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Other Products / Services

We offer a complete product range of Flood Control, Leisure Park Application Services, 100 MW Electrical Power Stations, Water Extraction Services and sewage valves

Flood Control

KSB – your reliable partner in flood control


KSB’s technically advanced pumping equipment is well-suited for flood control. State-of-the-art pumps make sure flood-prone areas are reliably drained. Every year hundreds of thousands of people become victims of flooding when rivers burst their banks.


KSB helps to secure living space and protect lives.


The Amacan is the ideal pump for use in low-lift pumping stations: It is capable of pumping several cubic metres of water every hour and is best-suited to draining flood-prone areas.

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Leisure Park Application Services

KSB pump technology puts the splash into water


From leisure park to visitor magnet: KSB pump equipment creates fascinating effects in water systems. Quality is of the utmost importance here, as the pumps and valves face extreme demands.


Pumps and valves from KSB do more than just move water to specific locations. They also create those special effects that make leisure parks such fun.


Pump technology that is used in leisure parks has to fulfil exacting requirements since the pumps and valves face extreme demands during continuous operation. They can serve a variety of purposes in water systems: they circulate and lift water and generate waves, currents and fountains.


The equipment used in water systems also needs to provide high levels of reliability and safety. KSB provides pump equipment you can rely on – the technology and quality of our products have been proving their worth for decades. KSB pumps meet the most stringent safety standards. They are durable and work efficiently and reliably.


Customised pump equipment – the all-in package from KSB

With its in-depth pump technology know-how, KSB offers you an easy ride from start to finish with expert consultation, planning and selection right through to commissioning of your pump system.


Our global service network and customised engineering services ensure that your installation keeps running smoothly.


Know-how and specialised engineering services for an optimum partnership

KSB combines sophisticated, top-quality pump technology with intensive customer care. This includes comprehensive consultation and services in the following areas :

  • Hydraulic and transient flow analysis

  • Economic efficiency analyses

  • System optimisation

  • CFD modelling and physical model testing right up to the implementation stage

  • Installation management

  • Commissioning

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100 MW Electrical Power Stations

Generating power highly efficiently – KSB's long-life pumps and valves for modern power stations. They stand for efficient electricity generation at low fuel consumption.


High-performance components offering high operating reliability and availability are of paramount importance particularly in supercritical power stations, where high pressures and high temperatures are involved. This is precisely what long-life KSB pumps and valves do. They are absolutely reliable even under extreme operating conditions.


Perceived as a dependable partner all over the world

KSB is known the world over for reliably meeting the guaranteed efficiency thanks to special design details. KSB thus ensures that plant engineering contractors and operators obtain the planning reliability they need and helps to increase power station efficiency.


All circuits as well as the auxiliary systems can be equipped with KSB products

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Water Extraction Services

Responsible water extraction with KSB

Water is precious. At KSB we are well aware of our responsibility, offering top technology to extract water or lower the groundwater level. KSB pumps, valves and systems are used with great success all over the world.  


KSB is a competent partner supplying solutions for water extraction as well as for groundwater management and drawdown. KSB pumps, valves and systems stand for prime quality.


Overview of applications covered by KSB products :

  • Extraction of water from rivers and seas

  • Water extraction from wells, shafts and discharge tubes

  • Water extraction from dams and lakes

  • Groundwater management

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