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  • Multi Process Control Trainer

    • Electric Supply : 1φ 230 V AC, 50 Hz
    • Clean, Dry & Dust Free Compressed Air Supply : 2.1 kg/cm3
    • System Dimensions : 6 Ft. (L) X 2.5 Ft. (W) X 5.5 Ft. (H)

    Due to our superior transit system and vast distribution network, buyers can be rest assured for timely delivery. We, along with our packaging professionals, ensure that the range of products meets current requirements, for that reason we make use only qualitative packaging material, procured from the renowned vendors.   Features : Self explanatory systems Electrical safety consideration Inbuilt safety measures More...

    Enkay Enterprises

    Delhi | More...

  • Process Control Trainer

    We are engaged in offering premium Process Control Trainer . Process Control Trainer offered by us is known for high performance and is very easy to understand. The set up of our Process Control Trainer consists of a centrifugal pump coupled with electrical motor, supply tank, measuring tank & pipe fittings for closed loop water circulation. Features Water Circulation Closed loop. Compact & stand-alone set up MS Tank

    Delta Technologies

    Kolkata | More...

  • Process Control Trainer

    Process Control Trainer offered by us is known for high performance and is very easy to understand. The set up of our Process Control Trainer consists of a centrifugal pump coupled with electrical motor, supply tank, measuring tank & pipe fittings for closed loop water circulation. Features: Water Circulation Closed loop. Compact & stand-alone set up Powder Coated Painted structure Simple to operate & maintain Specif

    Mm Microtech

    Chengalpattu | More...

  • Level Process Control Trainer

      Type of control PID Control unit Digital indicating controller, Input Type 4-20mA Level transmitter Type Electronic, two wire, Range 0–500 mm, Output 4–20mA, I/P converter Input 4-20mA, Output 3-15 psig Control valve Type Pneumatic, Size 1/2", Input 3–15 psig, Air to close, Char. Linear, Rota-meter 10 - 200 LPH Pump Fractional horse power, type submersible with Sump Tank Process tank Transparent, Acrylic, wi

  • Multi-process Control Trainer

    Multi-Process Control Trainer Technical Description This control trainer is a comprehensive unit featuring only industrial components. It contains a transparent tank for liquid-level and pressure control, a corresponding pipe for flow control, and a two-circuit system with a plate heat exchanger for temperature control. Alternatively, a pneumatically operated control valve or a speed-controlled pump are used as actua

    Elab Engineering

    Noida | More...

  • Flow Process Control Trainer

     Flow control trainer is designed forunderstanding the basic Flow control principles for the Process control mounted on Aluminum profile rack with sturdy table top flat panel. The process setup consists of supply water tank fitted with pump for water circulation. A DP transmitter is used for flow sensing which measures differential pressure across orifice meter. The process parameter (flow) is controlled by micropro

    Tesca Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Jaipur | More...

  • Process Control Trainer

    Specifications Built in power supplies On board DPM Manual valves Rotameters 200LPH Flow meters/Transmitters Level Sensor/Transmitters Level Tank 20 Lt. Liquid storage Tank 70 Lt. Fractional horse power centrifugal pump - 500LPH Ratio Control Cascade Control Feedforward Control Panel (Optional). Computer interface card PC Based PID controller software with provision for Ratio & Cascade control. Operating modes :  Si

  • Multi Process Control Trainer

    A low cost pilot plant, available in various models, the multi-process control trainer is designed to familiarise students with the control of various parameters like flow, level, temperature and pressure. Various control schemes such as feed back, feed forward cascade, ratio, and batch are demonstrated on a single system. This system is PC interfaced. Optionally, an additional discrete PID controller can also be sup

    Niyo Engineers

    Pune | More...

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  • Process Control Trainer

    Universal Process Control Trainer Code resembles a typical small industrial process plant with different processes and parameters. The plant is controlled using DCS control (Hybrid controller) with SCADA software for supervisory control systems. A jack plug and socket patch board provided at the interface of the process facilitates configuration of different experiments and allows user to develop and test own control

    Sm Micrro System

    Chennai | More...

