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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of True Elements Hearty Breakfast Kit, True Elements Weight Loss Products, 500gm True Elements Red Quinoa, 250gm True Elements Quinoa Semi-Processed and Nutrus Green Coffee Punch 20s.

Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Truffles

  • Speciality Sugar-free, Skim milk is a rich source of protein and calcium etc.
  • Health benefits of Delaviuda Chocolate Good for your waistline and figure, Boost brain health and enhances memory , Etc
The classic Delaviuda chocolate, free from any added sugar can satisfy your sweet tooth without gaining a significant amount of calories. These can be a healthy substitute to calorie filled chocolates available in the market. These are best suited for the diabetic people who are chocoholics and are always looking for great options that can satisfy their cravings without raising blood sugar level. Delaviuda chocolate treats are so perfectly chocolatey that its hard to believe that these are sugar-free.
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Earth Loaf Dark Chocolate Bars 72gm

  • Features The flavanols in the chocolate relaxes the arteries and maintain blood pressure, Reduces the level of bad cholesterol and maintains a healthy heart. Etc
Earth Loaf Dark Chocolate bars contains 72% dark chocolate. These chocolates are not only delightful but also calms your nerves down. It gives you ways of making others forget their sorrows and are the best foods for celebration. These bars, full of chocolaty joy and original dark chocolate in this product. The bar is packed with the richness of organic cocoa and nourishment of various nutrients. The originality is unquestionable while the taste is heavenly. Its rich cocoa beans fill every bite with pleasure and you can relish the real flavor of dark chocolate whenever you want.
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Drinking Chocolate Black Powder

  • Benefits of Drinking Chocolate: Hot chocolate contains more antioxidants than green tea and wine, The flavonoids in hot chocolate increase the blood flow and oxygen to your brain, helping you think better Etc.
Danesis Black Drinking Chocolate is a one of its kind chocolate indulgence that delivers a rich, creamy, velvety and dense drinking experience. Made from an assortment of the best cocoa powders, this comforting drink will give you the ultimate uplifting experience. Use it as a warm and cosy winter drink or add it to your cold coffee or shakes during summer this product will never fail to impress. Treat yourself this smooth and deliciously creamy product today!
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True Elements Hearty Breakfast Kit

  • Features Rich protein and fiber content, Steel cut Oats are a less processed variety of oats, gluten free. Etc
  • Health Benefits of Healthy Breakfast: Protein rich food product fit for people involved in the strenuous workout, Boosts overall energy etc
True Elements Healthy breakfast assortment contains two nutritive breakfast items: Steel cut oats and Quinoa. Several nutritionists recommended eating foods with high protein content as healthy breakfast. Quinoa and Steel cut Oats both are loaded with protein and several essential nutrients.
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True Elements Weight Loss Products

  • Feature Steel cut Oats are the less processed and better variety of oats, Anti-inflammatory properties Etc.
  • Health Benefits of Weight Loss Products: A proper detox can help you shrink faster, Fibers maintain healthy digestive tract and relieve digest
The True Elements weight loss Products is specially designed to help you slim down faster. If you are struggling to lose weight and maintain that waistline, these products will give you a bit of edge. The kit contains three potent healthy products: Gluten-free steel cut Oats, Spearmint green tea and Apple Cider Vinegar with cinnamon and honey. All these products are quite renowned in the health space for weight loss. You can consume these products throughout your day to ensure proper weight loss. These weight loss products will help you drop and keep unwanted pounds off easily, without many dietary changes.
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500gm True Elements Red Quinoa

Gluten free foods are less in number and this is the reason that the people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease have very fewer choices. However, nowadays health food brands like True elements have come up with many different options for such people. Red quinoa is one such option which is a pseudo whole grain because although it is cooked like a whole grain it is actually the seed of the relative of beet. There are many different colors of Quinoa but black, red and white quinoa are the most common.
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True Elements Quinoa Semi-Processed 250gm

  • Features Complete protein source, Rich source of fiber etc.
  • Health Benefits of Quinoa: Suited for the athletes , gym goers, fitness enthusiasts who need ample of protein in their diet etc
True Elements Quinoa semi-processed is a less processed version of normal quinoa. Over processing often reduces the nutritional value of the food, It is less processed so that the nutritional value is retained. It is simply nature intended.
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Nutrus Green Coffee Punch 20s

