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G Depot 750 Injection

G Depot 750 Injection Hydroxyprogestrone Caproat Injection I.P. Used to treat the reproductive disorders   Indiactions : Threatened abortions associated with progestrone deficiency Repeat breeding due to failure of implentation of zygote associated with progestrone deficiency Prolapse of uterus due to high levels of oestrogen causing excessive contractions of uterus   Contains : Each ml contains : Hydroxyprogestrone Caproat Inj I.P. 250 gm In an oily base : q.s.   Recommended Dosage : As directed by veterinarian    Presentation : 3 ml Ampules   Administration : For intramuscular use only

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G Ceph Injection

G Ceph Ceftriaxone Injection I.P 3g Choose the power for fight against the infection   Contains : Each 3g Vial Contains : Sterile Ceftriaxone Sodium I.P eq to Cetriaxone - 3g One ampoute containing Sterile Water for injection I.P 20ml   Indications : Drug of choice for mastitis. Best antibiotic for Metritis, Uro-Genital infections. Most effective antiboitic for respiratory tract infections G ceph is highly effective in CNS infection. provides very good response in gastro-intestinal tract infections, skin & soft tissue infection. Highly effective in preventing post operative infections.   Packs available :  3g  Vial, with water for injection.   Directions for use :  5-6 mg/kg Body Wt

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G Ceph - Tazo Injection

Ceftriaxone & Tazobactam for injection I.P 3.375g.   Contains : Each 3.375g vial contains Ceftriaxone sodium I.P equivalent to ceftrixone - 3gm Tazobactam Sodium equivalent to Tazobactam - 375 mg Sterile water for injection I.P - 12ml   Pack Available : 3.375 gm   Adiministration : Intramuscular Intravenous, Routes Only

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Gomox Forte Injection

Gomox Amoxycillin & Cloxacillin Inj. (Vet) During the tough time put in the safe Hand.   Contains : Each Vail Contains: Amoxycillin Sodium IP equivalent to Amoxycillin - 2g Cloxacillin Sodium IP equivalent to Cloxacillin - 2g   Pack Available: 4 gm   Indications : Respiratory Tract Infection Metritis, Mastitis, Calf Scour, Brucellosis, Pyelonephritis, Secondary Infections Assoc With FMD. H.S, B.Q, Salmonella Local Infection, Septicaemia, Chloric Wounds, Abscesses, Enteritis, Post Surgical Therapy, P.U.O, Pneumonia.

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Gopex Injection

Ampicillin & Cloxacillin Inj (Vet)   Contains : Each Vail Contains : Amoxycillin Sodium IP equivalent to ampicillin- 2g Cloxacillin Sodium IP equivalent to Cloxacillin - 2g   Pack Available : 4 gm   Adiministration : Intramuscular Intravenous

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Megagesic Injection

Choose the best, Ensure the Good Health.   Indication :  An effective Anti Inflammatory , Antipyretic & Analgesic All painful inflammatory muscle-skeltal conditions Ephemeral fever As antipasmodic in prolapse of uterus & vagina Rheumatic, Arthritis & Laminits Fracture, Dislocation & Strain   Contains :  Each ml contacins : Mefanamic Acid I.P. : 50 mg Paracetamol I.P. : 150 mg Benxyl Alcohal (As preservative) : 2 % v/v   Recommended Dosage:  Large Animal : 15 ml twice daily for 3 to 4 days Small animal : 2-4 ml bid.   Presentation : 100 ml vial   Administration : Intramuscular routes only

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Beta G Injection

Potent Glucocorticoid against Allergic & inflammatory conditions.   Indication :  A highly active glucocolicoid with powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic & anti-ketotic effect Useful in allergic, inflammatory, shock, Toxaemia   Contains :  Each ml contacins :  Betamethasone Sodium Phosphate I.P. equivalent to 4 mg of Betamethasone base.   Dosage :  Large Animal : 5-10 ml Small animal : 1-5 ml   Presentation : 10 vials of 5 ml  each   Administration : For i.m./i.v. use

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Ivomar Injection

One Shot To Kill Endoparasites & Ectoparasites.   Each ml Contains : Ivermectin B.P - 10mg Benzyl Alchohol I.P - 15mg Propylene glycol I.P - q.s   Indications : For internal & external parasites : In cattle & sheep :  gastrointestinl roundworms, lungworms, skinworms, Ticks Eyeworms, Cattle grubs, Screw-worm fly larvae, Sucking Lice, Mange mites, Biting Ilice. In camels :  Gastrointestinal roundworms, mange mites   Dosage : For cattle, Sheep, Goat & pets 1 ml for 50 kg body weight To be repeated at weekly / fortnightly interval necessary in manage infections. For pigs 1 ml for 33 kg body weight.   Administrations :  For Injection - Subcutaneous routes. Only   Packs Available : 10ml Vial

