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Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria

Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria

Rhizobium Biofertilizer

Rhizobium Biofertilizer

Rhizobium Biofertilizer

Rhizobium Biofertilizer

Azotobacter Biofertilizer

Azotobacter Biofertilizer

Azotobacter Biofertilizer

Azotobacter Biofertilizer

Azospirillum Biofertilizer

Azospirillum Biofertilizer

Azospirillum Biofertilizer

Azospirillum Biofertilizer

Potash Mobilizing Bacteria

Potash Mobilizing Bacteria

Microbial Biofertilizer

Microbial Biofertilizer

Organic Bio Fertilizers

Organic Bio Fertilizers

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  • Azotobacter Biofertilizer

    • Storage : Store the bottles in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.
    • CFU : 1 x 109 per gm & 1 x 109 per ml
    • Formulation : Aqueous Solution (AS) & Wettable Powder (WP)
    • Solubility : Highly soluble

    Azotobacter are nitrogen-fixing bacteria which fix molecular nitrogen present in the atmosphere; without creating any symbiotic relation with plants.   Azotobacter consists of a range of enzymes required for nitrogen fixation (ferredoxin, hydrogenase and nitrogenase). Nitrogen fixation requires a large amount of energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate. As the process of Nitrogen fixation is highly sensitive More...

    Tierra Overseas

    Thane | More...

  • Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (vam)

    • Dosage Recommended : 10kg per hectare
    • State : Liquid
    • Release Type : Controlled, Fast, Quick
    • Purity : 100%
    • Application : Agriculture, Soil Application
    • Type : Organic Fertilizer

    Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM) EcorrhizaTM is a Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM) based biofertilizer preparation in the form of granules. Advantages: It increases yield parameters of the crop by extending the root-system to absorb water from deeper soil layers and mobilizes fixed phosphorous in the soil. It also helps in the uptake of many essential nutrients available in soil. EcorrhizaTM improves resi More...

    Pj Margo Private Limited

    Bangalore | More...

  • Biofertilizer

    • State : Granules, Liquid, Powder, Prilled
    • Other Names : Biological Fertilizer
    • Release Type : Controlled, Fast, Slow
    • Target crops : Fruit Crops, Tuemeric, Paddy, Tea, Maize, Oil Seeds, Wheat, Pulses
    • Packaging Size : Up to 50 Kg
    • Application : Agriculture, Soil Application, Soil Conditioner

    Archana Agro Tech

    Modinagar | More...

  • Azospirillum Biofertilizer

    • Usage : To increase Soil Fertility
    • Purity (%) : 98 %
    • Form : Liquid, Solid
    • Application : Agriculture Soil Enrichment Bio Fertilizer
    • Shelf Life : 24 Months
    • Pack Type : Bottle

    Daieco Products

    Raipur | More...

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  • Organic Biofertilizer

    • Components: : Contents
    • Potash (K): : 4.50%
    • Phosphate (P): : 0.15%
    • Organic Matter: : 95%
    • Nitrogen (N): : 4%

    This is due to our rich industry experience and knowledge; we are able to offer optimum quality Nature Bio Fertilizers. We make sure that the payment transaction of our customers, whether online or offline, is secured with us. We accept payment through all major payment modes. More...

    Shibah Welfare

    Dimapur | More...

  • Super Growth Power Liquid Biofertilizer

    Approx 390/Litre

    • Application : Agriculture
    • State : Liquid
    • Ph Value : 95%
    • Purity : 99%
    • Release Type : Fast
    • Available Packing : 100 ml, 500 ml & 1 litre

    Algrin Microbial Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

    Palanpur | More...

  • Biofertilizer

    Approx 4,000/Ton

    • Application : Agriculture
    • Pack Size : 20,25,50 Kg

    In order to meet urgent and voluminous requirements of the customers, we have installed all the in-house facility at our premises. Laced with modern facilities, it helps us in securing the product line from factors like, moisture, dust, sunlight, etc. With us, clients can stay rest assured for the security of the payment. For the convenience of the clients, we accept cash payments along with bank transfers. More...

    Manbhavan Organic

    Ambikapur | More...

  • Biofertilizers

    • Product type : Plant growth promoter
    • Pack size : 50g, 100g, 500g
    • Pack type : Packed in plastic bags

    Only high quality raw material is used for preparing the offered lot and we make sure that it is sourced from the trusted places and that too after complete quality confirmation. Assistance from skilled professionals and brilliant packaging unit has enabled us to meet specific requirements of the clients. Besides this, we make sure that the material used for wrapping them is of high quality. More...