  • Feature Green coffee, Great aroma and refreshing flavor. Etc
Nutrus introduces Green coffee Punch which contains green coffee beans extract with probiotics in it. Green coffee beans are those coffee beans that have not been roasted yet. Probiotics are the bacteria that maintain the flora of the gut and keep your gut healthy. You might definitely have never have heard such coffee before. Nutrus is the first brand to introduce green coffee with probiotics in India. Since it is a natural fat burner, so health-conscious individuals might start using it from today. The coffee has a great aroma and awesome flavor so refreshing, that you would love it. And weight watchers, this is really a good option for you!!!
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250gm McVities Ginger Nuts

  • Features Fortified with essential micronutrients, Free from an artifical flavours. Etc
McVities Ginger Nuts Biscuits are a true classic biscuits with a little gingery flavour. These biscuits are perfect for dunking in the tea and can even be served directly as snacks.
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Nutrivalue Vizkits

  • Features Protein rich , contains essential amino acids, Etc
Nutrivalue Vizkits are healthy biscuits made from ragi. These are free from sugar and maida, the major unhealthy constituents of regular biscuits. These biscuits are highly recommended to toddlers, children, elderly and pregnant women.
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250gm Truu Babul Bark Powder

  • Feature Contains tannins, steroids and essential acids, Strong antibacterial properties.Etc
Babul Bark is a medicinal herb with strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Truu Babul Bark powder has been used since ages for treatment of several injuries and wounds.
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125gm Harippa Seeds Granola Honey Crunch

  • Granola Snacks Good For: Healthy Fats, Rich source of Fiber.Etc
Food is essential not only to appease hunger but also to provide the necessary nutrition to the body so that it can function in the proper manner. Most often the three main meals of the day are not sufficient whether it is to provide nutrition for the body or to appease hunger. Most people feel small hunger pangs during the day and the Harippa Granola Seeds Snack Honey Crunch is an excellent snack to appease these pangs. The assortments of seeds provided by Harippa is made up of Flax seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, honey, jaggery, and salt. All these seeds have excellent health benefits while the honey and jaggery contained in it are natural sweeteners which do not have any harmful side effects.Features: Seeds Granola Snack honey crunch are made from the best quality organic seeds. There are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacture or packaging of this delicious snack. The seeds are roasted in such a way that their natural nutritional value remains intact. At the same time, all the ingredients used in the manufacture of this assortment of seeds are natural. This is the reason that this snack is excellent for health and has no harmful side effects.
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125gm Huober Organic Long Sticks

  • Features The product is very crunchy and is made of organic materials. One can enjoy it at any occasions with every kind of liquid food.
Huober Organic Long Stick with bear garlic is the crunchiest breadstick available in the market. People prefer this product over others available. One can have breadsticks with any liquid food like soup, a glass of milk and all. It is crunchy, organic and will fill your appetite for long hours. These long sticks have a unique flavor which will definitely make you fall in love with these breadsticks.
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FabBox Super Nut Premium Chocolate Raisins

For the most addictive, chewy and chocolatey treat, you have got to try the Chocolate Raisins by FabBox. Coated in smooth and creamy milk chocolate and smeared with delicious cocoa butter, these dense raisins are an ideal snacking option and are far healthier than other conventional chocolate treats. An explosive combination of nutrition and taste, these bite-sized goodies will leave you eating them by the handful!
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Alpen Light Milk Chocolate Bars

  • Alternative wellness: All the chocolate bar contain whole grains and oats, a healthy alternative for fat filled chocolate.
Hunger pangs? Have a very tasty yet nutritious Alpen Fruit and Nut with Milk Chocolate Bar. This crunchy chocolate will not only fill your tummy but also provide you with whole grains, wheat and oats that strengthen the body and doesnt let fat add up. The various flavours are strawberry and yogurt, fruit and nut with chocolate, raspberry and yogurt, coconut and chocolate, blueberry and cranberry. Alpen Fruit and Nut with Milk Chocolate Bar provide carbohydrates, Protein and fibre.
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Kenny Delights USA Dried Blueberries 85gm

  • Features Vegan, Non-Gmo, Low Glycemic index. etc
Kenny Delights Dried Blueberries are a pack of nutritional punch. These berries packed with antioxidants and vitamins are the best food for a healthy treat.
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100gm Truu Pippali Fruit Powder

  • Features Burns pitta, Rejuvenating properties. Etc
Pippali powder is the extract of pipaali fruit long pepper which is a unique spice. It is a herb of South and North Eastern India and Sri Lanka. It is also called Indian long pepper powder. It is an age old Ayurvedic Medicine used especially for anti-aging purposes. It has a pungent sweet taste and can balance pitta.
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100 Gm Truu Babul Bark Powder

