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Textile Chemicals

We offer a complete product range of Enzymes, Finishing Chemicals and Dyeing Chemicals


  • Purity 99%
  • Form Liquid
  • Usage In textile industries etc
  • pH Range 5 to 10 (Optimum: 6.0 to 6.5)
  • Temperature Range 40 to 110 degree C
  • Material / : Liquor ratio : Fabric 1:8 to 1:15, Garment 1:6 to 1:10

We, at Sivira Organiks Pvt. Ltd. are engaged in manufacturing and exporting wide variety of Enzymes. The Enzymes, we offer, are available in a wide variety to meet the diverse requirements of the clients. The offered Enzymes comprises of Enzymatic Desizing, Enzymatic Fading, Enzymatic Bio Polishing, Enzymatic Print Washing and Enzymatic Peroxide Killer. We formulate these Enzymes using quality chemicals under the strict supervision of the experts to ensure their high effectiveness.

  • Details
    Enzymatic Desizing
    SIVIZYME K, DSZ 100 A highly effective high temperature stable designing enzyme of bacterial origin.
    SIVIZYME K, PDR BT Blend of amylase with high activity.Also suitable for pad roll applications.
    SIVIZYME K, MTE 60 A high efficient medium temperature stable desizing enzyme for cotton and blends.It is a formulation of amylase blend of bacterial origin.
    SIVIZYME K, ECD ST An economical room temperature desizing enzyme with excellent starch digestion.
    Enzymatic Fading
    FADENZ K, BCD 200 A high activity acid cellulose for fungal origin for excellent fading with good contrast effect and low backstaining.
    FADENZ K, NEU BR A highly efficient neutral enzyme producing excellent wash down effects with good brightness and no backstaining.
    FADENZ K, ECO DW An economical blend of acid cellulose with good abrasion and washdown effects.
    Enzymatic Bio Polishing
    BIOCLENZ K, ESH 500 A blend of exo-rich and endo-rich acid cellulose enzyme with excellent biopolishing activity and high surface softness.
    BIOCLENZ K, HSS CONC A new generation acid cellulose enzyme for effective biopolishing on cotton fabrics.
    BIOCLENZ K, ECB FCT An economical cost effective biopoilshing enzyme for cellulosic fabrics.
    Enzymatic Print Washing
    CLENZYME PRINT K, AP 100 A judicious blend of chemicals & biocatalyst for efficient removal of printing gum from printed fabrics,thereby enhancing the brightness & softness of same
    Enzymatic Peroxide Killer
    PEROZYME K, NEU BS A formulation of biocatalyst enzyme for neutralization of peroxide.
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Finishing Chemicals

  • Application Industrial
  • Features Precise composition, Accurate formulation, Pure
  • Packaging Size As per demand
  • Color Greenish colour etc
  • Form Liquid
  • Grade Standard Reagent Grade, Technical Grade, Bio-Tech Grade

Situated in India, we are recognized as a chief Finishing Chemicals Manufacturer and Exporter. To cater to the diverse requirements of varied industries, we offer a variety of Finishing Chemicals that comprises of Water Repellents, Silicone Softeners, Hydrophilic Softeners, Reactive Softeners, Nonionic Softeners and Cationic Softeners. These Finishing Chemicals are formulated using well-tested base chemicals and thoroughly tested on varied parameters to assure a highly effective range for optimum textile finishing. The clients can avail the Finishing Chemicals from us at reasonable price.

