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Non Indicating Silica Gel White

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100 Kilogram
White silica gel (non-indicating type silica gel desiccant) is a type, where most of the particles of silica gel are not impregnated with indicating agents and when particles get free from moisture, it goes transparent white. In other words, it turns into milky or hazy white when it is out to use, because it catches moisture when exposed to environment. Since, we have been delivering high quality white color silica gel; we have earned a very good name among the leading non-indicating type white silica gel manufacturers, exporters and suppliers. As we take regular feedback from our customers for quality & delivery, we have been consistently improving the quality of white desiccant silica gel or non-indicating type silica gel.

Used as :

moisture absorbents
rust inhibitors
protective component from moisture
catalyst carrier
dehydrating refinement agent
air drier
gas drier

properties :

colorless or slightly yellow transparent glassy in substance
high packaging density
effective moisture absorption
turns into milky or hazy white when it is out to use

white silica gel specifications
descriptions silica gel white (non-indicating type desiccant silica gel)
assay (as sio2) 97 -99 %
ph 6-7
bulk density 0.600 - 0.700 gmcc
loss on drying % < 6
adsorption capacity at 100 % humidity 30 -40 %
friability 99.5
choloride (as nacl) 0.05 ppm
sulpates (na2so4) 0.5 ppm
amonium (nh3) nil
particle size (mesh) 1-2, 3-4, 3-8, 5-8, 9-16, 16-30
chemical formula sio2+h2o

white silica gel size available
size in mesh size in mm
1 - 2 9 - 12
1 - 4 6 - 12
3 - 4 6 - 8
3 - 8 4 -8
5- 8 4 - 6
9 - 16 2 -4
16 - 30 1 - 2
30 -40 0 -1
powder less than 0
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Silica Gel Bags

  • Color Multicolor
  • Size 500-gm 1-kg 1.5-kg 2-kg
  • Packing Material Non-Woven Cloth, Cotton Cloth
  • Types Non-Indicating Type Silica Gel Bag, Indicating Type Silica Gel Bag
  • Features Fine finish, Durable
  • Pattern Plain

The company is the reliable Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of excellent quality Silica Gel Bags. We deal in White Silica Gel Bag & Blue Silica Gel Bag. The bags are made using non-woven cloth or cotton cloth and filled with silica gel. These bags are also known as container desiccant, desiccant bag, container desiccant bag, silica gel desiccants bag, silica gel pouch, and silica gel packets. Moreover, our Silica Gel is 100 % DMF free.

Types of Silica Gel Desiccant Bags :

  • White Silica Gel Bags (Non-Indicating Type Silica Gel Bag)
  • Blue Silica Gel Bags (Indicating Type Silica Gel Bag)

Desiccant Silica Gel Bags are available in Sizes of :

  • 500-gm Silica Gel Bag
  • 1-kg Silica Gel Bag
  • 1.5-kg Silica Gel Bag
  • 2-kg Silica Gel Bag

Silica Gel Bags Available with Us in different Hanging Option :

  • Hook Type
  • Hanger Type
  • Bag Type
  • Plane Bag

Packing Materials Used in Silica Gel Bag Mfg. : Non-Woven Cloth, Cotton Cloth

Application of Silica Gel Bags : Silica Gel Bags are used in Export Container to prevent the product & pallets from moisture & fungus during shipment.

FAQ about Silica Gel Bags Qty Use in Container :

  • What quantity of Silica Gel Bag should be used in one container of 20 & 40 feet container?
  • You can use 10-kg of Desiccant Silica Gel Bags in 20-ft container & 20-kg Desiccant Silica Gel Bags in 40-ft Container. You can use 1-kg Bag or 500-gm Bags as per your conviniency.
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Container Desiccant Bag

150 - 350 /Pack Get Latest Price
  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100 Kilogram
  • Type Container Desiccant Bag
  • Material Plastic
  • Color White
  • Feature Disposable, Eco-friendly, Moisture Proof, Recyclable
  • Pattern Plain

Container desiccant bags are used in container for hanging purpose. To prevent pallets & products from moisture. avaiable in size 250-gm, 500-gm, 1-kg, 1.5-kg, 2-kg. its available in 4-optgions. 1. Hanger type 2. Hook type 3. Bag type 4. Palne bag.