  • Features Contains tannins, steroids and essential acids.Etc
Babul Bark is a medicinal herb with strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Babul powder has been used since ages for treatment of several injuries and wounds.
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100gm Truu Amla Wild Fruit Powder

  • Feature Rich source of Vitamin C. Etc
Amla fruit powder is a powder of amla fruit. It is also known as Indian gooseberry. It is a widely used powder in Ayurveda and offers many health benefits.
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Harippa Flax Seeds Roasted

  • Features 100% natural product, Excellent source of Omega fats. Etc.
Got salty and tangy cravings, which you cant shake? Harippa Tangy Cider Flax seeds are a delicious variant of your regular flax seeds. These seeds flavored in the Babylonian seasoning of apple cider vinegar and sea salt are perfect snack option for your salty cravings without overloading on salty carbs. These seeds are packed in pyramidal shaped packaging, which makes them easy to consume and re-seal, thus reducing the snacking hassle.
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Harippa Roasted Sunflower

  • Features Salted Roasted Seeds is free from Gluten, A soaring amount of dietary fiber is present in it Etc
True Elements Roasted Seeds is a pack of fresh and healthy seeds tossed in salt. This is one of the most healthy snack combinations that include three roasted seeds and has a lip-smacking taste. The seeds that you often remove while eating a fruit is what stores the major nourishment. So, what you eat in fruit provides you half nourishment. Seeds on the other hand stores sufficient nourishment that can maintain the overall health. True Elements Salted Roasted Seeds are crunchy and tasty seeds that are filled with ample amount of protein and fibers along with a taste that will make you chose it over any other snacks. Also, these are available in bottles and packs that are easy to carry anywhere you go.
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400gm McVities Digestive

  • Features Good source of dietary fiber, Contains no Artificial color or flavor. Etc
Mcvitie's Digestive biscuits were developed during the latter part of the 19th century with a concept of increasing fiber in Victorian diets. Mcvitie's Original Digestive International Biscuits are digestive biscuits made using traditional recipe since 1892. Unlike other biscuits which are made up of maida, these biscuits are a source of whole grains and fiber and is a delicious way to add some extra fiber to your diet. Biscuits are the unique combination of taste and health. A global brand with an Indian heart.
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Jowar Flakes Mixture

  • Features Made with pure and natural ingredients, Packed with nutrition, a rich source of essential nutrients and energy Etc
Jowar Flakes Mixture by FabBox brings together healthy seeds and lentils, seasoned with the flavor of sour and tangy tomatoes and raw mangoes, only to be topped off with refreshing mint and spicy black pepper powder! Crunchy, tangy, spicy and delicious, this mix will be the answer to all your snacking needs, anytime, anywhere. Best paired with a cup of piping hot tea, open up a bag to get the healthy party started!
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150gm Diet Foods Soya Katori

  • Features Great in teast, 100% Natural and Organic Etc .
Diet Foods Soya Katori is a shell shaped product made from natural soybean. It is a delicious snack with a perfect crunch and is a healthier variety of age-old Indian Katori snack. Soya Katori is a snack loved by one and all, especially by children due to the unique shape and perfect crunch. Besides taste, it is bountiful of healthy nutrients that boost your health.
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Rostaa Blue Berries Standup Pouch

  • Features Rich source of antioxidants Etc
Rostaa Blueberries is a pack of health and taste. They are perfectly sweet and can be consumed as snacks or can be added to your ice creams, salads, muffins, cakes etc. They are worth devouring, because of their juicy taste and heaps of health benefits. They have reached the status of superfood with delicious taste.
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12 Flavours Snalthy Snacks

  • Feature Sesame is an excellent source of minerals such as manganese, calcium, iron etc, Cocoa has brain boosting properties Etc.
Best of Snalthy 12 flavours is a combination of 12 best flavours of salty. It includes Cocoa Almond Cookies, Sesame raisins bar, caramel toffee, spicy Mexican chips, onionized crackers, mixed seed rusk, garlic bread sticks, ragi cookies, spinach cookies, spinach crackers, baked potato chips, sesame bar . All the snacks are alternative to the calorie-filled snacks and are not oiled fried. These are made from purely natural ingredient and are free from any kind of additional nastiness, to ensure health and wellbeing. They are nutritious, yet also gratify your taste buds. The snacks are of perfect crisp and texture. Caramel toffee can satisfy your sweet tooth while the Mexican spicy can entice any spice lover. Sesame raisin bars, ragi cookies, can be a healthy alternative to your normal bars. They can be consumed be a healthy side meal with your hot brew. Spinach cookies and Spinach crackers are an unusual flavor, with the goodness of the green superfood and can be a creative way to induce spinach in the diet of a child who usually averts leafy vegetables. All these snacks brings good health when you much and are best to be served with a hot brew of your favorite coffee or tea.
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225gm Medhya Brahmi Bites

