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Cleaning Machine

Our Complete range of products are Degreasing Decarbonising Cleaning Machine, Precision Parts Cleaning Machine, Aqueous Immersion, Rotary Pressure Cleaning Machine and Ultrasonic Cleaning System.

Degreasing Decarbonising Cleaning Machine

Built on modular concept individual modules are provided for specific contaminants removal such as Grease, oil, Rust, Carbon, Paint etc These modules can be combined to form a linear washing machine with different functions. The movement of baskets loaded with components from one module to next is manual / automised. Standard module comprises of washing & rinsing as two stages   .          Specially developed cleaning solutions are also Provided along with the system.               Filtration & recirculation is in built.         Dunking, agitation & Ultrasonic cleaning is optional.

  •      Problem : To recover, salvage & reconstruct scrapped engine parts such as Con 
    Rod, Cylinder Head, Engine Block, Turbo charger, PT Pump, Fuel Pump & Fuel Injectors.
              Solution : A two stage modular cleaning system was installed having individual  function.

    Scrapped engine have multi contaminants.  In a systematic operation
    first the paint was removed followed by decarbonising.
    Carbon accumulation over a period of years was so tough it required two stages of removal.

    Rust removal also was done in 2 stages.Different cleaning media have been developed and offered alongwith the machine.
            Customer : Cummins (I) Ltd, PSMI, Ranjangoan, Pune, India.

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Precision Parts Cleaning Machine

Front Load Wash with Vacuume Drying. Parts and components are loaded in a Basket. 3 such baskets are inserted in the racks provided on the rotary drum. In an automatic PLC controlled operation Door closes and washing cycle starts. Complete stainless steel models also manufactured. Jet spray from all sides. Immersed wash with liquid agitation, Ultrasonic and cross flow jets impart thorough cleaning while the drum rotates. Filtration & Recirculation is in built For component drying Centrifugal action is imparted along with vacuume drying.      Precision results in terms of micron size of particles & stringent Millipore value are derived.      

  • Applications:

             Problem : To implement a single washing machine for variety of parts such as Brake assembly parts in which Brake cylinder housing, pistons, child Parts in Ferrous and Non Ferrous options.To achieve Millipore and particulate matter by micron size.
              Solution : Most of the cleaning Tools such as Pressure wash, Flood wash, Immersed wash with agitation, Ultrasonic cleaning with a combination of rotary movement, clockwise & anticlockwise movement, Centrifugal action delivered desired results.Completely automised cycle with path to choose mode of operation and cleaning media additionally awarded complete flexibility to the operation.
            Customer : Bosch chassis Systems India Ltd, Jalgaon, India

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Aqueous Immersion

              Designed for individual components where components / parts have intricate passages, cavities and blind holes where conventional cleaning methods do not work. Individual component is placed in the basket provided on vertical Rotary plate.     Doors have option of opening in front & opening on top.     Typical washing cycle comprises of Rotary movement while jets from all sides are on.     At the bottom immersed washing with liquid / air agitation is provided.     For precision results Ultrasonic cleaning is also provided.     Drying is with Hot / cold air catalysed by spinning action.

  • Applications:

             Problem : Fuel pump casting after machining contained chips, burr & coolant in the intricate cavities which required cleaning with precision Millipore  results.
              Solution :

    Centrifugal action while the jets are focused on the components yielded desired results.

    Additionally , immersed wash with ultrasonic agitation was provided. Precise cleaning results were obtained.

    Since the fixtures were removable , different fixtures for different  components were  provided when the  components changed.

            Customer : Endurance Technologies Pvt Ltd, Takwe, Pune, India
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Rotary Pressure Cleaning Machine

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 No

suitable for small components wherein options of 4, 5, 6 & 8 stations including loading / unloading available.     components are loaded in a hexagonal drum which rotates while in immersed wash.     ultrasonic cleaning , agitation, rinsing & continuous barrel type movement of parts impart precise cleaning action for most stringent cleaning requirements.     hot air drying / infra red drying at one or two stations facilitate to achieve complete dry components.

  • Applications:

             Problem : Components were small and bulk washing was required with precision results. After washing drying was important which should not leave any marks or spots.


              Solution : Barrel type movement was envisized since the requirement was in bulk quantity.  Shape of the Barrel was designed as hexagonal so as to achieve tumbling movement.  Since this movement was in liquid there was no damage to the components.

    Immersed wash in different cleaning media with agitation & Ultrasonic Cleaning  was imparted to achieve desired results.

    Electrical heaters were provided at two stations to effectively dry the Components.

            Customer : Luxor India Ltd,  New Delhi, India

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Rotary Pressure Cleaning Machine

We are leading supplier of huge range of Rotary Pressure Cleaning Machine.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Batch type process when components/ parts are loaded in a basket and the basket is inserted in a cage which moves up & down to impart Ultrasonic cleaning with dunking option.     Completely enclosed with a Pneumatic door has inbuilt PLC to automise the operation.     Primary & precise filtration system enclosed in Stainless steel housings with a storage tank ensures cleaned & filtered media after every Ultrasonic wash.     Rinsing operation can be also incorporated.     Custom built to individual need of cleaning.

  • Applications:

             Problem : Components were small in shape but were not getting cleaned in a conventional jet washer.

    Customer’s requirement  after washing was studied and Ultrasonic cleaning was suggested.

              Solution : Components were loaded in a basket and the basket was inserted in a cage.  This cage was attached to a Pneumatic Cylinder. Ultrasonic bath with continuous filtration and recirculation was provided.

    When the operation begins components were dipped in Ultrasonic bath for a fixed time and then dunking was subjected.

    This removed oil, particles very effectively.  Since the dunking was imparted no traces of solution alongwith contaminants remained.
            Customer : Hero Honda Motors Ltd,  Dharuhera,   India

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