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Laboratory Apparatus

We offer a complete product range of Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus, Vane Shear Apparatus, Softening Point Apparatus, Relative Density Apparatus and Flash & Fire Point Apparatus

Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus

Hand Operated:
Proving ring type. Comprises of a hand operated load frame, cap. 30KN (3000 kgf.) screw jack for loading, handle and strain dial gauge bracket, adaptor for proving ring, conical seats and malefemale coning tools for 38 mm dial samples. Supplied without proving ring and dial gauge.

Comprises a screw operated load frame capacity 50 KN (5000 kgf.) with a gear box and motor drive giving 1.25, 1.5 and 2.5mmmin, rates of strain, pair of cone seating, adaptor for proving ring and strain dial gauge bracket. Supplied with one pair of malefemale coning tools for 38 mm dia samples but without proving ring and dial gauge. Suitable for operating on 230 volts, single phase AC Supply.
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Vane Shear Apparatus

The company has emerged as a prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Vane Shear Apparatus. The Vane Shear Apparatus is meant for the soft and sensitive soils with shear strength less than 15 KNm2. Providing test results through careful control and compression, the Vane Shear Apparatus can work in the laboratory or fields. A small vane is to be pushed in the soil, with the controlled rotation measuring force needed for maximum resistance.
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Softening Point Apparatus

  • Weight 10-20kg
  • Voltage 110V
  • Application Industrial, Household, Laboratory
  • Power 100W
  • Driven Type Battery
  • Quality Premium
  • Dia. Brass ball 25 mm
  • Size 38 x 38 x 3 mm
  • Model PHY-0074

We believe in keeping transparency in the transactions and thus we offer an invoice to the clients stating all the necessary details. We undertake both online and offline payment processing methods. We are the most promising name when it comes to Softening Point Apparatus.


  • Precision engineered
  • High productivity
  • Smooth operation
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Relative Density Apparatus

The Relative Density Apparatus has a cylindrical mold of 3000-15000 cm3 and the vibratory table is 75mm x 75mm. The Motorized 230 VAC Relative Density Apparatus runs on singleThree phase and there is a guide sleeve with clamp that is meant for the molds. The surcharge base plate of the Relative Density Apparatus can bear the surcharge weight for 3000 and 15000 cm3, and the other components include handle for base plate, dial gauge holder, dial gauge (0.01 mm x 25 mm) and travel with extension piece calibration bar (75 x 300 x 3mm).
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Flash & Fire Point Apparatus

  • Automation Type: Semi-Automatic
  • Power (W): 1000
  • Weight (kg): 17 kG
  • Frequency (Hz): 50 HZ
  • Thermometer (deg. Celsius): 400 DEG C

We make sure that the transactions are made with utmost security and precision with us. We have made necessary arrangements to process transactions through mediums like cash and bank transfer. Well-established name in the domain, you can count on us for presenting extensive array of Flash & Fire Point Apparatus.


  • Precision engineered
  • High productivity
  • Smooth operation
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Soil Permeability Apparatus

The permeability of the soil is one of the important aspects to be studied and that can be done through the soil permeability apparatus. As a manufacturer and supplier of soil permeability apparatus, we solve a lot of issues. The results of the permeability checks through the soil permeability apparatus help in the groundwater pumping, excavations in foundation sites and dam designing. The soil permeability apparatus can check the pre-formed as well as re-molded samples as well as the undisturbed samples through constantfalling head methods. The permeability studies can provide inputs on saturated compressible soil layer, equifer flow rate, as well as flow of water through interconnected voids.

consists of gunmetal mould 100mm dia x 127.3mm height x 1000ml volume, with collar of 100mm dia x 60mm high and drainage base plate, drainage cap, metallic clamping ring, two porous stone for base and cap, dummy plate, air release valve. With a set of three glass stand pipes approx.6mm, 10mm, and 20mm dia x 1 meter length mounted on a wooden board, the end of the glass tube is serrated to connect rubber tube of 3 meter length with pinch cock.
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Tar Viscometer Apparatus

We give maximum importance to the quality of the products that we offer and thus conduct diverse quality tests. We are a reliable name in this arena and thus make sure that the services offered by us for payment are easy to use as well as offer hassle-free and instant transactions.


