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Our Complete range of products are and HPF-100 Fat Powder.

HPF-100 Fat Powder

  • Feeding Recommendations Feed at the rate of 100- 200gms/ day or 1- 2% in feed to supplement the energy or As Directed by Consultant
  • Packing 25 Kg.
  • Crude Fat 99.5% min.
  • Saturated Fatty Acids 94%
  • Unsaturated Fatty 6%
  • Acids Gross Energy 8600 Kcal/Kg
  • Rumen Protected Rumen Stable
  • Chemically treated Physically fractionated
  • Risk if the Ph drops Independent of the pH
  • Not Permanently Stable Permanently Stable

The term “rumen-protected” describes  products that pass through the rumen  unchanged as long as the pH remains stable. Helps cows to overcome their  shortage of energy in the early phase  of lactation, enabling the animals to  release substances necessary for milk protein synthesis. Details : HPF- 100 is the new generation rumen-stable fat powder of Palm Fatty Acids with suitable Fatty Acid profile for Ruminating Animals. HPF-100 is a highly digestible fat/carbohydrate  complex in powder form that is 100% rumen-  stable. This is used to encapsulate carbohydrates,   which are not available to the cow until they  reach the gut.   HPF-100 Leads to : Improves BCS in early lactation Increases energy density to combat NEB Increase milk components by 15-20% Improves Fertility Index

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