  • Details
    Cationic Softeners
    SIVISOFT K, CS LUMPS 100% cationic softener with good softness and low yellowing property.
    SIVISOFT K, CS 20 Economical low yellowing cationic softener with good surface smoothness.
    SIVISOFT K, SMX 50 Modified cationic softener with high surface softness.
    SIVISOFT K, MAX PU Excellent softener for soft,bulky and bouncy feels on all fibres.
    SIVISOFT K, LIQ 20 Cationic wash fast softener for synthetic fibre with high surface softness.
    Nonionic Softeners
    NUWASOFT K, SM CONC An excellent non ionic softener for good surface softness,especially suitable for white goods.
    NUWASOFT K, SBK A non-yellowing softener for good surface smoothness and bulkiness.
    Reactive Softeners
    REASOFT K, XHS 100 Versatile reactive softener imparting excellent surface softness with bulk
    Hydrophilic Softeners
    NATUROFEEL K, MAB 200 Superior hydrophilic softener imparting soft,supple and fluffy feel cotton fabrics and terry towels.
    NATUROFEEL K, PCF 200 polyester An excellent product for imparting cotton feel on fibre and blends.
    NATUROFEEL K, SLC 100 Modified silicon hydrophilic softener suitable for all fibres that have to remain absorbent.
    Silicone Softeners
    XSILON K, AMC 1000 Concentrated silicon softener imparting high surface softness with silky touch.
    XSILON K, SOFT 100 Reactive silicon softener with excellent surface and inner softness.
    INNEROL K, MIC 1000 An excellent micro silicon softener imparting good inner softness to natural and synthetic fibres.
    INNEROL K, MAX An excellent micro silicon softener with good surface softness on natural and synthetic fibres.
    MAXSOFT K, NSU 100 Judicious blend to micro and macro silicon for good inner softness and high surface feel.
    XSILON K, PXY 200 Reactive epoxy modified silicon softener for imparting good surface softness and resilience on polyester fibres and blends.
    KASHMEROSOFT ELS 500 An amino modified silicon elastomer. Excellent softness with extra bounce on natural fibres. Also increases creaserecovery of resin finished goods. Improves sewability and elasticity.
    HOESOFT K, NT 1000 High weight polymer,judicious blend of modified silicone softeners imparting high surface smoothness and lustre on knits.Non yellowing.
    Water Repellents
    NEUOREPELL K, HHO Fluorochemical emulsion for imparting oil and water repellency on all types of fibre and furnishing fabrics.
    NEUOREPELL K, EHO Economical emulsion for oil and water repellency.
    Silicone Softener Polymeric
    BIZOSOFT K, PU 100 Polyurethane emulsion imparting good surface and bounce to the natural and synthetic fibres.
    FLUBBERSOFT K, BOE  Reactive high weight polymer silicone emulsion imparting excellent bounce and high surface softness to polyester, viscose and their blends.
    BIZOSOFT K, PU NR Non reactive modified polyurethane silicone emulsion for good surface softness imparting body .Excellent for polyester,nylon as well as other synthetic fibres and their blends.
    BIZOSOFT K, ACO 100 Judicious combination of polyurethanes and acrylic co-polymers imparting high surface softness to all fibres.
    BIZOSOFT K, GRAND High molecular weight co-polymers for dry and grainy feel.
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Dyeing Chemicals

  • Type Textile Dyes
  • Application Textile Industry
  • Color Available In Different Colors
  • Form Liquid
  • Feature Easy Coloring
  • Packaging Size 50 L

The clients can avail highly effective Dyeing Chemicals from us. We offer variety of Dyeing Chemicals in the global market that comprises of Defoaming Agents, Levelling Agents, pH Buffers, Dyebath Accelerant and Dyebath Lubricants. The Dyeing Chemicals, we offer, are widely demanded by the clients for their unmatched quality due to which these are used for meeting various dyeing requirements efficiently. The clients can avail the Dyeing Chemicals from us in varied quantity as per the requirements at reasonable price.

  • Details
    Defoaming Agents
    SIVI K, ZEEFOM- 100 A highly efficient silicone defamer with efficacy and non-spotting.
    SIVI K, ZEEFOAM SN A non silicone defamer with excellent foam inhibiting characteristic.
    Levelling Agents
    LEVAKOL PDY 100 An excellent levelling agent for dyeing of polyester and blends with dispersed dyes.
    LEVAKOL PDY ECO An economical and efficient levelling agent for dyeing of polyester and blends with dispersed dyes.
    LEVAKOL PDY EQ A versatile levelling agent,having equalizing effect taking care of streaky dyeing on disperse dye due to its fibre swelling action.
    LEVAKOL BAR PD Levelling agent with equalizing effect on disperse dye due to its fibre swelling action, taking care of streaky dyeing due to different merge nos.
    LEVAKOL EQUA K Special formulation for covering material induced barriness in 100% texturised polyester dyeing.
    LEVACRYL K, CA 100 High performance levelling agent for cationic dyes on acrylics. Retains good dye dispersion even at high temp.
    LEVAKOL K, ACL Anionic levelling agent for dyeing of polyamide with acid dyes.
    LEVAKOL K, RL 100 An excellent reactive levelling agent for dyeing of reactive dyes on cellulose.
    LEVAKOL K, VL 100 A versatile levelling agent for direct,vat and sulphur dyeing on cellulose.
    pH Buffers
    ACIBUFF K, PDI An excellent acid buffer for dispersed dyeing and printing.
    ACIBUFF K, CH Economical substitute of acetic acid having high performance in dispersed dyeing. Added contribution by lowering BOD and COD.
    ACIBUFF K, LDS A novel acid liquid buffer with good dispersing and sequestering properties for dyeing polyester fibres and their blends.
    Dyebath Accelerant
    AKCELON PDY 200 An excellent diffusion accelerant for high temperature dyeing of polyester with dispersed dyes.
    AKCELON TCI 100 High performance diffusion accelerant with good swelling properties for high temperature dyeing of polyester with dispersed dyes.
    Dyebath Lubricants
    LUBRIZOL K, EI 20 Highly efficient lubricant to prevent creasing in wet processing especially on synthetics and their blends with cellulosics.
    LUBRIZOL K, CT 100 An excellent lubricant for cellulose and blends which reduces fibre to fibre friction,thereby not impairing dyeing properties.
    LUBRIZOL K, ECN A versatile lubricant softener for all kind of textile fibres.
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