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Laboratory Equipments

We offer the best product range of Watch Glass, Diagnostic Sets, Centrifuge, Laboratory Incubator and Petri Dishes.

Watch Glass

A watch glass is a concave and convex piece of glass used as a surface to evaporate liquids. They are also used to hold solids, for heating small quantity of any specimens or as a cover for beakers. However, one of the generic uses of watch glass is to act as a lid for beakers. When they are used as a surface for evaporation, watch glasses determine crystals and patterns of precipitation. Glass watch glasses can also be reused after sterilization either in a laboratory oven or in an autoclave. Biomedica Healthcare, as one of the leading manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and exporters of laboratory equipments, develop high-quality watch glass to ensure optimal performance.

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Diagnostic Sets

They are the most critical tool sets in a doctor’s clinic. This is required to perform a comprehensive physical checkup. It is a compact box which has various types of tools like otoscope, opthalmoscope, nasal speculum, bent arm illuminator, laryngeal mirrors, tongue blade holder and much more. These tools are essential for every practitioner and as a complete diagnostic instrument set, these tools come in handy everywhere. We have a wide variety for you to choose from and they can be customized as per your needs. As a leading manufacturer, wholesale supplier and exporter we are committed to providing you the best quality product. Lightweight and compact, this diagnostic set is fully equipped with everything you need.

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A laboratory centrifuge is a device driven by a motor in order to spin liquid samples and separate the fluids, liquids or gas based on density. Lab professionals study nucleic acids, polymers, blood, proteins and viruses with the help of centrifuges. This product also helps in separating serum from plasma and blood and other solid particles from liquids. Certain centrifuges come with high speed centrifugation capacity to diagnose critical medical conditions. Biomedica Healthcare is one of the most renowned manufacturers, wholesale suppliers & exporters of various types of centrifuges depending on the sample capacity and on the size.

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Laboratory Incubator

Incubators are essential equipment for laboratories conducting tissue culture and cell culture activities. The device protects cells from any kind of changes in humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide and temperature. Usually incubators are made of three main types of raw materials including stainless sheet metal, the second category includes items like nuts, screws, motors, fans, insulation and other miscellaneous items and the third type of raw material include electronics package. Biomedica Healthcare, one of the sought after manufacturers, wholesale suppliers & exporters of laboratory equipment, develops high-quality incubators with new application known as cultivation and manipulation of microorganism for research and medical work.

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Petri Dishes

Although Petri dishes have a variety of uses, they are primarily used for culturing bacteria. They are cylindrical styled glass or plastic lidded dishes that can be reused post sterilization. Originally Petri Dishes were made of glass, however, these days; one may also find disposable Petri Dishes made out of plastics. One of the latest developments in Petri Dishes is three-dimensional dishes with metal rings at the bottom. Besides being used in the laboratory, such devices are also used in school and college laboratories to teach students about different biological concepts. Biomedica Healthcare is one of the recognized manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and exporters of Petri Dishes and offers the high-quality Petri Dishes for specialized biological and institutional labs

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Beakers are common pieces of laboratory products. These containers are used for mixing, stirring and heating liquids required in laboratories. Beakers are typically cylindrical in shape with a flat bottom. The majority of them contain small spouts to help pouring liquids from one container to another. Although beakers are commonly made of glass, they are also available in metal such as aluminum or stainless steel as well as certain plastic materials including polypropylene or polythene. Biomedica Healthcare being the most sought after manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and exporters of laboratory products have taken care to develop fine quality beakers in all types and specifications.

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Test Tube Stand

As one of the essential products of laboratory, test tube stands are required to store, hold as well as support laboratory tubes so that they do not tip over, roll away, strike and break one another. They are made of either metal or wood. Biomedica Healthcare as one of the most distinguished manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and exporters of laboratory products, offer best quality test tube stands to ensure that they perform safely especially while heating solutions in tubes. Biomedica Healthcare is renowned for providing versatile range of light weight yet sturdy test tube stands for optimum performance. The stands are manufactured using best grade raw materials to hold test tubes with utmost care.

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Baby Incubator

Biomedica Healthcare has earned huge recognition in the global market as foremost Baby Incubator manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. We are gladly offering our product to our esteemed clients based in Karur. We believe in serving the medical industry in the best possible manner. That’s why; we manufacture our product as per the guidelines of the industry. We are backed by the team of highly competent professionals. Our team uses graded components during the manufacturing process. The whole production activity takes place at our factory which is fully furnished with advanced technological equipment. The incorporation of superb quality components and modern machinery helps in the development of highly accurate, reliable and durable product.

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