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  • Solar Irradiance Meter

    • Size : Pocket Size
    • Weight : Approx. 165g
    • Battery Life : Approx.100 hours
    • Resolution : 1 W/m2
    • Accuracy : ±3% at 1,000 Watts/m2

    Solar World

    Jabalpur | More...

  • Solar Power Meter

    • Applications : Solar Power Plant,Windows performance - calculate the rate of daylight penetration Physics and optical laboratories Etc.

    This instrument is designed to measure Solar Power in the range from 400 to 1100 nanometers. The good Spectral Range, Orientation and Angular detection of meter allow users to conduct the most precise quantitative measurements of Solar Power Radiation Solar Power Measurement with Orientation and Tilt Angle Easy measurement for rate of daylight penetration Auto change for measuring range Auto power off with disable fu More...

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

    Navi Mumbai | More...

  • Net Metering

    • Dimensions: : 112mm*166mm*68mm
    • Phase: : Single Phase Two wire
    • Applicable Standards: : IS 13779:99
    • Power Consumption: :  
    • Current Rating : 10-60 Amps
    • Item Code: : SPPB1521111000OC01
    • Parameters Available :  
    • Application : LT Network

    Salient Features Net Metering Range: 10-60A in Accuracy Class-1. As per IS : 13779 Separate readings for Active Energy kWh Import & Export Net Energy kWh with sign External magnetic interference as per CBIP 304. More...

  • Solar Power Meter See How Much Your Solar Is Generating


    • Simple to connect and setup : Available with wires instead of connectors
    • 12V and 24V : Up to 60A

    The SPM- 1500 and SPM-3000 Solar Power Meter measures and calculates electrical parameters for Solar Installations. Find the Voltage, Amps and Watts that is generated in REAL TIME to validate your Solar Panel AND know when to CLEAN your panels when the Amps drops. Find the Voltage Minimum. This value shows when your inverter or UPS cut off due to battery low. This will help save your battery from deep discharge and a More...

    Sunair Power Pvt. Ltd.

    Karnataka | More...

  • Solar Module Analyzer

    • Model No. : 9009

    I-V Curve Test for Solar Panel / Module / Cell Max. Solar Cell/Module Power / Cell Power(Pmax) search by Auto-Scan Capability: 60V, 12A Best Resolution: 1mV , 1mA Manual Single Point I-V Test Max. Voltage (Vmaxp) at Pmax Max. Current (Imaxp) at Pmax Voltage at Open Circuit (Vopen) Current at Short Circuit (Ishort) I-V Curve with Cursor to Display each Data Point Efficiency (%) Calculation of Solar Panel Real Time dat More...

    Vikas Instruments

    Kolkata | More...

  • Solar Meter

    • Compass : Yes
    • Range : 0 ~ 2000 W/m2
    • Spectral Response : 400 ~ 1100 nm

    This instrument is designed to measure Solar Power in the range from 400 to 1100 nanometers. The good Spectral Range, Orientation and Angular detection of meter allow users to conduct the most precise quantitative measurements of Solar Power Radiation, Solar Power Measurement with Orientation and Tilt Angle. More...

    Meco Instruments Pvt Ltd

    Navi Mumbai | More...

  • Solar Power Meter (datalogging)

    Features: 4 digit LCD reading. Wide spectral range. Excellent long term stability. Cosine corrected. Automatic transmission measurements. Select either power or transmission. Solar energy measurement. Current time setting function. User calibration factor setting function. End-mount light sensor. Select either W/m2 or Btu / (ft2 x h) units. Data hold/MAX/MIN/AVG modes. Auto Data Memory function. (micro SD CARD 2GB) M

    Mangal Instrumentation

    Delhi | More...

  • Solar Power Meter

    3½ digits LCD display with man. reading of 2000 End -mount sensor Select either power or transmission. Select wither W / m2 or BTU / (FT2*h) Solar power research - Solar radiation measurement. Physics and optical laboratories. - Identify high performance windows. Technologically advanced Simple to use General data.


    Delhi | More...

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  • Solar Meter

    Scaling to 100GW from the current 3.8GW capacity is a huge, and achievable task. The decision has attracted investment, and led to various technological and Solar rooftop grid connected system under net-metering scheme is one such way of switching to solar and achieve the set target. In fact of the 100 GW, 40 GW has been reserved for this segment. Net-metering is the process whereby consumers can sell the surplus ene

    Indian Solar Market

    Delhi | More...

  • Solar Meter

    for residential or commercial customers who generate their own electricity, net metering allows them to feed the electricity which they do not use, back to the grid by using a bi-directional meter. Net metering is in fact a billing mechanism that credits the solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid. In other words, when a customer’s electricity generation exceeds the customer’s use, ele

    Solarwave India Pvt. Ltd.

    Ahmedabad | More...

  • Tm-206. Solar Power Meter

    Display 3 ½ digits with maximum reading 2000 features: end mount light sensor select either power or transmission select either wm or btu(ft*h) units data hold max min modes wire length of remove sensor : approximately 1.5m(tm-207) applications: solar radiation measurement solar power research physics and optical laboratory identify high performance windows simple to use general data model tm 206 display 3 ½ digits

    Nunes Instruments

    Coimbatore | More...

