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Changeover Switches

We offer the best product range of ACCL Automatic Source Changeover and Automatic Changeover Switch.

ACCL Automatic Source Changeover

  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Feature Rust resistance
  • Max. Current 30 A/ Phase
  • Max. Voltage 80v To 265v AC
  • Usage Industrial
  • Ampere Rating 90 A

SU BTECH make CLD cum auto changeover, which is a fully automatic high precision system for efficient distribution of individually rationed generator power, is an advantageous and cost effective alternative to conventional manual cha ngeovers. The auto changeover cum current limiting device (CLD) works as a changeover and also gives protection to generator due to overload and abnormal supply. It is a Micro-controlled Pre-Programed overload protection system for multiple operations, mostly used for generators and power backup multi storied societies, malls, apartments etc. Features: Settable voltage range for mains and genset Settable overload limit for genset Auto trip on overload to prevent genset overloading Overload trip time will decrease as overload increase Once tripped, auto re-starts after 10 seconds (max) and so on upto 5 trials Auto trip on under/over voltage on mains and genset to avoid damages to appliances Continue glowing LEDs on healthy conditions & blinking LEDs on source waiting and faulty conditions After 5 trials, tripped permanently for 3 minutes Automatically tries again after 3 min or user can reset manually or wait for the mains Safeguards generator by gradual loading and precision monitoring Assured availability of allotted current; no less, no more Significant saving on wall space and wiring.

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Automatic Changeover Switch

  • Warranty 12 Months
  • Operating Voltage 130V to 280V
  • Box Type Powder Coated Box, Compact size Wall mounting, Temper proof and maintenance free.
  • Indication LED Indication status for MAINS & GENERATOR On
  • Technology Microcontroller based technology with Pre-Program interlocking to prevent short circuit.
  • Circuit Printing silver ink on PET material
  • Cable Flexible

Auto changeover the need for continuous power supply and its reliability has increased rapidly over the years, especially in all those areas where continuous power supply is must. Their complexity has increased as continuous information and communications are needed to control automated process, be in industries, commercial complexes, hospitals, hotels or even modern residences. Automatic Changeover from main supply to stand by supply is vital for all the above kinds of load. In case of both DG Supply as well as mains supply, comes together then priority will be of mains because the automatic changeover will change DG supply to mains. In the event of power failure, the standby power is usually expected to take over automatically. Electrical starting equipment, battery bank and diesel generator are required for the automatic operation. The automatic transfer is achieved mostly by AMF Panels. The process of on-load transfer has to be monitored & controlled for a smooth Changeover and within safety limits of all elements of the system. Features: Operating Voltage 130V to 280V Inbuilt SMPS supply to operate the circuit Simplifies electrical complexity with NFC System LED Indication for MAINS ON & GENERATOR ON Potential free contact for Start/stop of generators (optional) Genset Stop system is inbuilt, especially for Portable Generators Time Delay on generator mode in changeover in higher capadty When main supply is resumed, the connected load is automatically shifted to mains Powder Coated 130 Compact size Wall mounting, Temper proof and maintenance free Microcontroller based technology with Pre-Program interlocking to prevent short circuit. Single Phasing does not affect the overall output: Only the absent phase of mains will fail in output, not all three phases will fail Switch over time for genset to main is very minimum so that even sensitive equipment's do not get "OFF" during the switch over Its unique circuit design enables the relay to be in 'ON' position only while the genset is in use. During main supply the relay remains in 'OFF' position. Due to this the life of changeover gets increase. No Time Delay for output on resumption of Mains Supply whenever DG's not working. In that time Interval as load remain connected to the mains only. (Even in the absence of one or two phase also) DG Supply can/cannot be used at the time of single phasing of Mains supply. (Because some users are satisfied even in single phase to save the diesel cost.) In the Presence of supply in all three phase, load automatically shifts from DG to Mains with a time delay of 5 Sec. But when there is one or two phase supply, Load will not shift from DG to Mains only.

  • Details
    Types of Auto Changeover Rating
    Single Phase to Single Phase
    All inputs & output will be single Phase.
    40A./63A./100A. (Relay base)
    40A. to 100A. (Contactor base)
    63A. & 100A. (PMC base)
    Single Phase to Three Phase. DG Input is Single Phase. Mains Input & output will be Three Phase. 40A./63A./100A1150.A (Relay base)
    40A. to 500A. (Contactor base)
    63A. to 140A. (PMC base)
    Three Phase to Three Phase
    All inputs & output will be Three Phase.
    40A163A./100A./150.A (Relay base)
    40A. to 500A. (Contactor base)
    63A. to 140A. (PMC base)

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