Container Desiccant Bags are available in Size of :

  • 250-gm Container Desiccant Bag (Calcium Chloride Based)

  • 500-gm Container Desiccant Bag (Calcium Chloride Based)

  • 1000-gm Container Desiccant Bag (Calcium Chloride Based)

  • 1500-gm Container Desiccant Bag (Calcium Chloride Based)

  • 2000-gm Container Desiccant Bag (Calcium Chloride Based)

Container Desiccant Bags Available with us in different Hanging Option:

  • Hook Type

  • Hanger Type

  • Bag Type

  • Plane Bag

Packing Materials Used in Container Desiccant Bags. : Tyvek & Non-Woven Cloth & Calcium Chloride & other Gelling Additives

Packing: Box Packing or Bag Packing

Application of Container Desiccant Bags: Container Desiccant Bags are used in Export Container to prevent the product & pallets from moisture & fungus during shipment.

FAQ about Container Desiccant Bags Qty use in Container:

  • What quantity of Container Desiccant Bags should be used in one container of 20 & 40 feet container?

  • You can use 5-kg Qty of Container Desiccant Bags in 20-ft container & 10-kg Desiccant Silica Gel Bags in 40-ft Container. You can use 1-kg Bag or 500-gm Bags as per your convenience.

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : 25-KG BAG

Delivery Time : 7-DAYS

Our Container Desiccant Bags Uniqueness

Sr.No. Description
1 Environment Friendly
2 Food Grade
3 Safe For Normal Dispose
4 Non-toxic
5 Best Quality Tyvek-non-woven Fabric & Desiccant

Technical Specification (Quality As Per Mil-d-3464 )

Sr. No. Test Name. Description
1 Descripation of Material Solid Powder + Grainy Porous Structure Free From Impurity White Color
2 Loss On Drying Less Than 5 % Of Its Mass
3 Adsorption Capacity Minimum 150 To 200 % Of Moisture On Its Mass
4 Bulk Density 0.7 gm/cc
5 PH Value 5 To 7
6 Calcium Chloride (Cacl2) 65 % Min
7 Other Additive 35 % Min
8 Ammonium Compound Nil
9 Color White
10 Partical Size 1-3mm Crystal + Powder
11 DMF Free Nil
12 Packing 2-layer, Inside Tyvek + Out Side Non Woven Bag With Hook For Hanging
13 Size Of Bag 250-gm, 500-gm, 1-kg, 2-kg
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Silica Gel Powder

  • Purity 99.5%
  • Feature Premium Quality, Safe Packaging
  • Packaging Type HDPE Bag
  • Packaging Size 1-10kg
  • Form Powder
  • PH 7.0 +/- 0.5
  • Moisture <4%

We are well known among the key manufacturers and exporters of silica gel powder (Mix Silica Gel). Silica Gel Powder which is also known as Desiccant Powder is a form of Crystal Type Silica Gel that is prepared by crushing White Silica Gel. Silica Gel Powder, offered by us, is widely used as a catalyst in varied chemical laboratory & processes industry in different types of chemical product manufacturing.

