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Measuring Instruments & Equipment

Our Complete range of products are Bitumen Penetrometer, Plastic Limit Set, Rapid Moisture Meter and Sand Pouring Cylinder.

Bitumen Penetrometer

We are the most promising name when it comes to Bitumen Penetrometer. Ours is the noted name involved in providing excellent support in transaction ensuring complete security of the payment. We undertake both online and offline payment processing methods.

Available In :

  • Penetrometer apparatus with containers and weights having penetration needle (Bitumen)
  • Penetrometer apparatus with containers and weights having penetration cone hollow type (Grease)
  • Same as above – but with Geared arrangement for moving the arm with geared unit
  • Penetrometer with brass cone & needle with digital timer device (adjustable)
  • Same as above—but with geared arrangement for moving the arm with geared unit

Optional Accessories :

  • Grease worker hand operated big handle (Lever type)
  • Grease worker hand operated
  • Grease cutter as per IP 50
  • Spare Penetration Needle (Pack of two)
  • Spare Penetration brass hollow cone
  • Spare Penetration solid cone
  • Transfer Dish
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Plastic Limit Set

The moisture level wherein the soil has the smallest plasticity levels is known as limit, and plastic limit is basically the water content where soil crumbles on being rolled in to a 3 mm dia thread. As a Manufacturer and Supplier of Plastic Limit Set, we offer a complete set for the study of the plastic limit. The dimensional accuracy of the components makes the Plastic Limit Set effective and efficient in its work.

Components :
Glass plate 20 cm x 15 cm having ground ends and one side frosted
Brass or stainless steel rod 3 mm dia x 150 mm long
Flexible spatula
Set of 6 moisture containers
Porcelain basin 150 mm dia
Plastic wash bottle 500ml
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Rapid Moisture Meter

The company has come up as a major Manufacturer and Supplier of Rapid Moisture Meter, which is useful for the quick determination of moisture content of powdered materials like soil, sand, coal, pottery slip and cement among others. Calcium carbide generates acetylene gas on coming in contact with moisture, and this is the working principal for the Rapid Moisture Meter as well. Certain sample weight is mixed with pre-fixed calcium carbide reagent amounts, and the mixture is shaken in a vessel having pre-attached pressure gauge. The acetylene formed in the reaction generates pressure and the percentage moisture is noted, which is easily converted in dry weight.

Specifications :
Chemical 0-50% or 0-25% direct reading gauge complete in box. Speedy moisture meter that are used for determining the moisture content of materials in powder form i.e. soil, sand, coal, pottery slip, cement etc

Consists of :
Pressure vessel with clamp for sealing cap
Rubber sealing gasket
Pressure gauze calibrated in percentage moisture content
A counter poised balance for weighing sample
A scoop for measuring carbide reagent
A bottle for thorough mixing fitted in a wooden carrying case with handle
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Sand Pouring Cylinder

The company has acquired an indispensable position in the markets as a manufacturer and supplier of sand pouring cylinder. The apparatus of the sand pouring cylinder can have effective results for the in-place determination of the dry density of the soil. Whether the grains are compact, fine or medium, the sand pouring cylinder can handle all types within the layers of 50 cm thickness and the cylinders are available in 100-200 mm.
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