Stress and lack of sleep associated with are a common occurrence in todays world. These, in turn, can severely damage your ability to focus, learn, execute and recall. In order to keep your mental faculties working at the optimal level, it is necessary to provide systematic nourishment and protection to the brain. This is the reason that Medhya has come up with Brahmi bites which are a unique blend of nootropic herbs which promote intelligence and provide nourishment to the brain.
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Delouis Provence Mustard 100gm

Provence Mustard- The blend of paprika and red pepper goes well with classic Dijon mustard. This perfect combination is also known as A sublime mustard.
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True Elements Roasted Sunflower

  • Feature Rich in amino acid and protein, Contains iron and zinc, High in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Benefits of Roasted Flaxseed, Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds: Seeds are robust snack option Etc.
Sunflower, Flax And Pumpkin seeds are known as a superfood and are often added in a variety of dishes while cooking. Make your food healthy and tasty with the help of True Elements Roasted Flaxseed, Sunflower, and Pumpkin Seed Blend as they are rich in protein and low in calories. This blend is a nutritional snack powerhouse wrapped up in a small package and can easily be part of your regular diet without affecting your weight plan. It is an ideal snack for carrying it for your journey and using as a quick snack.
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True Elements Roasted Seeds Gift Pack

Gift your near and dear ones a healthy hamper. Change is good and healthy. Unpack this bundle of health and you can use this reusable cotton eco-friendly bag. This bag has been designed to add to your external style quotient and products inside to keep your internal health quotient. True Elements Roasted Sunflower Seeds Sunflower seeds are known as a superfood and are often added in a variety of dishes for the overall health of the family. Make your food healthy and tasty with the help of True Elements Roasted Sunflower Seeds as they are rich in protein and low in calories. These seeds can easily be part of your regular diet without affecting your weight plan.
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Thyrocare Triglycerides Test

  • Some risk factors for heart disease include: Cigarette smoking, Hypertension (blood pressure of 140/90 or higher or taking high blood pressure medications), Diabetes mellitus. Etc
Blood tests for Triglycerides are usually part of a lipid profile used to identify the risk of developing heart disease. As part of a lipid profile, Triglycerides test may be used to check risk factors for heart disease, those who have had a heart attack, or those who are being treated for high lipid andor high triglyceride levels.
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Munchy Super Seeds Pack

  • Features Gluten free. Low- calorie. Rich source of protein. Packed with Vitamin E , B1 etc.
True Elements Munchy Super Seeds is a collection of three healthy true element roasted seeds. Snacking is considered healthy by several nutritionists and according to several studies, healthy snacking supports your weight loss effort, unlike the common myth that it promotes weight gain. Seeds which you usually avert eating are delicious and healthy snack options, loaded with several noteworthy nutrients that can promote health and wellness of your body. All of the seeds have a distinct flavor and have a perfect crunch. Each of them is packed in pet bottles so that you can carry them hassle free making your snacking easy and healthy.
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100gm Organic Traditions Ultimate Superfood Trail Mix

We need to nourish ourselves with superfoods, herbs and seeds now more than ever to support the body with daily challenges of fast paced life. Crunchy, sweet, chewy and satisfying, organic blend of luscious Ultimate Superfoods Trail Mix by Organic Traditions is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. This mix delivers a sustainable burst of energy with protein and fiber. Thrill your taste buds with this mix and add an antioxidant-rich energy to your day. Your body will thank you for this mood-lifting healthy & tasty explosion! enefits of Organic Traditions Ultimate Superfood Trail Mix: It is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acid, required for overall health. Improves digestion system Helps in greater absorption of nutrients Good source of calcium and Iron High source of Fiber Reduces hunger cravings Good source of essential vitamins & minerals
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Diet Foods Soya Bhel Roasted 200gm

  • Features Unique blend of Soya and Bhel, 100% Natural and Organic. Etc
Diet Foods Soya Bhel Roasted is a premium product made from Soya , Urad dal with Indian bhel. It is a unique product with taste and nutrition and is a perfect substitute to your regular bhel. It is a healthier version of mixed snack or sukha bhel that you often consume.
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Conscious Food Jaggery Chews

