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Our offered Product range includes Goldmin Forte Powder, Mast Cure Powder, Must Cool Powder and Prolapseal Powder.

Goldmin Forte Powder

Chelated Goldmin Forte   Is an Ideal Combination of Chelated Multivitamin & multiminerals for Higher Productivity & Fertility. Goldmin improve Body growth rate. Goldmin helpful in Anoestrus condition. Goldmin solve Repeat breeding problem. Goldmin prevent Abortion & Prolapse. Goldmin useful Milk fever & Low milk yield. Goldmin decrease Stressful condition.   Packs available :  1 kg, 5 kg,  2.5kg & 20 kg   Directions for Use Large Animals : 25-40 gms., daily mixed in feed Small Animals : 10-20 gms., daily mixed in feed  For Regular feeding : Mix 1 kg in 100 kg feed

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Mast Cure Powder

For the Prevention and Control of mastitis. Excellent Results in Subclinical Mastitis. For the Helps in Softening of Udder. For Potenting Udder Immunity. For Improves Cellular Immunity. For Decreased Citric Acid in Milk.    Mastitis greatly affects productivity and is the largest health cost on most farms   Packs available : 1 kg Pack    Direction for Use : 50 gm Twice daily for 10 days or as directed by veterinarian 

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Must Cool Powder

An Ideal Combination for Better Protection In Dehydration & Heat Stroke Must Cool Helps  :  Prevents Deficiency Syndromes Overcomes in Dehydration, Diarrhoea, Heat Stroke & Summer Stress Other Stress Condition Viz  Calving Stress, Transportation Stress &  Climatic Stress Improves Vigour & Vitality Feeding Advice : Cattle / Buffalo / Horse / Camel  :  50 Gm. Twice daily Calves / Sheep / Goat / Dog   : 20 Gm. Twice daily Poultry :  10 Gm. / 100 Birds With Water or As Directed By Veterinarian

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Packaging Details : 1 Kg

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Prolapseal Powder

An Ideal Combination of Essential Herbal Elements for Prolap : Prolapseal Build up Immunity for Both Pre & Post Partum of Prolapse. Prolapseal Enhance the Synthesis of lmmunoglobulins  Prolapseal is Powerful Diuretic which Helpful in Restoration of Prolap Condition Prolapseal is Powerful Muscles-toner, which Helps to Strengthens the Uro-Genital Muscle Fibers. Prolapseal Helps to Reduce the Chances of Reoccurrence of Prolapse.    Packs available : 1 Kg. Pack    Direction For Use : 100 Gms. Twice daily With Water or Oil As directed by veterinarian 

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