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Fragrances and Perfumes

We offer the best product range of Musk Attar, Rose Attar, Khus Attar, Natural Attar and Shamamatul Amber Attar.

Musk Attar

  • Form Liquid
  • Purity 100%
  • Pack Size 5ltr, 10ltr, etc
  • Fragrance Attractive

Ancient times, people of India are using this attar as a medicine for treating various skin problems as well as joint pains. It has pure vegetarian composition because no animal musk is used during the production of this attar unlike the other products of the same category. Its amber and black musk aroma is so intense that its fragrance stays for the long period of time and that's why it is widely used in the perfume industry. Scientifically, this attar is known as Jasmine Grandilfflorum and extensively used worldwide due to its number of medicinal properties. It also helps to relieve joint pain effectively. Due to its healing capacity, it is used as the ingredients for various skin care products. Common Name : Musk Attar Blends With : Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood Constituents : Pure Sandalwood essential oil, Carrier Oils, Musk flower essential oil Uses : Musk attar is widely used in the perfumery industry as a substitute for natural musk. Further, it is also used in meeting the needs of altering the smell of a mixture of other musks. Other than this, it is also highly beneficial in treating ailments like acne, joint pains and other skin related issues.

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Rose Attar

  • Country of Origin India
  • Form Liquid
  • Botonical Name Rose Damascena
  • Extraction method Nice rosy color with sweet rosy Fragrance
  • Blends with Steam Distillation
  • Common Names Rose otto, damask rose, attar of roses, rose flower oil, ruh gulab
  • Blends With Sandalwood oil, jasmine oil, frankincense oil. 
  • Constituents rose oxide, i-citronellol, nerol, geraniol, phenyl ethyl alchohol
  • Purity 100%
  • Pack Size 5ltr, 10ltr, etc
  • Fragrance Attractive

We offer Rose Attar which is reputed to have the most classic fragrance. Rich, strong and refreshingly pleasant, this attar is very much popular in aromatherapy treatment. Extracted from the Indian Rosa Daascena, the Rose Attar offered by us carries the divine essence of the real flower.    Uses : The Rose Attar finds extensive usage in the perfumery and cosmetic industry. Moreover, it is believed to have an influence on both the physical, mental and spiritual level of being, and hence is widely popular in any aromatherapy treatment.

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Khus Attar

  • Country of Origin India
  • Form Liquid
  • Botonical Name Vetiveria Zizanoides
  • Color & Odor dark green with having a pleasent odour
  • Extraction Method Steam Distillation
  • Common Names Khus Attar, Khus Perfume, Ruh-Khas
  • Blends With Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Cinnamon, Clary Sage
  • Constituents Khus flower essential oil, Indian White Sandalwood essential oil
  • Purity 100%
  • Pack Size 5ltr, 10ltr, etc
  • Fragrance Attractive

Khus attar is processed from the root part of the plant and has a fragrance that is best described as sweet, deep, woody, earthy, smoky, amber and balsam. This best quality oil is obtained from roots that are 18 to 24 months old. With superior oil obtained from cultivated variety, it offers a fragrance that evokes both warmth & compassion.    Uses : Khus/Vetivert is also called the "Oil of Tranquillity" in India and is one of the most ancient & popular of all essential oils. It has natural refrigeration properties and is used as perfume to cool the body. Further, it also has aromatherapy based applications.

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Natural Attar

  • Form Liquid
  • Purity 100%
  • Pack Size 5ltr, 10ltr, etc
  • Fragrance Attractive

We Kalishankar export are one of the leading manufacturer of “Indian and Arabic attars” by traditional method which is called “hydro distillation” method with “Deg and Bhapka” in Kannauj (India). Being a quality driven organization, we offer finest quality of attars to different industries. We now offer the same in pure form and in more packaging options to our clients. The history of attar is very much associated to the history of Kannauj as the city if known for attars. Kannauj is called the perfume city.   Equipment required for Hydro Distillation method of Attars - Deg (Still) Bhapka (Receiver) Chonga (Bamboo Condense) Bhatti (Traditional Furnace) Gachchi (Cooling water tank) Kuppi (Leather Bottle)   Based Material which is used for attar - Sandalwood oil, Di-octyl phthalate (DOP), DEP and Liquid Paraffin .   Floral Material which is used for attar- Flowers of Gulab, Kewra, Bela, Mehndi, Kadam, Chameli, Marigold, Saffron & Maulshri.   Herbs and Spices which is used for attar- Oakmoss, Sugandh mantri, Laurel berry, Juniper berry, Cypriol, Indian valerian, Jatamansi, Hedychium spicatum, Daru Haldi, Sugandha Bala, Sugandha Kokila, Kulanjan, Javitri/ Jaiphal, Cardamom, Clove, Saffron, Ambergris & Musk.   Uses of Attars- Attar can be used as Perfumes. Attar can be used as food and beverages. Attar can be offered to the god. Attar can be used pharmaceutical industry. Attar can be used in Pan Masala and industry.