  • Features Rich source of Vitamin E, Rich source of healthy fats.Etc
Conscious Foods Organic Peanut Chikki or jaggery chew is a delicious way to enjoy the nutritious peanuts. It is the most basic form of sweet snack that can even compete the chocolate and can be a healthy replacement to chocolate especially for the kids who are addicted to the sweet. These jaggery chews can satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthier way and can enhance your snacking experience.
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True Elements Assorted Snacks Pack

Snacking is said to be good but only when you snack on healthy products. True Elements assorted snacks pack is a special duo of delicious and healthy snack items. It contains two delicious and nutritionally rich snacks: Roasted Sunflower and Roasted Quinoa Snack- Chilli and Lemon. Sunflower seeds are small in size with a subtle nutty flavor yet even a handful of seeds can have a dramatic effect on your body. Quinoa is a complete source of proteins with all nine amino acids. It has roasted quinoa to retain the nutritive value and is loaded with several healthy seeds to enhance its flavor and health benefits. This product has a zesty flavor of lemon and spiciness of chilies, hence is a beloved snack item.
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Diet Foods Wheat Puff Chiwda 150gm

Do you feel like to having a snack in between your meals. You don't have to consume any kind of exotic or unhealthy item. Diet foods provide you Wheat Puff Chivda, a healthier snack to consume. This Chivda is tasty enough to gratify your taste buds and healthy enough to benefit your body. These have fewer calories and more fiber and is a perfect crunchy snack. Besides being tasty, it is an interesting snack to be consumed by all members of the family including diabetic people. Most of the nutrients of wheat are retained, making it a healthier snack to consume.
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250gm Kenny Delights Orange Juice

  • Benefits of Cranberries: Help you in fighting bacterial infections. They are effective in curing urinary tract infections and other related issues. They also offer wide cardiovascular benefits.Etc
Try something different and delectable by getting the Orange Juice infused Dried Cranberries by Kenny Delights. These cranberries that are infused with orange juice are amazingly delicious and serve as a healthy alternative to satisfy your sweet craving. These are perfectly balanced in taste and have a sweet and tarty flavor. You can have Kenny Delights orange juice infused cranberries as a snack any time as it can be eaten out of the bag. There are no artificial sugars and the product is 100% vegan and gluten and allergen free.
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Charminar Brand Saffron 1Gm

Nature has provided us with several priceless gifts which are very beneficial for the body and enhance our quality of life. One such gift of nature is saffron which has been used since ancient times not just as a taste enhancer for some dishes, but also due to its many medicinal properties. Even today the many benefits of saffron are proved according to modern research and the Unani and Ayurvedic systems of medicine recommend saffron for many purposes. It is also known for its aphrodisiacal properties along with others.
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Medhya Almond Fig Bites 225gm

Among the problems associated with the modern lifestyle are fatigue and stress. These problems lead to other more serious health problems and hence it is necessary to deal with them. While there are many factors which lead to the reduction of stress and fatigue, one of the important factors is the food that we eat. In todays world there is a lot of intake of processed foods along with food grown with the help of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals. This is the reason that the food we eat does not contain the right amount of nutrition necessary for our body. It has become necessary to supplement our diet with nutritious foods which enhance our health. This is why Medhya has come up with Almond fig bites which are rich in micronutrients.
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Medhya Amalaki Bites 225gm

  • Features 100% natural and does not contain any artificial flavors or additives, soy or dairy, Provides minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and manganese.
The modern lifestyle exposes us to a lot of chemicals and toxins which tend to build up in the body and cause damage to it. Then again there is the problem of aging of the body organs and the weakness of the immune system also associated with the modern lifestyle. It is necessary to address these issues if you want to enjoy good health and fitness. This is the reason that Medhya has come up with Amalaki bites which are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins C and E and whole foods that are high in fiber. Medhya Amalaki bites is an excellent choice to restore and nurture the body.
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Huober Organic Sticks 175gm

  • Features Made from premium quality of wheat flour and salt, They can be a great party food.
Our taste buds are accustomed to having tantalizing food which is why it becomes difficult for us to have bland healthy food. However, health cannot be neglected. To provide the fun of both worlds (health and taste), introduce yourself to Huober Organic Sticks from the house of Huober, which is a Germany-based brand.
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Olicoop Green Sliced Olive 450gm