Details :

  • Electrical heating with energy regulator control
  • Electrical heating with digital indicator and regulator
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Liquid Limit Apparatus

The liquid limit device correlates the mechanical properties of the soil such as compressibility and low shear strength. Being a major manufacturer and supplier of liquid limit device, we offer a device that has a brass cup on adjustable brackets with a fall adjustment of 1 cm. The brass cup of the liquid limit device can be raised and dropped through cam action on a rubber base that has standard hardness. Having one casegrande grooving tool as well as one astm grooving tool along with a high gauge block (type a of is 9259), the liquid limit device is a complete setup of its own. Motorized model is also available.
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Marshall Stability Apparatus

35,000 - 90,000 /Piece
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  • capacity 3000 kg
We have parted our infrastructure into different units and one of them is warehouse wherein we keep our product lot for meeting urgent and bulk requirements of the buyers at a time. We have advanced packaging systems available to make sure that the products are packed using the experts approved packaging stuff. We source the material from the leading vendors in the industry.
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Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus

  • Dial Gauge: 0.01 x 25 mm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • voltage: 220V , 50Hz
  • Usage: Soil test
  • Pressure Assembly: 10 kg./cm2
  • Power: 0.75kW

Our Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus has high quality machines which guarantee long working life. With the assistance of our secure payment procedures including both Online and Offline Payment Processing, we are able to ensure safety of the payments with us. We are committed towards providing the world-class lot of products thus, check each and every product on different levels.

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Direct Shear Apparatus

35,000 - 75,000 /Piece
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Our team of quality examiners conducts stringent tests for ensuring the product quality.We team makes sure that all the trade transactions are made keeping all the details of the clients confidential.


Salient Features :

  • High sensitivity compression proving ring cap of 200 kg

  • Consolidation dia gauge 0.01 mm x 25 mm

  • One strain dial gauge 0.01 mm x 25 mm

  • One strain dia gauge 0.01mm x 25 mm

  • Optional :

    • Additional set of weights for normal stress of 5 kgcm2

    • Soil sampler for 60 mm x 60 mm specimen and test form pad of 50

    • Spares like porous stone for 60 mm x 60 mm size sample in pairs

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Consolidation Test Apparatus

35,000 - 75,000 /Piece
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Thanks to our immense expertise in this domain that allows us to deliver nothing short of the best quality Consolidation Test Apparatus. In order to settle the financial transaction with our clients through the transfer of monetary value, we offer diverse options including online and offline payment procedures.


Specifications : Set of weights to give a pressure of 10 kg/cm.sq. on 60 mm dia specimen, comprising: 7 Nos. 0.05 kg/sq.cm, 5 Nos. 0.1 kg/sq.cm., 6 Nos. 0.2 kg/sq.cm., 6 Nos. 0.5 kg/sq.cm., and 5 Nos. 1.0 kg/sq.cm.

Accessories :

  • Dial Gauge 0.002 mm x 10 mm.
  • Extension piece, 40 mm long

Optional Accessories :

  • Varying head stand pipe, 50 cm. long with mm.scale
  • Fixed ring type of consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 50 mm dia x 20 mm thick specimens complete with fixed ring guide ring, pair or porous stones, perforated pressure pad, channeled base, gasket and flanged water jacket
  • Set of weights to give a pressure of 10 kg/sq.cm., on 50 cm. dia specimens
  • Fixed ring type of consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 70 mm dia x 20 mm thick specimens, complete with accessories as above
  • Set of weights to give a pressure of 10 kg/sq.cm., on 70 cm. dia specimens
  • Fixed ring type of consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 100 mm dia x 25 mm thick specimens, complete with accessories as above
  • Set of weights to give a pressure of 10 kg/sq.cm., on 100 mm. dia specimens
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