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Our product range comtains a wide range of Fentop Bolus, Nitron-U Bolus, Goldvit Liquid, Gosic-NP Bolus and Biorum Bolus

Fentop Bolus

Each single Bolus contains : Ferbendazole - 3000 mg   Knock-out the worm Infestation through world safest dewormer : Fentop is a broad spectrum anthelmintic effective against bot mature & immature stages of all kind of roundworms with ovicidal effects found in cattle , sheep, goats, horses, pigs, dogs & cats. Fentop is effective against tapeworms found in sheep, pigs, dog & cats. Fentop is only anthelmintic effective against mature & immature stages of lungworms Fentop is  specially effcacious against the tissue stages ofosterlagia Fentop is safest dewormer at any stage of pregnancy & no adverse effect on fertility Fentop can be use in sick debiltated animals Fentop is recommended globally in lactating animals   Packs Available : Carton of 1 strips of single bolus   Recommended Dose :  Large animals : 1 Bolus

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Nitron-U Bolus

Nitron-U Bolus Nitrofurazone & urea Bolus A Unique Antibacterial for Uterine Infection   Indications : Most Useful in Metritis, Pyometra, Cervicitis Vaginitis & Rotained Placenta, in case of infertility & repeat breeder. Very Sleek and easy to be placed in Uterus.   Contains : Each Uncoated Bolus Contains : Nitrofurazone B.P - 60mg Urea - 6000 mg Excipient - q.s   Pecommended Usage : One or Two Bolus to be placed in Uterus   Presentations : Strip of 4 Bolus

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Goldvit Liquid

Booster Dose of Multivitamins Strengthen Udder tissues and muscles.  Prevent Mastitis & Recondition the Udder. Improve Fertility of Breeding Bulls. Increase Capillary Integrity & Stop hair loss. Overcomes Weakness Lameness Better Cerebral & Nervous Function.  Antioxidant So Growth Promoter. Increase Libido.   Packs Available : 100/  250 / 500 ml / 1 Lit   Recommend Uses: Cattle 10 ml per day

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Gosic-NP Bolus

Gosic-NP Anti inflammatory, Antipyretic, Analgesic Dual Power for solution of Pain & fever   Indications : High fever. Pyrexia of unknown reason. Pain associated with prolapse of uterus. Sprain, Renal and Intestinal Colic. Symptomatic Treatment in Arthritis, Myostitis, Ephemeral fever and Musculoskeletal Disorders.   Contains : Each uncoated Bolus Contains : Nimesulide B.P - 400mg Paracetamol I.P - 1500mg Excipients - Q.S   Recommended Usage : As directed by the Veterinarian   Presentation : 25X4's Blister Pack

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Biorum Bolus

A Herbal Rumenotoric with Live Yeast Culture for Anorexia & Indigestion : Stimulates microflora activity. Corrects metabolic disorders.  Increases in weight & growth.  Boosts digestion & liver function Defense against aflatoxins.  Improves appetite restore milk production.    Packs Available : 5 Stripes of 4 Boluses Each   Recommended Dose :  Small animals : 1-2 Bolus a day Large animals : 3-4 Bolus a day or as diorected by veterinarian

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Hestaforte Bolus

The Heat Inducer, A Right Combination of  Vitamins, Minerals & Herbals  : Regulates The Hormonal Secretion. Regulate the ovaries to normal heat cycle. Stimulates genetarial system of females. Effective on silent heat condition. Non-Hormonal, Non-toxic. High efficiency with highly economical.   Hestaforte is useful in conditions like decrease conception rate, Delayed lnvolution of Uterus, Delayed Sexual Maturity, Repeat Breeding, Non-Specific Anoestrus, Silent Heat.   Packs Available : Carton of 5 Strips of 4 Boluses Each    Recommended Usage : 2 Bolus a day or as Directed by the Veterinarian. 

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D Stop Bolus

A Powerful Broad spectrum Antibacterial & Antiprotozoal for  Oral Use & a Master key to close Diarrhoea : D Stop Is highly effective against both Gram positive  & Gram negative organisms and is therefore the drug of choice for  treating Conditions like in. Animals :  Diarrhoea , Acute undifferenciated Diarrhoea of Calves, Gastro entiritis, Vaginitis endometritis, Metrars. Cystitis, Nephritis, Pneumonia, Bronchits. To Control the Secondary bacterial infection in viral diseases.   Packs Available : 25 x 2's Blister pack   Recommended Dose : 1 Bolus / 200 kg body weight

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Livo-G Liquid

A Unique Liver Tonic for Optimize & Toned up the Liver Function : Helps in regeneration of damaged liver tissues Restores liver health in the condition like hepatitis, Jaundioe. aliatoxicosis. liver flukes & other helminth infestation. Guards liver parenchyma against toxic effect of drugs. Assist in fat digestion & assimilation Improves F C R promotes growth & weight gain Acts as an antioxidant Helps in Metabolism of carbohydrate, fat & protein   Packs available : 500 ml , 1 Ltr. Pack and 5 Liter    Direction For Use Cattle, Buffalo & Horse : 40 ml. Twice Daily Sheep, Goat, Calf, Foal & Pig : 20-25 ml. Twice Daily For each 100 Birds (in drinking water)  Chicks : 5 ml Dairy Growers : 10 ml Layers & Breeders : 15 mil Daily