  • Control System Trainers

    • Power : 1-3kw, 9-12kw
    • Warranty : 1yrs
    • Driven Type : Electric
    • Color : Light White
    • Weight : 0-5kg, 10-20kg
    • Voltage : 110V, 220V
    • Automatic Grade : Fully Automatic
    • Certification : CE Certified

    Analog PID Controller The analog PID controller is a special purpose analog controller with operational amplifiers the controller permits a detailed analysis of the application of proportional, integral and derivative control to the improvement of their performance. The controller may be used at high speed for oscilloscope observation or at a low speed for meter observation. More...

    Adarsh International

    Ambala | More...

  • Flow Control Trainer

    • Electric Supply : 230 +/- 10 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 phase.
    • Air Supply : Clean Oil and moisture free air, pressure 2 bar, consumption 50 LPH.
    • Water Supply : Distilled Water supply @10 Liters
    • Automatic Grade : Automatic
    • Pressure : Medium
    • Features : Durable

    Flow Control Trainer that we offer is manufactured as per the international quality standards to ensure supreme quality. It is specially designed to manage principles of flow control. We make available Flow Control Trainer with different technical specifications to meet the diverse demands of buyers. Our Flow Control Trainer can be connected with computer through USB for monitoring the process of flow control. We pro More...

    Krishna Scientific Works

    Ambala | More...

  • Temperature Control Trainer

    • Model : HV-EXP390

    PID temperature control trainer Temperature control trainer is designed for understanding the basic temperature control principles. The process setup consists of heating tank fitted with SSR controlled heater for on-line heating of the water. The flow of water can be manipulated and measured by rotameter. Temperature sensor (RTD) is used for temperature sensing. The process parameter (Temperature) is controlled by mi More...


    Haryana | More...

  • Control System Trainer

    • Amplitude : 1 Vpp.
    • Frequency : 100 Hz Fixed

    Basic Control System Trainer is a very versatile and useful trainer kit for the control laboratory for all engineering, polytechnic and vocational courses. It provides with in depth knowledge of the basics of control systems like open loop, closed loop, Ist, IInd and IIIrd order systems active and passive, Type 0, 1, and 2 control systems. Practical and Theoretical concepts can be verified for all types of control sy More...

  • Distributed Control System Trainer (vpl-dcst)

    • Input Channels : 4
    • Max Load Current : 375mA
    • Parity : None, odd or even
    • Voltage Input : +/-150mV, +/-500mV, +/-1V, +/-5V,+/-10V
    • Distance : 1200 M
    • Power Consumption : 1.7W
    • Dual Watchdog Timer :  
    • Connectors : RS-232 -DE-9 Female RS-485 &Power- Screw terminals for 16 to 26 AWG wires.
    • RS-485 Interface is half-duplex and includes self tuner and network protection :  
    • Over Voltage Protection : +/-35V
    • Digital Level 1 : 4 to 30 V
    • Resolution : 16bit
    • Isolation Voltage : 3750Vrms
    • Display : Single LED standard, 5 digit LED display optional
    • Size : 123mm x 72mm x 33 mm (without mounting bracket)
    • Digital Level 0 : 1V Max
    • Parity None : odd, or even
    • Flow Cntrol : None
    • Sampling rate : 10Hz
    • Input Channel : 8 differential
    • Power Input : +10 to +30 VDC
    • Relative humidity : 0 to 90% (not condensing)
    • Current input : +/-20mA
    • Load Voltage : Max +30V
    • Baud Rates : Std Windows rates upto 115.2 kbaud.
    • Isolation with common power :  
    • Stop bits : 1 or 2
    • Data Bits : 7 or 8 bits
    • Signals : TX/RX pair
    • Temperature : Operating -25 °C to 75 °C; Storage -40 °C to 85 °C
    • Input Impedance : 3k ohms
    • Power consumption : 2.2 W @ 10 to 30 Vdc
    • Output Channels : 8

    The Distributed Control System Trainer (VPL-DCST) is a type of automated system that is distributed to give instructions to different parts of the remote machine from Supervisory machine.  VPL-DCST has two/three Remote stations and one Supervisory station. At each Remote station, we monitor analog inputs and outputs and take decision at the Supervisory station. More...

    Vpl Infotech & Consultants

    Delhi | More...