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Meloxim Injection

For faster movements, free from pain, fever & Inflammation.   Contains :  Each ml contacins : Meloxicam B.P. : 5 mg. Benzyl Alcohal I.P. : 1% W/V Water for Injection I.P. : q.s.   Recommended Dosage :  Cow, buffaloes, Sheep & Goat : 30 ml/300 Kg B.wt. in Pneumonia or prolapse of uterus. 15 ml/300 Kg B. Wt. in other condition & to be repeated daily or as directed by Vet.   Presentation : 100 ml vial   Administration : Intramuscular, Intravenous, Subcutaneous routes

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Goldvit - H Injection

Goldvit-H  Vitamin A, D3, E and H Injection (Vet) Ensure better Health with highly responsive Multi-Vitamins   Contains : Vitamin A (as Palmitate) I.P. - 250, 000 I.U. Vitamin D3 I.P. - 25000 I.U  Vitamin E I.P - 100 I.U (as dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate) Biotin  USP - 12.5 mcg. Benzyl alcohol  I.P. - 2% W/V (as preservative Sesame Oil) U.S.P - Q.S   Indications : For maintaining the growth, production & lactation of farm animals. For supportive therapy in general Debility, Stress & as a co-therapy with antibiotics. For healthy growth of foetus during pregnancy For specific infertility and treatment of under developed genitalia.   Packs available : 10ml Vial    Administration :  For Intramuscular use only   Presentation :  10 ml Multidose Vial   Recommended Dosage : 1ml Per 25 to 50 kg body weight Repeat the dosage after 7 to 10 days Or as directed by the Veterinarian.

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Atro-G Injection

Atro-G Injection Atropine Sulphate Injection I.P. Vet Powerful Antidot against O-P Poisioning   Indication : As an antidot to organophosphorous poisioning & Co-therapy in diarrhoea by reducing penstalsis movement.   Contains :  Each ml contacins : Atropine sulphate I.P. : 1 mg Water for Injection I.P. : q.s.   Recommended Dosage : As directed by veterinarian    Presentation : 100 ml Multidose vial   Administration : For i.m./i.v. use

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Belvet Injection

Belvet Injection B-Complex Liver extract with Vit. B12 Injection Enhances Liver function , Assure good health   Indication :  Helps in non specific Liver disorders Helps in growth of young animals Useful in supportive therapy During & after treatment with antibiotics, sulpha. Improves metabolism & feed conversion Helps in Hepatitis & jaundice    Recommended Dosage :  Large Animal : 10 ml  Small animal : 3-5 ml For 5-7 days   Presentation : 50 ml & 100 ml vial   Administration : Intramuscular routes only

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Enrolin Injection

ENROLIN Enrofloxacin Inj. 10% W/V Ensures Good Health Free from Infections   Indications : Infections of G.I. Tract such as Diarrhoea, Enteritis, Colibacillosis Infections of upper respiratory tract such as Pneumonia, Acute and chronic mastitis. Retained placenta & secondary infections associated with viral infections.   Contains : Each ml contains : Enrofloxacin - 100mg Benzyl Alchohol I.P. - 2%V/V Water for injection I.P - q.s   Dosage : 5mg/ kg body weight or 1 ml per 20 kg body weight.   Presentation : 100ml vial   Administration : Intramuscular route only.

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Fru G Injection

Fru G Injection  : Frusemide Injection I.P. (Vet.) As Potent Diuretic in Oedemetous Conditions   Indication :  As powerful diuretic for Parental administration in Oedema of all types ascongestive & pathological oedema of udder & perineum for  elimination of cows & mares As supportive treatment for elimination of fluid from body cavities   Contains :  Each ml contacins : Frusemide I.P. : 50 mg Benzyl alcohal I.P. (as preservative): 1 % v/v Water on Inj I.P. : Q.S.   Recommended Dosage:  Large Animal : 5-10 ml Small animal : 1-5 ml   Presentation : 10 ml vial   Administration : For i.m./i.v. use

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G Vil Injection

G Vil Injection Pheniramin Maleate Injection I.P. (Vet.) Effective & self Antihistaminic, for allergy free life   Indications : Effective in all diseases due to histamine overactivity Anthistamine used to control Itching in animals with allergies Effective in Anaphylectic shock, stomatitis, Dermatitis, Drug allergy, insect bite, Oedema & Bums   Contains :  Each ml contacins : Methyl Parahydroxybenzoate I.P. : 22.75 mg Methyl Parahydroxybenzoate I.P. (As preservative) : 0.015% W/v Water for injection I.P. : q.s.   Recommended Dosage:  Cattle & Horses : 5-10 ml Sheep, Goats & Pigs : 2-5 ml Dogs : 1-2 ml   Presentation : 100 ml vial   Administration : Intramuscular & Intravenous routes

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