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Uro G Tonic

Is a powerful Uterine Tonic with Galactagogue Action : Uro-G remove Retained Placenta Uro-G helpful in low milk yeild after parturition & irregular flow of milk let down Uro-G play unique role in Uterine infections associated with infertility & Delayed involution of uterus. Uro-G solve repeat breeding problem Uro-G useful silent Heat.   Packd Available : 500ml & 1 Lit.   Directions for use : Femal control : 60-75 ml Cow & Buffalo : 50-60 ml Mare : 30-40 ml

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Tickmar Liquid

Deltamethrin 1.25%.   The powerful performer to kill Ectoparasits.   Contains : Deltamethrin BP. - (Vet) 12.5mg Solvent & Emulsifiers -  q.s   Indication :  For prevention and control of Ectoparasitic Infectations like Tick, Lice Flies and Mites   Antidote : Atropin Sulphate  Inj. or diczepam Inj.   Prcaution : Keep tickmar out of reach of children, pets and food stuffs. Do not eat, drink or smoke during treatment, Wash hands throughly with soap and cold water. Do not pour unused solution in to river or ponds. If swallowed induce vomiting and give kaolin. In case of intoxication call a Medical/ Veterinary doctor who will treat symptomatically.   Packs available :  15 ml & 50 ml Bottle.

  • Recommended Dosage Spray Or Dip Treatment
    Parasites Spray or Dip Topping up
    Name PPM Tickmar Per Litre of Water PPM Tickmar Per Litre of Water
    Ticks 25 2 ml 37.5 3 ml
    Mites 50 4 ml 75 6 ml
    Lice 12.5 1 ml 18.75 1.5 ml
    Flies 25 2 ml 37.5 3 ml
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Vetzole Suspension

Vetzole Suspension Albendazole Suspension i.P (Vet) No More Worm Infestation   Indication : Anthelmintic against round worms, tapeworms and flukes Indicated in treatment of either single or mixed parasites Kills established adult round worms and ingested larvae reduce chances of reinfection.   Contains :   Each ml Contains Albendazole I.P (Vet) - 25 mg Flavoured Aqueous Base - q.s     Recommended Dosage : Albendazole 5 mg per kg of body weight Cattle : 60-90 ml Calf : 15-30 ml Sheep and Goat : 2-3 ml per 10 kg of body weight.   Presentation : 30 ml Suspension

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Gs-Cal Liquid

At the initial stages of using raw material for the production, our dedicated quality staff makes certain that the inputs used are of premium quality. Thus, our offered range is highly appreciated for the quality. We have a team of quality examiners who strictly check the product quality so as to attain maximum client satisfaction.   GS - GAL Liquid : Calcium, Phosphorus, Vit. D3 & B12 Dosage : Cow, Buffalo & Horse : 100 ml. daily Calf, Foal, Colt & Pig  : 40 ml. daily Sheep, Goat & Dog : 20 ml. daily For each 100 birds Chicks : 20 ml. daily Growers & Broilers : 50 ml. daily Layers & breeders : 100 ml. daily Presentation : 1 Lit, 2 Lit, 5 Lit, 10 Lit. & 20 Lit. Note : For More Milk & Good Health

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Gs-Cal Plus Liquid

CHELATED GS CAL Plus   The Right Combination Of Cal, Pho, vit. A, D3, B12 , H Fivanti, Shatavari & Carbohydrate. Improves Milk yield to the Maximum Level. Prevents Post Parturient Complications. Promotes Growth & Production. Improves Resistance Against Diseases. Decreases Somatic Cell Counts In Milk. Prevents Milk Fever, Rickets, Pica, Osteomalacia and Osteoporosis Healthy Pregnancy   Packs Available : 1 Lit., 2 Lit., 5 Lit. & 20 Lit., 10 Lit.   Rercommended Usage : Buffalo, Cow & Horse : 100 ml Daily Calf, Foal & Pig : 40 ml Daily  Sheep, Goat & Dog : 20 ml Daily 

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Lactonex Bolus

A Powerful Galactagogue & Effective Tranquillizer : For improve milk yield. For easy letting down of milk. For development of udder, Effective against all stress conditions. Powerful and safe lactogenic and galactogogue. Lactation is maintained even after the withdrawal of the drug. Ensures smooth and complete flow of milk. Easy to administer & no habit formation. Used in follow - up treatment.   Packs available : Carton of 5 Strips of 4 Boluses Each    Recommended Dose : 1-2 Bolus Twice a Day or As Directed by the Veterinarian (Prefer to give 2 Hrs. before milking)

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