    Apple Agro

    Nagpur | More...

  • Eco-phos Biofertilizer

    • Usage : Farming
    • Purity : 98%
    • Pack Size : 50 kg
    • Form : Granules
    • Brand Name : Eco-Phos
    • Ph Value : 95%

    It increases the phosphate uptake by plants, decreases the fertiliizer dosages, better growth and higher yield of crops. It is suitable for all the crops. More...

    Shree Kaveri Agro Industries

    Sangrur | More...

  • Micros-109 Sulfur Oxidizing Bacteria Biofertilizer

    • Brand Name : MicroS-109
    • Place of Origin : Gujarat, India
    • State : Liquid
    • Application : Agriculture
    • Type : Liquid Biofertilizer

    Micros-109 liquid biofertilizer has been prepared by fermentation technology containing cell count of 109 cfuml sulphur oxidizing bacteria (sob). Sulphur is one of the essential plant nutrient and sulfur oxidation is the most important step in sulphur cycle, which improves soil fertility. Micros-109 is capable of oxidizing elemental sulfur which results in the production of water soluble sulfate compounds which are r More...


    Vapi | More...

  • Azospirillum Biofertilizer

    Approx 70/Kilogram

    • Azosprilium : 70/Kg

    Azosprillium is an associated aerophilic micro-organism which fixes the atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available to the plants. Azosper culture also synthesize some amount of active substances like vitamins, IAA, Gibberellins and Nicotinic acid which helps in seed germination, early emergence and better root growth and development. Azosprillium colonization is mainly on the root surface, enhance mineral and water More...

    Uttam Chemical Industries

    Hanumangarh | More...

  • Azospirillum Biofertilizer

    • Features : Highly effective Zero side effects Good for farming Purity

    We are involved in offering assortment range of Azospirillum. It is a major nutrient for all plants. Azospirillum Biofertilizer is a very useful soil and root bacterium. Furthermore, these effective products are packed in quality packaging material to prevent these from moisture and humidity. More...

    Govinda Agro Tech. Ltd.

    Nagpur | More...

  • Azotobacter Biofertilizer

    Approx 160/Litre

    • Bannari Azotobactor : 2x10 8 cfu/ml

    Bannari azotobacter (azotobacter beijerinckii) nitrogenous biofertilizers crops sugarcane, turmeric, banana, rice, tea, cardamon, coffee, coconut - tanjore wilt and pencil top disease salient features: bannari azotobacter assimilates atmospheric nitrogen and fixes in soil and helps to improve the soil fertility and plant growth. Bannari azotobacter seed treatment increases the seed germination percentage, plant vigou More...

  • Indozink - Biofertilizer

    • Powder : 2kg, 4kg
    • Liquid : 250ml, 500ml, 1lt

    Indozink contains zinc solubilizing bacteria. Zinc is most essential micronutrient because it is a component of various enzyme systems for energy production and growth regulations. Its deficiency causes accountable yield losses. Our product Indozink Biofertilizer is a complete solution for zinc deficient soil. This product contains such microbes which solubilize the zinc in the soil and make it available to the plant More...

  • Myco Gold Mycorrhizal Biofertilizer

    • Form : Powder

    Raw materials are the essential bottleneck assets that are highly important for the production of the finished goods. Thus, we stringently check the inputs before procurement. We are positioned amidst the renowned names supplying finest array of Myco Gold Mycorrhizal Biofertilizer. More...

    Virat Crop Science

    Aligarh | More...

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  • Agricultural Biofertilizer

    • Pack Type : PP Bags
    • Form : Granules
    • Pack Size : 5 Kg

    Quality packing material and advanced machines are responsible for the safe packaging of the orders from our end. Moreover, our experts keep a strict vigil on the entire procedure. We have hired a team of experts who have developed a system for making safe and secure transactions. Our system has offline as well as offline options for payment. More...

  • Sugarcane Fertilizer Kit

    • Dose : 3-5 kg/acre
    • Used : For Foliar & Soil Application
    • Packing Box : 500 G, 1 kg, etc

    Declining sugarcane yield per acre since last few years is the consequence of number of factors; however implementation of some simple practices and remedies in sugarcane farming may lead to substantial increase in the yield, which includes improvement of Organic and beneficial microbial load of the soil, precise and appropriate use of irrigation, chemical fertilizers and plant growth harmones. Present Sugarcane Kit More...

