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Pharmaceutical Capsules #4496563

Taras Fitness Products Glutamine Capsules

  • Features Carbon and nitrogen donor. Restores energy levels. Non-essential amino acid. Etc.
Glutamine is derived from protein powders, bean and dairy products. Glutamine Capsules is extremely in demand. It is beneficial for the immune system and helps maintain optimum performance. It aids you grow sturdier and recover faster. After an intense workout, usually, the glutamine levels falls down considerably. Our body relies on this glutamine as a fuel for the immune system and minimizes the breakdown of muscle tissue and metabolism. Glutamine Capsules are easier to swallow and dissolve faster unlike most tablets. Capsules are free from coating and colors.
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Taras Fitness Products Amino 9000 Capsules

  • Features 100% Natural. Contains both essential as well as non-essential amino acids.
Amino 9000 consists essential amino acids that are mainly extracted from isolated soy protein, isolate whey and has a protein digestibility corrected amino acids (PDCAAS) of 1.0, which is the highest score possible. It is very useful for the children and adults to meet their need of amino acid content of the body. This product consists of no synthetic amino acids and contains all the essential & non-essential amino acids and branched chains. Amino 9000 Capsules are best for the athletes. It also provides strength to sportspersons and bodybuilders who go through an intense workout.
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Korean Ginseng Capsules

Korean Ginseng Capsules are highly concentrated Korean Ginseng root extract. These capsules can provide energy and improve overall strength. It can also be used to fight off stress , unclear thinking, and male erectile dysfunction. Korean Ginseng is the renowned herb of the far east, used for vitality and strength. Koregin capsules provide the finest quality of this herb grown in the Korean foothills.
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