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Home UPS

Home UPS

Owing to our rich industrial experience and an ultra-modern manufacturing unit, we introduce a premium range of Home UPS. This range not just fulfils light energy demands but also provides best protection and smooth operation for crucial and highly expensive modern gadgets like L.E.D. Television, Laptop computers, Printer, Microwave Oven etc. Our inverter technology uses compact and powerful internationally standard quality components as raw materials and highly advanced software design that controls automated operation of U.P.S. cum Inverter. We are a renowned Home UPS Manufacturer and Supplier from Pune, Maharashtra. Buy them from us at affordable prices.


M.P.P.E. and Zero Drop Charge Controller Circuit :
We know that solar pv is a constant current source whose output depends on direct sun light. The solar pv output is given to M.P.P.E. (maximum power point extraction) circuit or Zero drop charge controller (fixed P.W.M.) circuit. These circuits are designed to deliver maximum rated charging current to the battery / D.C. load. The voltage across the solar panel goes on reducing when maximum power is extracted from it. M.P.P.E. or Zero drop charge controller circuit adjusts the perfect balance between solar panel voltage and current flowing through it in such a way that maximum power can be delivered to the load. Easy select switch can be used to select ups or inverter mode.

The D.S.P. based M.P.P.E circuit continuously varies P.W.M. duty cycle to deliver maximum power to the load by perfectly matching impedance between solar panel and the load that ensure 25% to 35% more power can be delivered to the battery / D.C. load. A special type thick plate deep discharge battery (C 10) type is used for solar applications.

Important :
Lead acid battery may produce hydrogen gas which is highly explosive .So, for precaution, always keep U.P.S./ Inverter and it’s battery at least 1 meter away from each-other and away from fire and short circuit prone situations at ventilated place only and at 25oC or below.

Caution :
Inductive loads such as motors, house hold mixer grinder, heaters, irons etc may take three times more power while switching on than the required power for normal operation so while selecting Inverter for such application one should consider this and must keep in mind that inductive load consumes more power than other type of loads and also battery drains at a faster rate.

Specifications :

  • dsP IC microcontroller based highly advanced design. (dsPIC16F1686 and dsPIC30F2010)
  • Handy switch Home UPS / Inverter mode selection.
  • Automatic Solar / Grid mode selection.
  • Fit & relax with robust design with high efficiency of conversion.
  • Pure sine wave output with less or equal to 3% T.H.D.
  • M.P.P.E. (maximum power point extraction) circuit or Zero drop charge controller (fixed P.W.M.) circuit option with 6 to 60 amps.
  • User friendly L.E.D. / L.C.D. based design.
  • Output short circuit and overload protection.
  • Battery charging even at low A.C. Voltage (110 V).
  • Inbuilt Cooling fan with every unit.
  • Fail proof transformer with minor core losses low power idle consumption.
  • Constant current battery charging that ensures long battery backup and enhanced battery life.
  • Fully software based system control in accordance with grid power cut frequency.
  • Internationally standard components based design.
  • Moderate cable length and wire thickness as per battery maximum dc current flow.
  • Best in class line and load regulation.
  • Instant switchover to ups mode.
  • Extra long backup for computers.
  • No load shut down.
  • Accurate Battery temperature sensing and shut down.
  • Best in class packaging.
  • Attractive and Decent External appearance and with proper internal wiring.
  • Perfect match for mixed load application.
  • Warning for Overload and battery low voltage.
  • Noiseless & eco-friendly operation.

  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Input Voltage : 220v
  • Phase : Single Phase
  • Warrenty : 1year
  • Output Voltage : 120 V/240 V AC
  • Battery Type : 12v

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