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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of and Yea-Zyme Fibrolytic Enzymes.

Yea-Zyme Fibrolytic Enzymes

  • Composition Blend of Yeast culture, Fibrolytic enzymes & Oyster shell flour
  • Indications Indigestion / Rumen dysfunction / Ruminal acidosis
  • Dosage 0- 20 gms per day per Animal or 100- 200 gms per 100 kg of feed or As Directed Consultant
  • Packing 100 gms., 1Kg. & 25Kg.

Fibrolytic Enzymes for Dairy : Ruminant specific yeast culture improves and sustains  favorable ruminal microbial population and ruminal health. Fibrolytic enzymes used shows tremendous improvement in  production efficiency and minimizes nutrient wastage.  They play as an important component in the digestion of many  plants and animal by products as well as common feedstuffs. Synergistic action of multiple SSF enzymes  breaks down indigestible NSP to bio-available nutrients. Improved digestibility of forage diets : improves the digestion of feed, resulting in more nutrients  released per kilogram of feed. Assist in improving dry matter intake by accelerating the flow  of feed through the rumen. Benefits : Stabilized rumen pH (low rumen pH decreases growth of ruminal bacteria)  Improves volatile fatty acids Enhances protein, lactose and fat levels in the milk  Reduces stress   Enzyme Activity per 200 gm : Cellulase 50000 unit Xylanase 75000 units Glucanase 25000 units Mannanase 25000 units Pectinase 15000 units Galactosidase 25000 units Lignase 25000 units Phytase 55000 units

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