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Waste Management & Pollution Control Services

Our Complete range of products are Water Treatment Services and wastewater treatment services.

Water Treatment Services

KSB – your competent partner for efficient water treatment At KSB we are experts in water treatment, water conditioning and seawater desalination. KSB pumps, valves and systems stand for technical progress and meet all recognised standards.   Seawater desalination KSB is a recognised specialist for reverse osmosis (RO) processes and offers optimum solutions for MSF (multi-stage flash) and MED (multiple effect distillation) processes.   Water treatment KSB pumps stand for innovative technology and top performance in water treatment. They are energy-efficient and reduce the life cycle costs of the systems they are installed in.

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Wastewater Treatment Services

All-in package solutions for municipal sewage treatment Waste water pumps, valves and systems from KSB are used in municipal sewage treatment all over the world. In waste water engineering KSB takes an integrated approach.   KSB pumps, valves and systems are employed in the following municipal waste water and sewage systems : Waste water transport Flood control/Stormwater tanks Surface drainage Stormwater stand-by tank cleaning/management Drainage   Future-orientated public waste water management companies benefit from KSB’s special know-how by opting for tailor-made all-in solutions. These include energy-efficient drives, smart automation systems and packaged pump stations.

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