  • Digital Control System Trainer

    • Brand Name : TAGLab

    We are offering digital control system trainer. Second order simulated process (analog process) built - in da & ad circuit (8 - bit) identification of controlled process, its gains, time constants study of sampling period variation on the system response designing p, pi, pd & pid controllers advanced algorithms implementation. More...


    Mumbai | More...

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  • Plc Process Trainer

    Code: EEH0007 PLC Process Trainer.  PLC Process Trainer Manufacturer Teaching objectives     To study automated control system associated to the hydraulic facilities (pump speed driving, level measurement, vessel draining, vessel stirring).     Identification of the sensors, actuators, process to control, signals processing.     Writing of a GRAFCET program.     Permits more other to study a control loop

    Naugra Export

    Ambala | More...

  • Climate Control Trainer Ke-at1002

    Self contained fully operational climate control trainer Designed to understand the operating principles of climate control system Including evaporator, compressor, condenser, associated pipe work, climate & electronic control 6 Faults Insertion

    Kencraft India Pvt. Ltd.

    Andheri | More...

  • Control System Trainer

    The technical knowledge and practices that CRISC evaluates and promotes are the building blocks of victory in the field, After qualifying this certification, a professional can be hired as a senior IT auditor, security engineer architect, IT security analyst, or information assurance program manager. The CRISC is designed for professionals who have three years of experience in professional-level risk control and mana

    Koenig Solutions Private Limited

    New Delhi | More...

  • Control System Trainer

    We give you training across the sectors of physical security, fire safety, electronic security, retail and many more. Our vocational training is outcome based and oriented to help you learn and earn, shape your careers with the right blend of knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform in the practical world.

  • Temperature Control Trainer

    The setup consists of heating tank fitted with Thyristor-controlled heater for on line heating of the water. Water is supplied from laboratory constant head tank and its flow can be manipulated and measured by provided Rotameter. The temperature of the heated water is sensed by RTD sensor. This measured variable through Temperature Transmitter is communicated to Digital Indicating Controller. Error is calculated and

    K.c. Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

    Punjab | More...

  • Control System Trainer

    Now a days, Electronics products are an inseparable part of our life. Be it home, office or on move, we are always surrounded by electronics systems. From home appliances like television, washing machine or workplace gadgets like printers, elevators to automobiles or automatic traffic control systems, all work on using electronics components, embedded systems programming, PCB design etc.

    Telnet Technologies

    Navi Mumbai | More...

  • Temperature Control Trainer

    Temperature Control Trainer is designed intended for knowing the basics of temperature control loop. This is the most preferred range as it reflects latest technological innovations in this domain. It comprises the most suitable components required to fabricate the machine. It is available in market leading prices so that clients can take the maximum benefits from it. Features Study design user friendly Self explanat

    Elab Engineering

    Noida | More...

  • Ac Machine Control Lab Trainer

    We are offering ac machine control lab trainer specifications: • panel consist of starting and stopping methods of 1 phase and 3 phase ac motor. • panel consist of forward and reversing methods of 1 phase and 3 phase ac motor. • panel size 42inches x24 inches • variable power supply source 8a per phase variac provided externally. • variable ac-dc power supply source 5a provided externally. • electrical pa

    Unicon Instruments

    Chandigarh | More...

  • Control System Trainer

    Nvis 3000A Control System Lab exposes students & industry professional to study the fundamentals of Control System. Studies include how one device can be used to manage, command, direct, or regulate the behavior of other System Open Loop & Close Loop Control.

    Nvis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Indore | More...

  • Temperature Control Trainer

    Automatic Temperature Control Trainer. The Water Pressure Control system trainer gives an idea Regarding the Pressure Control loop (Water Pressure) and Aspects related to it.

  • Relay Control Trainer

    Relay Control Trainer : Relay Control Trainer PLC :- Delta Make or equivalent. Digital Inputs :- 08 Nos with 4mm banana sockets for getting the external inputs. Digital Outputs :- 06 Nos with 4mm banana sockets for applying the inputs. Digital Input Controls :- Two Nos. Toggle switches, two Nos. Push Buttons & input potentiometers are provide on board for applying the inputs. Digital Outputs Controls :- 06 nos. LED i


    Delhi | More...

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