Appearance : White color

Silica Gel Powder Size Available :

  • 40 60 Mesh
  • 60 100 Mesh
  • 100 200 Mesh
  • 200 400 Mesh
  • 400 600 Mesh

Applications :

  • Abrasive application
  • Chemical Processes

Technical Specifications



Type / Appearance

Non-Indicating Type / White

ASSAY (as SiO2)

97 – 99 %



Bulk Density

0.500 - 0.700 gm/cc

Loss on Drying %

< 6-10 %

Adsorption Capacity at 100 % humidity

15 - 20 %


80 %

Choloride (as Nacl)

0.5 ppm

Sulpates (Na2SO4)

0.5 ppm

Amonium (NH3)


Particle size (Mesh)

100 – 600 MESH



Chemical Formula


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Orange Silica Gel

  • Color Orange
  • Purity 99.5%
  • Form Beads
  • Packaging Type PP Bag
  • Size 2 - 5mm, 4 - 6 mm
  • Use As a Dryer and humidity indicator

Orange Silica Gel Beads is well known as Round Silica Gel or Spherical Silica Gel. Including blue indicator (with cobalt chloride) and orange indicator (non cobalt metal) Usually used as dryer and humidity indicator for SILICA GEL BRETHERS, precision instruments, medicine, petrol chemicals, foodstuff, clothing, leather, electric appliances, other industrial gases, etc.

Technical Specifications

Item Orange
Type Indicating
Color Change Orange to Green
Absorption Capacity RH=20% Min. 9.0%
RH=50% Min. 22.0%
Moisture 2.00%
Ball Ratio (Round Shape) 95 % min
Attrition Max 10%
Qualified Ratio of Particle Min. 90%
Bulk Density 750g/L
Specific Resistance (Ω·cm) 220
Color Variation at diff.RH RH=20% Light Brown-Yellow
RH=35% Light Brown-Green
RH=50% Light Blackish-Green
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Silica Gel Cat Litter

  • Color Multicolor
  • Purity 99%
  • Feature Premium Quality, Safe Packaging
  • Packaging Type Bag
  • Form Solid
  • Stroage Can be stored in a dry and ventilated place with well-ventilated

Silica Gel Cat Litter (Silica Gel Pet Litter), offered by us, is perfect to absorb the urine and fecal odor of the pets. Silica Gel Cat Litter is prepared is such a way that it can easily curb the bacterial growth, and also keep the hygiene.

Features :

  • Perfectly absorb volatile gases
  • Super-fast absorption
  • Strong deodorant
  • Anti-bacterial function
  • Keep the air and environment clean
  • Reduce the master's labor intensity
  • More effective
  • Easy to handle



  • 1-8mm
  • 1-6mm
  • 1-4mm
  • 2-8mm
  • 2-6mm
  • 2-4mm
  • 2-5mm
  • 1-3mm

Packaging & Storage :

  • Can be stored in a dry and ventilated place with well-ventilated
  • If silica gel does not suit to pets, then mix it with clay cat litter. After that, gradually increase quantity of silica sand to reduce the quantity of cat litter
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Cat Litter

Silica Gel Pet Litter / Silica Gel Cat Litter
Cat litter, in seconds, can absorb pets urine and fecal odor, can curb bacterial growth, and maintain the surface of cat litter dry and clean and keep safe of pets sanitation. While cat litter can absorb volatile gases, water adsorption in the air, it plays the role of air fresheners, keeping air and environment clean. Due to the unique properties of silica gel cat litter, with minimal volume, in the course of using there will be less litter. Then it reduces the master's labor intensity, and more effective to maintain the environmental sanitation.
1 In a clean cat litter box covered with a layer thickness of about 1.5 inches of cat litter.
2 The use of regular cleaning of the garbage generated in order to aintain cleanliness.
3 If there is more than one cat, can be proportionately reduced by thereplacement cycle of cat litter, rather than with more cat litter in the cat litter box. It is recommended the use of a bag of cat litter 3.6L: a at, one month, two cats, 15 days, three cats, about 10 days.
4 After adsorption, the saturated cat litter should be promptly cleared from the box with the spoon.
5 The method of extending the time for using cat litter: when in use, lease place cat litter box in the ventilation, dry place; when not in use, cat litter should be placed in a dry place.
Product Specification: 1-8mm, 1-6mm, 1-4mm, 2-8mm, 2-6mm, 2-4mm, 2-5mm, 1-3mm

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : 25-kg Bag/Drum

Delivery Time : 25-KG

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