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Laboratory Equipment

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Experimental Stress Analysis Lab Equipment, TIF-06-1-4, Air Conditioning Laboratory Equipment, RAC-07 and RAC-06

Experimental Stress Analysis Lab Equipment

Experimental Stress Analysis Lab Equipment which we manufactured are highly used in various industries, Technical Educational Institutes, Universaties, Engineering Colleges, Industrial Laboratory and many more. Moreover the elite range of Experimental Stress Analysis Laboratory Equipment that we offer is as per the Indian & international quality standards. In addition, we are one of the supreme Experimental Stress Analysis Laboratory Equipment Exporters from India.


âEEEâ Diffused Light Research Polariscope is the
transmission type polariscope highly useful in two
dimensional stress analysis. Major components of Research
Polariscope are:
1. Optical Elements.
2. Light Box.
3. Universal Loading Frame.
4. Suitable load cell and digital indicator
5. Optical Elements:
b.Quarter wave plate No. 1
c. Quarter wave plate No. 2
d. Analyser.


Each optical element is sandwiched between two strain free acrylic sheets and is safely
mounted in metallic ring . These metal rings are mounted in two separate housings. The
quarter wave plates can be rotated to insert or remove optically to make plane or circular
polariscope. Scale is fitted on the analyser to read the angels and fractional fringe orders in
Tardy's method of compensation.
A ) Light Box:
Well-ventilated light box contains white light and monochromatic light. With diffused glass .
White light is obtained from fluorescent tube white monochromatic light is obtained from
sodium vapor lamp . Which is matching with quarter wave plates used.
B)Universal Loading Frame: Dead Weight Type
Universal loading frame is of dead weight & lever system type. Arrangement for both
transverse & vertical slow movements of frame is provided . The frame is useful for loading is
simple models in tension. Compression and bending one at a time . Space available for model
within frame is 30 cm. X 30 cm . Capacity of loading frame is 200 Kg. For specific models the
user has to design a fixture suitable for particular loading.
1. All the optical Elements with field 280 mm and ½ least count of rotation.
2. Light box with fluorescent tube and sodium lamp .
3. Table with leveling arrangement.
4.Loading frame of load cell type capacity 200 Kg. Approximate with necessary small supports
or links or fixtures for holding small models.
5. Sample models of small size in photo elastic sheet ring & Disc.


An instruction Manual describing equipment details and operating Instruction is provided.


230 VAC/ 50 Hz power supply
Your own photo elastic models for analysis works with suitable fixture.
Close-up lens type camera for photography.

Space Required:-
3m X 2m approximately in dust proof dark room preferably air-conditioned



1.Motorised Fret Saw.
2.Supply-230 V. AC, Single Phase , FHP motor.
3.Number of strokes per minute of the reciprocating blade =200 approx. Table area for cutting
operation 30cm.x 30cm.
4.Can be used to cut a template of the required shape &size from Aluminum sheet2-3mm,
Thickness by using special blades, 1-2mm, oversize on the contour by using.


The specimen cut on the fret saw unit , can be polished
and counter finished to the required size by using model
1. Table floor-50cm x 30cm.
2. Power supply 230 V AC single phase.
3. Cutting Speed -22000 r.p.m. (Approx).
4. Cutting tool-1) 025âdia (fine) guiding plug- â.
5. Motor is well covered and ventilated to see that the
plastic dust is not entering in it. Switch board, fitted on the
front side consists of a fuse, push button and supply for
dust collector and on-off switches.


Sturdy construction and accurate alignment of the tool with the guide plug is provided. The table and body are free of any vibration.
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Air Conditioning Laboratory Equipment

The range of air conditioning laboratory equipment is exclusively available with us who are up to the mark in terms of quality & its functions. Air conditioning lab equipment is designed with the special care & attention so that it can give its best performance under the opposite condition. The best part is that the air conditioning laboratory equipment offered by us is in accordance of the Indian & international quality standards. In addition, we are the leading air conditioning lab equipment manufacturer and exporters from India.



âEEEâ Air conditioning Cycle Demonstration Unit i.e. âEEEâ Mini Air Conditioning Tutor is designed to carryout following experiments and study of air conditioning cycle in details for the students of
Mechanical Engineering or Polytechnics.


1. To demonstrate the basic Vapour Compression Cycle of Refrigeration.
2. To study theoretical cycles and plotting of T- and P.H. charts.
3. To study the properties of refrigerant at salient points of the cycle.
4. To find out refrigerating effect and work input, hence, actual and theoretical C.O.P.
5. To study functioning of vapour compression cycle at various evaporator temperatures.
6. To study compressor efficiency at varying functioning condition.

