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Fertilizer Urea

Fertilizer Urea

Urea or carbamide is identified as a life changing event in the history of agriculture. Urea is the world?s most common nitrogen fertilizer and has been used uniformly in all the agricultural lands of the world.


The last decade has seen urea as a superb replacement to ammonium nitrate and has unleashed new unsurpassed production records. The white, crystalline solid comprises of a proportionate compound mixture of more than one nutrient and contains 46% nitrogen. Farmers have identified with this chemical fertilizer as a great ladder to huge success in agro revolution.


01. Prilled Urea:   Prilled urea, or "prills" are formed by dropping liquid urea from a prilling tower into droplets that dry into roughly spherical shapes 1mm to 4 mm in diameter
02. Granular Urea:   Granular urea is chemically the same as prilled urea. Granular urea, however, is slightly larger and harder. Today, the use of prilled urea is more prevalent because it is more resistant to breaking down when being blended with the other components of fertilizer.


• Agriculture
• Chemical industry
• Explosive
• Automobile systems
• Laboratory uses
• Medical use
• Analysis
 Other commercial uses:
   • A stabilizer in nitrocellulose explosives
   • A component of animal feed, providing a relatively cheap source of nitrogen to promote growth
   • A non-corroding alternative to rock salt for road de-icing, and the resurfacing of snowboarding halfpipes          and terrain parks
   • A flavor-enhancing additive for 
   • A main ingredient in hair removers such as Nair and Veet
   • A browning agent in factory-produced pretzels
   • An ingredient in some skin cream,[12] moisturizers, hair conditioners
  • A reactant in some ready-to-use cold compresses for first-aid use, due to the endothermic reaction it                   creates when mixed with water
   • A cloud seeding agent, along with other salts
   • A flame-proofing agent, commonly used in dry chemical fire extinguisher charges such as the                            urea-potassium bicarbonate mixture
   • An ingredient in many tooth whitening products
   • An ingredient in dish soap
   • Along with ammonium phosphate, as a yeast nutrient, for fermentation of sugars into ethanol
   • A nutrient used by plankton in ocean nourishment experiments for geoengineering purposes
   • As an additive to extend the working temperature and open time of hide glue
   • As a solubility-enhancing and moisture-retaining additive to dye baths for textile dyeing or printing


Application of urea:

Urea can be applied in various forms; it can be spread in bulk alone or can also be mixed with other fertilizers before application.
However Urea should be preferably spread alone so as to avoid unevenness in the field.
In case of preparing blended mixtures with other fertilizers the best ones to suit its density are monoammonium phosphate (11-52-0) or diammonium phosphate (18-46-0). When blended together, these are easily spread uniformly across the cultivated land.


Advantages of Urea Fertilizer

• Urea can be applied to soil as a solid or solution or to certain crops as a foliar spray. 
• Urea usage involves little or no fire or explosion hazard. 
• Urea's high analysis, 46% N, helps reduce handling, storage and transportation costs over other dry N forms. 
• Urea manufacture releases few pollutants to the environment. 
• Urea, when properly applied, results in crop yield increases equal to other forms of nitrogen.


  • Shipment in loose Bulk. : 25000 Mt Shipments X2 .
  • Against Irrevocable, Non-Transferable L.C will be open on shipment to shipment basis. : BEST PRICE CIF Mundra ,INDIA
  • As per Indian Fertilizer (Control) order 1985 : 50,000 MT
  • 10,000 MT.Per day : 2% On L/C value
  • Prilled Urea N 46 : UKRAINE ORIGIN

1. Moisture, percent by weight, maximum 0.5
2. Total Nitrogen, percent by weight, minimum 46.0
3. Biuret maximum 1.0%
4. Melting Point 132 degree Celsius
5. Color Pure while
6. Radiation Normal
7. Granulation - 1-4 mm >90% Free flowing 100% treated against caking Non- clotted - free from harmful substances .

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