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Animal Feed Supplement

We offer the best product range of Provimilk Powder and G Phos Ad3 Feed Supplement.

Provimilk Powder

A Non-Hormonal, Non-Toxic, Safe & Non-Habitual Galactogenic Probiotic Feed Supplement : Improves milk yield & increases butter fat yield. Maintains ruminal PH for production of VFA's Provides extra amino acids (microbial proteins) Produces less methane, less lactic acid Enhances fibre digestion to get more fat and energy Non-toxic. non-habit forming, natural product.   Packs available : 1 kg   Recommended Dose :  Large Animal : 50 gm Twice a Day  For Feed :  Mix 1kg  in 100kg of feed   (For Best Performance to be Given in feed 12 hrs before mixing).

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G Phos Ad3 Feed Supplement

Sodium Acid Phosphate with Vitamin Ad3   G-Phos is the complete answer of Anoestrous. G-Phos restore parturient uterus to its normal state. G-Phos Improves Conception Rate. G-Phos Prevents post parturient. G-Phos useful in Hemoglobinuria. G-Phos Enhances Protein Synthesis. G-Phos Prevents Milk Fever & Pica.  G-Phos Improves Milk Production.     Packs available : 500 gm   Recommended Usage :  Mix 10 gm Wlth each kg of feed

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