Olives have many phenolic compounds which have multiple positive health benefits. They are very good source of Vitamin E, a proven vitamin with a potential antioxidant property. In spite of being known as high in Fat, the fat composition of olive oil is unique and imparts many benefits to reducing the risk of cardiovascular health. Olives have been known to possess anti-inflammatory, cancer preventive and cardiac protective benefits .Olives are available in 2 distinct variants namely Green Olives and Black Olives. Green Olives- Refers to the stage of ripeness of olives. It is very bitter as a natural fruit. Green olives can enhance the taste and flavor of pasta, pizza, and salads. Olives are a very good source of antioxidants, vitamins .They make a healthy snack option too. With being tasty they are healthy too.
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250gm Ecobuddy Coconut Sugar

  • Features Low Glycemic Index, Provides small amount of phytonutrients Etc.
Sugar for diabetics! Difficult to believe? Open your kitchens to Ecobuddy coconut sugar! It is a trending sweetener in the health space which offers some trace elements and have a less dramatic effect on your blood sugar levels. It is a healthy and natural alternative to white sugar, add this to your sweet dishes and stay guilt free while eating them.
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Batchelors Cup A Soup Mushroom And Croutons 99gm

  • Features Features: Good source of vitamins and minerals. Contains antioxidants. Croutons contain heart-healthy fats. Low in fat and sugar.
Batchelors Cup a Soup Mushroom and Croutons is a creamy soup loaded with mushrooms and croutons. Brimmed with several noteworthy nutrients, this soup is the best soup to be served as a starter or light lunch especially for vegetarians.
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Conscious Jaggery Chews

Conscious Foods is one of the leading organic food brands worldwide and specializes in producing the finest quality foods with whole nutrition content and the perfect blend of taste. Conscious Food Jaggery Chews are made using 100% Pure Jaggery along with naturally refined grams to bring out the perfect taste and texture. There's nothing like getting your health food sugar-coated, or jaggery-coated in this case, which is even better. Gram Chikki is great for the throat and chest and delicious too. This makes it highly desired by all and exceptional to taste and health.
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1 Kg Express Foods Cranberry Granola

  • Features Natural granola with natural flavors and real fruit. Made with heart healthy whole grains. Excellent source of fiber. 5g of protein. Low sodium and zero trans fat.
Loaded with natural caramelized flavor, crunch, and uncluttered taste, Express foods Cranberry Granola is perfect for breakfast or as a snack. In addition, these cranberry granolas are made with certified oats. Tart, sweet, dried cranberries give this granola a zesty tang. Satisfy your taste buds with one spoonful and youll welcome this delicious combination everyday.
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Express Foods Oat Granola 1 Kg

  • Features Natural granola with oats. Made with heart-healthy whole grains. Excellent source of fiber. 5g of protein. Low sodium and zero trans fat.
Oats and honey get along really well. Some food flavor combinations are hard to resist. Now you can enjoy all the delicious and satisfying wholesomeness of this perfect taste duo with Express Foods granola Oats, this crunchy combo is can be consumed both hot and cold, and might have you wishing you could eat breakfast for every meal. Satisfy your taste buds with one spoonful and youll welcome this delicious combination everyday.
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Nature Valley Granola Bars Apple Crunch

Get a mouthful of complete nutrition, whenever you are hungry, with Granola Bars Apple Crunch from Nature Valley. Made from rolled oats, these bars will give you a delicious dose of energy. You can carry and consume it anywhere, anytime at your convenience as it contains zero cholesterol or trans fat.
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100 Gm Camellia Twigs Single Estate Darjeeling

  • Benefits of Darjeeling Black Tea: It helpful in improving overall health and immunity while providing rich taste with every sip. Etc.
Darjeeling teas are the pride of India. You will often find them in different varieties, like black tea, oolong tea, green tea, white tea etc. Camellia Twigs is one the leading producers of fine organic teas which are sourced from natural methods only in order to retain the original taste and freshness of Darjeeling Tea. Camellia Twigs Single Estate Darjeeling Black Tea is handpicked from Camellia sinensis leaves from the Tea Estates of Darjeeling and has an unparalleled delicate 'muscatel' flavor. The logo Darjeeling is a hallmark of excellence. It is aptly known as Champagne of Teas, It is one of the most savored Black tea yielding copper colored liquor full of sweet sherry wine like aroma. It is 100% Pure Indian black, leafy tea from the Darjeeling estates and contains no additives which make it completely natural and suitable for all.
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