This equipment is fully instrumented to demonstrate ' Refrigeration System ' with basic components and necessary controls.


1. Compressor - Hermetic Kirloskar make, Model AJ 11, Capacity 2355 Kcal/HR
2. Condenser - Air cooled suitable for above compressor with fan and motor
3. Evaporator - Suitable air cooled type fitted in the duct.
4. Expansion device - Thermostatic expansion valve Danfoss make orequivalent
5. Rotameter - for flow measurement of liquid refrigerant. Eureka make.
6. Refrigerant - R 22, charged with 1 ½ Kg, and extra : 2 kg
7. Energy meter - For power measurement of compressor , air heater and steamgenerator
8. Heater regulator - suitable capacity
9. Pressure gauge - Waree make, 2â dial, for HP and LP measurement.
10. Digital Temp. Indicator - For temp, measurement at various points.Range up to 300 C.
11. HPLP cutout - For safety of compressor, Ranco or equivalent make.
12. Orifice & manometer Inclined manometer and orifice plate for airflow measurement
13. Steam Generator - For steam injection.
14 Axial Fan - For forcing the air in the duct, 100 cfm
15. Air heater - 3 Nos, 0.5 KW capacity.
16. Dry - Wet bulb thermometer Zeal England mercury type for measurement of condition of air, 4 nos.
17. All equipment are suitably mounted on a painted sturdy angle frame and power coated panel.


An instruction manual is supplied with the apparatus which describes theory involved, range and procedure of experiments, along with necessary calculatons.


  • AC 220V 50 HZ supply.

  • Space required : A bench area of approximately 5 m X 2 m.

  • RAC-05


    Heat pump is a machine which extracts heat from low grade heat sources and with addition of high grade energy in the form of electric motor or engine and delivers heat at a temperature.
    Suitable for either domestic, industrial or commercial purpose.

    EEE has designed Air and Water Heat Pump to demonstrate and analysis the cycle using refrigeration as a working fluid.

    The refrigeration cycle consists of Hermetically sealed compressor, water cooled condenser, filter/dryer, rotameter, thermostatic expansion valve, air evaporator and water evaporator with selector valves. Two additional rotameters are provided in water circuits of condenser and
    evaporator respectively to measure flow rates. Digital temperature indicator is provided to measure temperature at various position.

    THE LOW GRADE HEAT INPUT will be supplied by ambient air in the case of air evaporator or water in case of water evaporator, the HIGH GRADE ENERGY input will be supplied in the form of
    electrical energy to compressor. The amount of this input can be measured using energy meter.

    This tutor has been designed to achieve steady state within reasonable period so that students can complete their experiments within 2-3 hours. By varying operating conditions the performance of heat pump can be studied.


    1) Compressor :- Hermetically sealed type Kirloskar make Ton capacity.
    2) Condenser :- Water cooled type shell and coil condenser with refrigerant inside the tube.
    3) Expansion valve :- Thermostatic Expansion valve.
    4) Filter/ Dryer of suitable capacity.
    5) Rotameter :- One for refrigerant circuit for R-12. One water Rotameter for condenser. One
    water rotameter for water evaporator.
    6) Evaporator :- a) Water cooled type shell &coil evaporator with Refrigerant inside the tube.
    b) Air evaporator- finned tube type with fan and motor.
    7) Multichannel Digital Temperature Indicator with Thermocouples to measure various temperatures.
    8) H. P. L. P cutout.
    9) Pressure gauge :- Two nos. For delivery and suction pressures.
    10) Energy meter :- To measure power consumption of compressor motor.
    11) Necessary valves, switches etc.


    1) Determination of co-efficient of performance of unit when working as heat pump.
    2) Energy balances for complete system over arrange of operating condition.
    3) To determine overall heat transfer co-efficient for condenser and evaporator.
    4) To observe effect of sub-cooling in the condenser on co-dfficient of performance of heat pump.


    A technical Manual is supplied which gives details of the apparatus and procedure of experiments.


  • Single phase 230V. 15 Amp supply.

  • Water supply continuous 20 lit/min. in two circuit for condenser and evaporator.
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    • Brand Name UMI


    - For Educational Training

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    • Brand Name UMI


    - For Educational Training

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    Educational Laboratory Equipment

    Avail one of the widely appreciated arrays of the educational laboratory equipment such as fluid machine, heat exchanger unit, hydraulic bench, hydraulic testing machine, hydraulic servo system and the list goes on. The best part of the offered range of educational laboratory equipment is that, it complies with indian and international quality standards. The followed quality standards are enough to ensure that our products will never create any problem in their work performance. Subsequently, we can also provide you an economy range of educational training laboratory equipment at market leading prices. In addition, we are the paramount educational lab equipment manufacturer in india.
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