    Khandelwal Biofertilizer

    Belgaum | More...

  • Biofertilizer

    • Application : Agriculture
    • State : Powder

    We keep the finished assortment of products in the highly developed and capacious storage unit. This helps us in keeping the products safe and sorted till the final dispatch. Based in Surat(India), our organization caters to the numerous requirements of the customers related to our products. More...

  • Organic Npk Biofertilizers

    • Granules : red

    We are offering organic npk biofertilizers the leading manufacturers and exporters of npk bio fertilizers junna life sciences has introduced npk biofertilizers in soluble granular form based on customers demand benefits of our npk bio fertilizer: promotes the growth of leaves and vegetation promotes root and shoot growth promotes flowering, fruiting and general hardiness it supplies nitrogen for leaf growth, phosphor More...

    Junna Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

    Andhra Pradesh | More...

  • Potash Solubiliser, Biofertilizer

    • Brand Name : SAFS ROM
    • Form : Powder and Liquid

    We are offering SAFS ROM Potash Solubiliser - Bio Fertilizer. SAFS ROM Potash Solubiliser is a Potash (K) Fixing Bio Fertilizer. Bacteria count increases its own and makes insoluble inorganic Potash compounds in Soil into Soluble for plant Growth. Enables continuous Potash (K) availability to plants from soil and reduces the requirement of Chemical Potash (K) use for plant growth over a period of time. Available in P More...

    Safs Organic Enterprises

    Pondicherry | More...

  • Azospirillum Biofertilizer

    • Packing : 500 ml & 1 ltr.

    Nitrogen & Phosphorous are two major nutrients for plant growth which are provided through Chemical Fertilizers or Organic Manure. Certain soil microorganisms have an ability to fix part of elementary form of atmospheric nitrogen to the available form for the plants and or solubilize part of the bound phosphates of the soil and thereby make them available to the plant which increases fertility of the soil and yield. More...

  • Larvicide Biofertilizers

    • Natural NEEM Oil Ingredients : 60%
    • Doses : 1 to 1.5 ml per liter of water.
    • Permissible Solvent Ingredients : 20%
    • Shelf life : 2 Years
    • Recommendations : Chillies, Grapes, Coffee, Tea, Paddy Cotton, Vegetables and Horticultural Crops
    • Natural Plant Extracts Ingredients : 20%

    New Larva extra helps plants to fight against pests and diseases. Help and promotes plant growth. It zero toxic to plants, animals and human being since it is herbal extracts. Caution : Keep out of reach to children. Shake well before opening. Keep Lid tightly closed after use. Store at Room Temperature. Do not prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. A Natural Storage which leads to Plant Nutrient and growth promoting More...

    Sisvi Agro Solutions

    Ahmedabad | More...

  • Secadie( Metarhizium Anisopliae)

    • State : Maharashtra
    • Product Type : Biofertilizer
    • Application : Agriculture
    • Brand Name : Secadie

    Secadie : Metarhizium anisopliae Content: Metarhizium anisopliae   1 x 10 8 CFU / ml.   Dosage:  Soil treatment: 1 liter/acre through drip irrigation. Foliar application: 2.5 - 5 ml per liter of water Seed/root dips treatment: 10 ml per Kg of seeds.             Mode of action:  Basically it grows on the cuticle (skin) of insect, degrades it and subsequently enters in the insect body parts and drains it More...

    Krishidoot Bio-herbals

    Nashik | More...

  • Bactophos Bio Fertilizer

    • Recommendation : Apply 2-5 kg per acre to soil. Can be mixed with water and be sprayed to soil or can be mixed in org
    • Store : Store in cool-dry place

    With the assistance of skilled professionals and high-grade packaging system, we can easily furnish customized packaging requirements of the customers. We carry out the quality examinations only under the vigil supervision of the quality auditors.   Composition : Phosphobacteria 2X109cfu /gm   Features : Unique biofertilizer for solubilization of phosphorous. Organic Acids and enzymes secreted by Bactophos More...

    Bioxcell Life Sciences Private Limited

    Hyderabad | More...

