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Food Grains

Our product range contains a wide range of Bob's Red Mills Steel Cut Oats 623gm, 1kg Zealeo Organic Quinoa, 300gm McVities HobNobs Oat, 500 gm Express Foods White Oats and Pristine Beginnings Ragi

Bob's Red Mills Steel Cut Oats 623gm

  • Features They are milled from high protein whole grain oats and cut into neat pieces using a specialized rotary granulator mill. These oats do not contain any artificial flavoring agents or preservatives Etc
  • Benefits Excellent choice of breakfast to start your day in a healthy manner Etc.
A healthy diet is one of the key elements required for overall health of a person. All the meals taken during the day require proper consideration, but a healthy breakfast is by far the most important among all these meals. A good breakfast ensures that you start your day with vigor and energy and keeps you going throughout the day. There are many options for a healthy breakfast, but oats are the best among these options. This is the reason that Bobs red mill has come up with a wide range of oats meant for the people who desire to start their day in a healthy manner.
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Zealeo Organic Quinoa 1kg

Benefits of Zealeo Organic Quinoa:

Zealeo Organic Quinoa is a good source of RDA nutrients like foliate, copper and phosphorous.

Helps to overcome nutrition deficiency of common grains.

It is gluten free compare to wheat therefore helps in reducing allergy risk.

Rich source of fiber, a key nutrient in regulation of blood sugar.

Quinoa belongs to a spinach beet's family, it is a rich source of vitamin E.
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300gm McVities HobNobs Oat

  • Features Contains 45% Oats and Wholemeal.
Hobnobs are among the most popular and traditional Oat biscuits in Britain. McVities Hobnobs Oat Biscuits are a perfect companion for your next tea break and you've found it. These oaty and deliciously crunchy biscuits are as brilliant on their own, McVities Hobnobs Oat Biscuit is sweeter and chewier than many other British biscuits. It is made from a mix of rolled and jumbo oats. In many ways, they present themselves as a hybrid between a digestive biscuit and a flapjack.
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500 gm Express Foods White Oats

  • Features Rich source of Fiber, Free from salt or sugar Etc.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast can be a sign of unhealthy lifestyle. With Express Foods White Oats Jumbo, you do not need to skip the breakfast. It will provide you the required energy and can keep you going throughout the day. You are no more required to get into the hassle of waking up early and cooking your breakfast or for your kid as the jumbo oats get quickly cooked and serve as the best meal replacement. This Oats Jumbo comprise of large sized oat flakes that offer you a big bite. The White Oats used in preparing this breakfast are award winning and of premium quality. The breakfast is 100% vegetarian and does not contain any added sugar or salt.
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Pristine Beginnings Ragi

  • Feature Powerhouse of protein. Rich source of dietary fiber. Rich in Iron, calcium and other micronutrients. 100% Naturally Organic and certified, free of chemicals and preservatives or additives. Great for kids and pregnant lactating women.
Pristine Beginnings Ragi Flakes are made using only the whole Ragi and is sourced and produced with the best processes and all organically. Ragi has been known to possess many vital nutrients which are beneficial when regularly consumed in order to increase immunity and strength. It is the perfect way to have a happy and healthy start for your day.
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Bob's red mill Honey Oat Granola, 340gm

  • Features High in fiber. Contains more soluble fiber than other grains. Low in carbs. High protein content . Rich source of healthy fats. Anti-inflammatory.
Bobs Red Mill Honey Oat Granola is a high-fiber a cereal made from hand-picked oats. It is an easy and delicious way to enjoy the goodness of whole grains. Oat granola has a crunchy texture and a slightly sweet flavour of honey, brown sugar, and vanilla. Packed in stand-up, resealable pack, it is a great snack to be munched on straight out of the packet.
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500gm True Elements Gluten Free Rolled Oats

  • Features Excellent source of dietary fiber. 100% Gluten-free. Easy and Quick to prepare. Easy to consume as a sole food item or after blending it with other healthy food recipes. Not resorted to extreme processing. Etc
Rolled Oats can be considered to be a healthier sibling of your readily available and fast to prepare the general Quick Oats. Everyone is aware of how oats are an extremely advantageous snacking option due to the various benefits it offers especially related to conservation of energy and improving the nutritional intake of our body. Rolled Oats, are old fashioned oats, which are created by steaming the oat groats (the outer exterior, or the oat husks) to make them softer and then rolling out the processed product into little discs or flakes. This procedure, along with lightly toasting the processed oats, stabilizes the healthy oil content present within the oats so that they stay fresher for a longer period of time. Since these oats are never exposed to extreme processing, they maintain a major portion of their original and natural shape and texture, thereby not turning mushy or runny like quick oats, when cooked. Further, pure oatmeal does not contain gluten. True Elements ensures that it consistently follows and upholds ethical food standards and hence has these oats lab-tested to secure the Gluten-Free claim it makes.
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500gm True Elements Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats

  • Features Less processed. Rich source of Vitamin B and proteins. Apt balance of essential amino acids. Laden with minerals like iron and calcium. Low-calorie product.
True Elements Gluten Free Steel cut Oats are the less processed and healthier sibling of quick oats . Prepared by slicing Oat groats into pieces with a sharp blade and removing the inedible husk this comparatively unprocessed product is produced. Also called as Irish Oats, they are not rolled into flakes and are similar to old fashion oats. True Elements Oats are handpicked to ensure esteem quality. The oats retain its grainy properties and have a slightly chewy yet robust texture similar to wholesome brown rice. Even after cooking, the perfect crunch and rough texture are maintained. They are not soupy and boring as quick oats, on the contrary, are nutty with a unique crunch.Similar to other Oats, these oats also have a humble origin. They were the staple food of Ireland and Scandinavian country and now have achieved the status of most cherished health food. For the cereal experts who are already a follower of normal rolled oats, steel-cut Oats full of natural goodness with nutty flavor are worth relishing! It can be enjoyed by people with gluten sensitivity including celiac diseases. It is a breakfast loved by children owing to its crunchy flavor. It is also beneficial for the weight watchers and gym goers.
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907gm Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats

  • Features Gluten free. Kosher. Dairy free. Rich source of dietary fiber. Nutritional powerhouse of proteins. Low Glycemic Index. Source of essential minerals and vitamins
Bobs Red Mill Gluten-free Rolled Oats are delicious whole grain oats fit for the people with celiac diseases or gluten intolerance. These are sourced from the worlds best oats growing field to ensure purity and taste. To ensure gluten free property, they are tested once received from the farm. These are roasted so that robust flavor is properly enhanced and the texture is improved.
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750gm True Elements Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats

  • Features Less handled for processing. Rich wellspring of Vitamin B and proteins. Adept adjust of fundamental amino acids. Loaded with minerals like iron and calcium. Low-calorie item. Etc
True Elements Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats is more beneficial quick oats that are less processed. Arranged by cutting oat groats into pieces with a sharp edge and evacuating the unpalatable husk this nearly natural item is created. Additionally called as Irish Oats, they are not moved into drops and are like old form oats. True Elements Oats are handpicked to guarantee regard quality. The oats hold its grainy properties and have a marginally chewy yet hearty surface like wholesome chestnut rice. Indeed, even in the wake of cooking, the ideal crunch, and unpleasant surface are kept up. Similar to different oats, these oats additionally have a modest starting point. They were the staple nourishment of Ireland and Scandinavian nation and now have accomplished the status of most loved wellbeing sustenance. For the oat specialists who are as of now a devotee of ordinary moved oats, steel-cut Oats brimming with characteristic goodness with nutty flavor merit savoring! It can be delighted in by individuals with gluten affectability including celiac illnesses. It is a breakfast cherished by youngsters inferable from its crunchy season. It is likewise gainful for the weight watchers and those who workout.
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Pristine Beginnings Corn

Pristine Beginnings Corn breakfast is organic cereal corn flakes that are packed with the healthy surprises. It is made up of whole corn that is grown and processed organically. Enjoy the natural corn flavor with the organic farming advantages. Eat with cold or warm milk or soya milk this bowl of goodness helps you kick start your hectic day. Corn helps keep the heart healthy while aiding the stomach indigestion. It contains many vital and essential nutrients in serving which makes it great for regular use. Pristine Organic Corn is a healthy way to begin your day.
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Organic India Quinoa 500gm

  • Features 100% Organic and ethically produced, Rich source of fiber Etc.
Cultivated first in South America, Organic India Certified Organic Quinoa is also considered as the mother of all grains. It does not contain wheat and hence, is a great alternative to starchy grains. White, black and red are the most commonly cultivated forms of quinoa.

Now, this product is grown in India, the demand for it has substantially increased and included in superfood category. It is certified organic.
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