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Hydraulic Machines

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Hydraulic Servo System

Hydraulic Servo System

Hydraulic Servo System is mostly used in technical educational institutes, universities, engineering colleges and designed to provide the ease to the students. Moreover the assortment of the Electro Hydraulic Servo System is accessible within the various specifications. The stringent quality norms have been always followed by us to cater the best of the best product range to our prestigious clients. In addition, we stand as the eminent Hydraulic Servo Control System Manufacturer and Exporter from India.



Feed back control systems are commonly used in controlling various system parameters like temperatures, speed, level, position etc.
Those control systems normally include set point input actuating signal controlled variable and feed back. In the practical Hydraulic System, it is always observed that the prediction made by using electrical counterparts in mathematics do not hold in practice. Besides due to inherent non liniarities of Hydraulic System, it is also difficult to predict their behavior. Because of this drawback, students get confused and it is having its effect on the thinking process of the students, hence ' EEE' has developed Hydraulic Servo System.
This equipment is able to give the feel and the judgement of actual performance of the system.
It can be possible by varying the values of various parameters and anyone can understand, performance, inter-relationship between parameters.
Initial part of the equipment is the basic servo system. This includes a power-pack, a four way spool valve used as a servo valve, the output cylinder, input and feedback linkages.
A sliding spool type servo-valve supplies fluid to a piston whose motion is feed back through mechanical linkages to actuate the servo-valve and closed the loop.
The translational output is converted into rotational output. The input and output displacements are transferred to recording pens through flexible linkages. A synchronous motor is used to feed paper strip at a constant speed on which input and output curve are obtained simultaneously.
To simulate inertia load on the output side, a load disc is mounted of which weights are clamped and the inertia can be varied.
A damper is attached to the output jack, to study the effect of damping on the output curve.
Damping is varied and its effect on output is observed.


Response at various pressures by
1. Step Input & cams at no load.
2. Response with Intertia load, and
3. Response with Viscous damping.


Totally open construction for easy understanding of functions. Incompressible working fluid.
Working pressure changeable from 0.5 to 25 kg/cm , single phase electric operation Ordinary ball pen recorder.


1. Potentiometer for input and output movement recording over recorder.
2. ADC card to transfer variables like input output movements / pressure etc. to PC.
3. Air compressor 2 HP with control circuits for air supply.
4. Windows based software for servo system analysis.
5. Computer P4 / 40GB HDD / 128MB RAM / Keyboard / mouse / 15"Monitor color monitor / 52xCD Rom Drive.


A copy of an instruction Manual accompanies the equipment. This details the equipment and describes procedure of operation.


2.0 m X 1.5 m floor space area. Approx.
60 lit. SAE 20 lubricant Oil.
Single phase supply.



The EEE Oil Hydraulic Trainer is designed to give the clear understanding of capabilities of hydraulic components for automated production to students of mechanical and
production engineering.
It is versatile. Portable equipment based on the present needs of engineering college curriculum.
Through the operation manual describes about 15 different hydraulic circuits for building, users can increase this
For reliable performance all the components used are reputed manufactures. For quick building circuits and avoiding leakages quick couplings with double shut of are
is used.
Besides different hydraulic circuits. It is possible to study individual components for its characteristics
about which guidelines are given in instruction manual.


1) Mounted on caster wheels for portability.
2) Quick connections. Double shut off couplings for building circuits without any tools.
3) Special sub plates for all components for front connection. Enabling observation of circuits
and ease of understanding of role of each components in circuits.
4) Loading arrangement to cylinder gives added value to the equipment.


1. Power pack :-
Sump 20 Liter capacity. / Pump: vane for gear type / Maximum flow: 10 L.P.M. at working pressure
35kg/cm / Driver Motor: 1 HP. single phase. / Induction motor 1440 rpm.Pressure relief valve for safety
& pressure adjustment.
2. Vane / Gear Pump.
3. Relief Valve.
4. Return Line Filter.
5. Reservoir.
6. Pressure Gauge for pump.
7. Direction Control valves.
8. Flow Control valve.
9. Sequencing valve.
10. Pressure reducing valve.
11. Hydraulic cylinder. Double Acting ( 1No.).
12. Two numbers of pressure Gauge will be provided for measuring pressures.
13. Solenoid operated directional control valve.
14. Non return Valve.

1. Extend, Retract and Stop ( Linear Actuator )
2. Regenerative Circuits,
3. Direction control of Rotary Actuator ( Hydraulic Motor )
4. Speed Control Of linear Actuator.
5. Meter In and Meter Our Circuits .
6. Sequencing of two Actuators.
7. Deceleration Circuit.
8. Counter balancing circuits.
9. Sequencing with speed control.
10. Electrical Circuits. ( Travers, Feed, Retract )


20 Lit. SAE 10 Oil.
440 V.AC. 15 AMP. Three phase 50 Hz. Supply
Space Required:-
Floor space 3 m. X 2 m.


A detailed instruction Manual wherein a procedure of performing circuits & maintenance is provided.
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