  • Range Of Different Type Of Indian And Arabic Attars
    Product Code Name Of Attar (Ittar, Itr) Botanical Name
    KE-AT-01 Amber attar Pinus Succinifera
    KE-AT-02 Bakhoor attar Mimusops Elengi
    KE-AT-03 Chameli attar Jasmine Grandilfflorum
    KE-AT-04 Champa attar Champaca
    KE-AT-05 Choya loban attar Styrax Tonkinesis
    KE-AT-06 Dehnul oud Attar Aquilera Mlaconsis
    KE-AT-07 Earth Soil Attar Attar of Earthern Soil
    KE-AT-08 Firdous Attar N/A
    KE-AT-09 Genda attar Tagetes erecta
    KE-AT-10 Goldmohar Attar Delonix regia
    KE-AT-11 Gul henna Attar Lawsonia Inermis
    KE-AT-12 Harsingar attar Nyctanthes Arbor-tristis
    KE-AT-13 Hayati Attar N/A
    KE-AT-14 Hina Attar Lawsonia Inermis
    KE-AT-15 Hina oudhi Attar Jasmine Grandilfflorum
    KE-AT-16 Jannet el Firdaus N/A
    KE-AT-17 Jasmine attar N/A
    KE-AT-18 Juhi Attar Jasmine Auriculatum
    KE-AT-19 Kamal attar Lotus
    KE-AT-20 Kasturi Hina attar Myristica Fragrans
    KE-AT-21 Kewra attar Pandmns Odoratissimus
    KE-AT-22 Khus attar Vetiveria Zizanoides
    KE-AT-23 Lavender attar N/A
    KE-AT-24 Loban Attar N/A
    KE-AT-25 majmua attar Boquet
    KE-AT-26 Mogra Attar  Abelmoschus Moschus
    KE-AT-27 Motia attar Jasmine Sambac
    KE-AT-28 Moulsree Attar Cymbobogan Maxinii
    KE-AT-29 Mukhalat Attar N/A
    KE-AT-30 Musk attar J.SAMBAC
    KE-AT-31 Narcissus Attar Narcissus spp
    KE-AT-32 Osmanthus attar Osmanthus fragrans
    KE-AT-33 Oud attar Henna
    KE-AT-34 Oud Hindi N/A
    KE-AT-35 Oudhi gulab N/A
    KE-AT-36 Raat Raani Attar Cestrum Noctuneum
    KE-AT-37 Red Zafaron N/A
    KE-AT-38 Rooh-al-oudh Earth
    KE-AT-39 Rose attar Rose Damascena
    KE-AT-40 Royal shamama attar N/A
    KE-AT-41 Ruh mogra attar N/A
    KE-AT-42 Sadaf Attar Ocimum sanctum
    KE-AT-43 Shamama Cinnambark, Turmeric, Sugandha 
    KE-AT-44 Shamama oudhi attar N/A
    KE-AT-45 Shamamatul amber attar Manthi, patchouli
    KE-AT-46 White musk attar N/A
    KE-AT-47 Yellow musk attar N/A
    KE-AT-48 Zafri attar (mari gold/gend attar) Calendula Officinalis
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Shamamatul Amber Attar

  • Form Liquid
  • Purity 100%
  • Pack Size 5ltr, 10ltr, etc
  • Fragrance Attractive

Shamamatul amber attar is basically extracted from Agarwood, saffron and various other spices and herbs by the process of hydro-distillation. The composition of this particular attar is Indian white sandalwood essential oil and the essence of clean baked earth. This attar has got earthy and rich smell so, it is used for the aromatherapy purposes. It is also used in the body massages to heal and soothe the body. It is known to have been originated in India. Use : Effective in cold seasons : - Shamamatul amber attar is believed to create the warming effects on the body so; many people use this attar in the cold seasons to shield themselves from the chilly breezes. In the western countries, it is very popular as most of the times, these areas have cold temperatures.  Perfume industry: - since, Shamamatul amber attar has got a very pleasant and soothing fragrance, it is used in the preparation of various kinds of perfumes. Many people prefer using the perfume in which the fragrance of this attar is added. Cosmetic industry: - this Attar is believed to have positive effects on the skin so, it is used in different skin care formulations. It has skin care properties and has got different benefits on the skin. Aroma therapies: - Shamamatul amber attar is used in the various aromatherapy treatments because it has earthy, calming and rich fragrance. The aroma and the healing effects of this attar give a piece of mind. Its application soothes the whole body and relives the stress up to a great extent. Method of extraction- this Attar is extracted from the saffron, Agarwood and other herbs and spices through the method of hydro distillation. Part of plant used- herbs and spices are used for extracting this oil. Application- people in cold temperatures apply it to keep tier body warm while aroma therapists use Shamamatul amber attar in their aroma therapy treatments. Strength & aromatic scent- this Attar has got rich and earthy fragrance.

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Oud Attar

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100 Gm
  • Fragrance Woody
  • Material Oil
  • Form Liquid
  • Packing size 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml

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