  • Npk Rich Bio Fertilizer

    • moisture : 0-10%
    • Solubility : 98% Water Solubility (Easy & quickly soluble)
    • Color : Brown
    • Dosage : 2-5 kgs in 1 Bigha Land.
    • Cultivation Type : Natural
    • Purity : 90%
    • Application : Agriculture

    NPK Rich Bio Fertilizer is a special kind of granular fertilizer processing using various bacteria for specific purpose of application. NPK Rich Bio Fertilizer enriches the soil and stimulate crop growth. Moreover, NPK Rich Bio Fertilizer improves the quality of crop by increasing the stress tolerance. In addition to this, NPK Rich Bio Fertilizer is used for water treatment, as a dyestuff and leather tanning agent. T More...

    Destiny Chemicals

    Vadodara | More...

  • Organic Bio Fertilizer

    • Storage : Store in a Cool Place
    • Place Of Origin : India
    • Usage : Promote Plant Growth
    • Recommendation : Apply 2-5 kg per acre to soil. Can be mixed with water and be sprayed to soil or can be mixed in org
    • Quality : Optimum
    • Features : Long shelf life, Precise composition
    • Composition : Zinc Mobilizing Bacteria 2X10°cfu/gm

    V K Trade

    Sangli | More...

  • Bio Fertilizer

    • Shelf Life : 1 Year
    • Purity : 100%
    • Type : Organic
    • Application : Agriculture
    • Color : Black
    • Release Type : Quick

    Anant Renewable Energy

    Agra | More...

  • Crop Food Bio Fertilizer

    Approx 50/Litre

    • Type : Bio Fertilizer
    • Other Names : Biological Fertilizer
    • State : Liquid
    • Application : Agriculture
    • packaging Type : Bottle
    • Release Type : Fast

    After being a hard competitor to our contemporaries in Barabanki(India), our organization now has come forward to contest the providers in other marketplaces. Buyers can rely on us for on-time and safe delivery as we are aided by modern transit facilities.As one of the foremost organizations, we are engaged in offering excellent quality Crop Food Bio Fertilizer.   Features : Enhanced shelf life Excellent quality More...

    Shree Ram Distributors & Manufacturers

    Barabanki | More...

  • Myconet Bio Fertilizer

    • Type : Vam Fertilizer
    • Application : Roots and Growth
    • Target : Roots and Growth
    • Purity : 96.5%
    • Form : Soil Application

    Surobhi Agro

    Howrah | More...

  • Acetobacter Bio Fertilizer

    Approx 80/Litre

    • Other Names : Biological Fertilizer
    • Brand Name : Dr. Bacto's GlucoN
    • Application : Agriculture, Foliar Fertilizer, Soil Application, Soil Conditioner
    • State : Powder, Liquid
    • CFU : Min. 2 X 10^8 per ml
    • Shelf life : 1 year
    • Type : Bio Organic Fertilizer

    Acetobacter Spp. is an obligatory aerobic nitrogen fixing bacteria which is capable for nitrogen fixing in roots, stems and leaves of sugarcane plants. � It fixes the atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available to crop. � It promotes root proliferation and increases the number of rootlets, resulting in uptake of nutrients from Rhizosphere. More...

    Anand Agro Care

    Nashik | More...

  • All The Best Microbial Culture Liquid Bio Fertilizer

    Approx 350/Litre

    • Product Type : fertilizer
    • Form : Liquid
    • Is It Environment Friendly : Environment Friendly
    • Packaging Size : 250 ml
    • Features : microbial culture
    • Pack Type : bottle
    • Usage : agricultural
    • Physical State : Liquid
    • Usage/Application : any type
    • Brand : special

    All The Best Microbialculture Liquid Bio Fertilizer is very effective , a combination of various microbial culture and plant nutrients in natural form that enhance the productive capacity of soil, makes it fertile and availability of various plant nutrients by converting them into soluble form that can be easily absorbed by the plants. Chemical Composition Microbial culture : 80% w/wCarrier Material: 20% w/wTotal: 10 More...

    Special Biochem Pvt. Ltd.

    Amravati | More...

  • Bio Fertilizer

    • Purity : 100%
    • State : Powder
    • Application : Agriculture
    • Type : Biofertilizer
    • Release Type : Fast
    • Other Names : Alga

    The Bio Fertilizer that we offer when used on soil or seeds could help or promote the growth of the plant by increasing the availability of nutrients. This product contains micro-organisms that could help with the process of nitrogen fixing in the soil which could make it rich in nutrients. Bio Fertilizers are considered to be environmentally friendly. More...

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