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Our product range comtains a wide range of 125gm Harippa Pumpkin Sunflower Honey, 200gm Under The Mango Tree Sweet Clover Honey, 250g Societe Naturelle Acacia Honey, 500gm Capilano Honey and 200gm Under The Mango Tree Certified Organic Honey

125gm Harippa Pumpkin Sunflower Honey

  • FLAVOUR FEATURES The sweet mildly flavoured honey perfectly complements the nutty Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds roasted by our experts to give you the most tasty and healthy snack you will ever find.
  • FEATURES OF PACKAGING The packaging is travel-friendly and easy to carry in reusable bottles.

The power of three packed in one. Enjoy the addictive taste of pumpkin and sunflower seeds stirred with the awesomeness of honey. We bet you can’t stop having more. Inspired with what the earlier civilization used to eat, our Harippa snacks combine the wisdom of ancient civilizations and the taste of today – a unique blend of ancient bites and modern taste.

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200gm Under The Mango Tree Sweet Clover Honey

  • Benefits of Sweet Clover Honey: It is healthy and chemical free, It can be used in any food preparation as a sweetener. Etc

The mild and soft always feels good. Under The Mango Tree, Sweet clover honey is sweet honey with a gentle buttery taste that melts in your mouth the minute you take to have it. The honey which tastes so pure, sweet and herbal that you can’t keep your hands of it. Its innumerable benefits just keep on adding to the reasons of why one should buy it.

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250g Societe Naturelle Acacia Honey

  • Features Pleasant and mild taste,Anti-inflammatory properties.

Add some touch of sweetness to your breakfast, dessert or snack, with Societe Naturelle Acacia Honey. It is one of the most wanted types of honey in the world, produced from the nectar of acacia flower. It looks very pale, has a pleasant, sweet and mild taste and lot more health benefits to keep you fit and happy Its mild flowery flavor will entice you and make you healthier.

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500gm Capilano Honey

Capilano is one of the leading producers globally of organic honey which is of the finest quality to retain its original taste and nutrition. For thousands of years honey has been known for its health enhancing properties and modern research has shown that Manuka honey has unique properties. It is made from the nectar from Manuka Plants which grow in certain parts of Australia. Capilano Honey in a Jar is perfectly sourced Manuka Honey without any additives or preservatives to retain the original taste and texture of natural organic honey.

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200gm Under The Mango Tree Certified Organic Honey

  • Benefits of Organic Honey: Honey is well known for its healing properties since the ancient times. Its healing properties have been documented in Ayurveda. Etc

Under The Mango Tree Certified Organic Honey is as pure and pristine as a Himalayas. Obtained from the Panch Kedar mountains, it is 100 percent natural and undergoes no pasteurization. Its homogenous creamy composition of the Himalayan flora make it an ideal sweetener.

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200g Conscious Food Organic Harde Honey

  • Features Contains natural vitamins and minerals. Has a good amount of amylase and other enzymes. Acts as a natural sweetener. It is an extremely good source of energy. It is Unheated.Etc

Honey has been known for its health enhancing and medicinal properties for a thousand of years now. Conscious Food Organic Harde Honey is unprocessed honey from bees feasting on wildly growing harde plant. The sweetness is mind-blowing and health benefits are refreshing.

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250g Societe Naturelle Forest Honey

  • Features Woody aroma and rich flavor. Rich source of antioxidants. Rich energy source. Antibacterial and antiseptic properties.Etc

Are you a honey lover? Try Societe Naturelle Forest Honey to enjoy the delicious taste of wholesome goodness. Wild honey fees collect nectar from forest to create this rare honey. It has a woody aroma and a rich flavor that can entice one and all. It is simply as pure as nature intended. It is a quick and natural energy source for any occasion and has numerous health benefits.

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500g Societe Naturelle Lychee Honey

  • Features Rich source of antioxidants. Distinct flavor. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Nature’s natural antibiotic. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.Etc

Societe Naturelle Lychee Honey is sourced from the bees that feed on the blossoms of Litchi flowers, harvested in June. It is light colored, monofloral honey with a delicate taste and a taste slightly similar to roses.It is minimally processed, to preserve the true flavor of this honey. Bees make honey by traveling from flower to flower gathering nectar. All you have to do is an open honey bottle and enjoy the double goodness of taste and health benefit in one spoon.

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350gm True Elements Raw Organic Honey

Raw Organic Honey is a sweet nectar produced by honeybees from the flower. It is a viscous liquid, well-known for its healing properties. An ordinary honey undergoes a lot of processing which reduces the most of the nutritional value of it, Raw Organic honey is unprocessed & packed with loads of nutrifying elements. It is just isn’t a sweet treat, but has healing properties.

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Himflora Kashmiri Honey White 250gm

  • Features Loaded with several antioxidants Anti-bacterial properties High fructose content May contain several vitamins and minerals

Himflora Kashmir White honey is the purest, high altitude honey sourced from bee farms in the Himalayas. The honey is obtained from high altitude flowers and has a distinct fruity taste.

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Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars Oats 'n Honey

Nature Valley Oats N Honey Granola Bars are a classic combination of real honey and rolled oats wich makes them sweet, delicious and a wholesome snack. These bars are crunchy and have the goodness of whole grains which boost energy. Treat yourself to a healthy snack the moment hunger pangs start bothering you. They are healthy, filling, convenient to carry and ideal for weight controlling.

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375gm Lune De Miel Flowers Honey

Lune de Meil Flowers Honey is the finest honey from made from various sweet flowers. It is endowed with fruity flavor and rich taste. It is purely natural honey with no additives. It is 100% vegetarian product. It can be drizzled over salads or spread over waffles.

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250gm Lune De Miel Flowers Squeezy Honey

  • Features The source of carbohydrates. Contains more fructose and less sucrose. Contains flavonoids. Contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and phenolic substances. Natural sweetener.Etc

Lune de Meil Flowers squeezy Honey is the finest honey from made from Acacia flowers. It is endowed with fruity flavor and rich taste. It is purely natural honey with no additives. It is 100% vegetarian product and can be drizzled over salads or spread over waffles. It is packed in squeezy bottles, making it convenient to use. It is the most wanted honey especially by the foodie health freaks.

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250gm Lune De Miel Acacia Honey

  • Features Low sucrose and more fructose. Low G.I. Rich source of energy. Contains flavonoids and phenols with antioxidant features. Rich in enzymes like amylase. Antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Acacia honey is the most loved honey throughout the globe and often touted as king of honey. It is produced from the viscous nectar of acacia flower. It has mild taste compared to other forest honey and goes best with yogurt and toast. Lune de Meil Acacia honey is pleasant in taste with a subtle flowery flavor. It also crystallizes slowly, compared to other wild honey, hence, can be preserved for a longer time. Acacia honey also has exceptional healing properties. It has sweet hints with no aftertaste. IN spite being sweet, it has it has low sucrose content, hence is beneficial for overall health.

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Lune De Miel Orange Blossom Honey

Lune de Meil Orange Blossom Honey is the finest nectar collected by the bees from made from various sweet blossoms of orange groves. It exploded with sweetness and has subtle citrus notes.It is purely natural honey with no additives. It is 100% vegetarian product. It can be drizzled over salads or spread over waffles. It is much more than just a sweet treat and is loaded with several nutrients.

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