 vertical high-pressure pumps and fully electronic control of the required supply pressure with two standard volt-free contacts for fault indication. suitable for residential buildings, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, departmental stores etc. pressure boosting in:   Applications Resedential buildings Hospitals Offices Hotels, Departmental Stores, Industry Etc.

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Movitec Centrifugal Pump

  • Type Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump
  • Head Up To 225 M
  • Pump Size 90
  • Capacity Up to 112.8 M³/h
  • Discharge Pressure Up to 40 Bar
  • Temperature -20 to 140 °C
  • Speed Upto 3600 RPM

Design Multi-stage, vertical inline high-pressure centrifugal pumps in ring section design   Applications capable of handling variety of applications like RO plants, irrigation systems, pressure boosting, washing plants, sprinkling, warm water, hot water

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Mega Centrifugal Pump

  • Type Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Pump
  • Head Upto 100 M
  • Pump Size 32 To 150 Mm
  • Model Mega
  • Capacity Upto 700 m3/hr
  • Discharge Pressure Upto 16 Bar
  • Temperature -30 to 160° C
  • Speed Upto 3600 rpm

Design Horizontal, end suction, centrifugal, radially split volute casing pumps in back - pull - out design fitted with single stage radial impeller. Applications Suitable for handling clear liquids in applications for water supply, irrigation, air - conditioning, fire fighting, auxiliary process in paper, cellulose, sugar, food, and textile industry

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Multitec Centrifugal Pump

  • Pump Size 32 to 150 mm
  • Head Upto 630 M
  • Application Suitable for water works, irrigation and boiler feed applications.
  • Capacity Upto 850 m3/hr
  • Discharge Pressure Upto 63 Bar
  • Temperature -10 to 200° C
  • Speed Upto 4000 Rp

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Movi Centrifugal Pump

  • Head Upto 365 M
  • Pump Size 32 Mm
  • Capacity Upto 18 m3/hr
  • Discharge Pressure Upto 40 Bar
  • Temperature -10 to 140° C
  • Speed Upto 2900 rpm

Suitable for general water supply, sprinkling, irrigation, booster plants, circulation of warm, hot and cooling water, delivery of condensate and boiler-feed water and fire fighting applications.

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