  • Solar Power Meters

    The IV curve tracer SOLAR I-V has been designed to meet any requirement of photovoltaic installation testers. Further to providing the possibility of testing and measuring the efficiency of single-phase photovoltaic systems and also measures the I-V characteristic both of a single module and of module strings. Thanks to The IV curve tracer SOLAR I-V, the operator can test the photovoltaic system and, should it give a

    Pacific Microsystems

    Maharashtra | More...

  • Solar Pv Module Analyzer

    Product Description Solar PV module analyzer is used to study the performance of Solar PV modules and to draw its VI characteristics Product Features Instrument to determine characteristics of Solar PV modules Microcontroller based design RS232 connectivity 16 x 2 LCD Mains and Battery operation User interactive softwar

    Nvis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Indore | More...

  • Digital Solar Power Meter

    We are offering a huge product basket that the customers can obtain right from Nashik(India). Our effective and excellent quality analysis helps us in delivering the best in class range of products. Our Digital Solar Power Meter provides protection against overloads, low voltage and under voltage (alarm) and suitable for commercial as well as industrial purposes.

    Rk Technologies

    Nashik | More...

  • Solar Module Analyzer

    We are offering solar module analyzer. solar module analyzer : 9009 features : · i-v curve test for solar panel module · max. Solar cellmodule power (pmax) search by auto-scan capability: 60v, 12a · best resolution: 1mv , 1ma . · manual single point i-v test · max. Voltage (vmaxp) at pmax · max. Current (imaxp) at pmax · voltage at open circuit (vopen) · current at short circuit (ishort) · i-v curve with cur

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

    Navi Mumbai | More...

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  • Solar Shunt Meter

    We, at Daksha Marketing and Consultancy Services are engaged in the production and development of Solar Shunt Meter for solar cells. We are the Supplier and Manufacturer of Autosys make Solar Shunt Meter. Shunt Meter is used for the Shunt resistance measurement of Solar PV Cells in the Dark Current mode. Shunt Resistance Measurement in the Third Quadrant-Dark Current Mode is very important. The Shunt Resistance of th

  • Digital Solar Power Meter

    Amprobe Solar- 100 Digital Solar Power Meter     Amprobe Solar 100 Solar Power Meter - Display 3½ digits, 2000 readings - Range 1999 W/m2, 634BTU / (ft2xh) - Accuracy Typically within +/- 10W/m2 [+/-3 BTU/ (ft2xh)] or +/- 5% whichever is greater in sunlight - Angular Accuracy Cosine corrected - Drift - Over-input Display “OL” - Sampling Time Approx 0.25 second - Operating Temp. & Humidity 5ºC to 40ºC (41ºF

    Kwatra Enterprises

    Delhi | More...

  • Solar Energy Meter

    Everon DC Energy Meter EV-DSL-02 is an intelligent DC Energy Meter, suiting requirements of variety of Solar Energy applications. EV-DSL-02 is a single channel, micro-controller based system for accurate measurements of DC Voltage, DC Current, Load KW and cumulative KWH count. This device uses indirect measurement technique through Hall Effect Sensor of appropriate rating. Hell sensor an active electronic transducer

  • Solar Hitester

      4199 count Average rectified CAT III 600 V Solar-powered card-sized DMM

  • Solar Net Meter

    Premier is the family of CT/VT operated meters, which covers a wide range of power levels and offers flexible time-of-use tariff metering and communications capabilities. Premier 300 is the latest offering from this family having enhanced event detection facility and interoperable DLMS communication protocol. It is available in various accuracy classes and wiring configurations.   KEY FEATURES True four quadrant met

    S M Systems

    Maharashtra | More...

  • Digital Solar Meter

    With the help of our professionals, we have been able to provide an excellent array of  Digital Solar Meter  which is sourced from the leading vendors. Offered product is highly acclaimed by the clients for its quality and high operational accuracy. We are offering it at affordable price range. Features:   Data hold max/ min modes Wire length of remove sensor: Approximately 1.5 m (tm-207) End mount light sensor Se

    Instrumentation World

    Coimbatore | More...

  • Solar Power Meter

    1.Meteorology application 2. Agriculture application 3. Physics & optical laboratories 4. Solar radiation measurement 5. Solar trans mission measurement 6. Solar power research 7. Identify high performance windows 8. Helpful to set up solar pv panels at optimum angles of incidence 9. Light intensity measurement for the car windows Range: 2000 w/m2 , 634btu/(ft2 x h)

    Smis Instrumentation

    Bangalore | More...

  • Solar Meter

    Suppose user of on grid (without battery) solar power plant has a demand load of 2 KW mentioned on his Electricity Bill. Then as per prescibed norms, he can install upto maximum 50% capacity of on grid solar power plant. That means user can install 1 KW of solar power plant. Solar generation achieved on clear sunny day will be approx. 4 KWh (units) per day. Now if user operated fans, light, Television, refridgerator

    Redsun Solar Industries

    Rajkot | More...

  • Solar Power Meter

    Measures DC Power and shows totalized Ampere Hour and Watt Hour. LCD Screen 16character x 2 line. Powered by load or source. Max DC input voltage 30V. Max DC current measurement 50A. Display shows DC Voltage, Current, Wattage, Ampere Hour, Watt Hour, Minimum input voltage, Maximum current. Great for totalizing power to battery from AC Charger or Solar source or measuring UPS power consumption. May be configured for u

    Buildmet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Bangalore | More...

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